Top 8 List of Shame Games

411mania: "Welcome all to another edition of The 8 Ball. This week, the topic is about games I've tried to play, but just couldn't get into. These are all (mostly) good games, save for one, and are under the rubric of "Spent at least a few hours playing, but the game just did not click". The idea here is that I actually wanted to play and beat most of these games, but I just lost interest in doing so, for one reason or another."

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Myze1368d ago

Sounds like a list of someone with a short attention span, considering over half the games are RPGs, which is well known as the longest genre.

At least he admits on most of them it's just him not liking or unable to finish the game. I don't mind opinion pieces where the writer words the opinion as such, and not as a fact that he just expects everyone reading to immediately take up.

As for the list, I've finished and enjoyed all of the games. However, I'm well aware of starting games and being unable to finish them due to lack of interest. This usually has more to do with what's going on with life than it does the game (if it's a game I thought I would like). I rarely go back and play games I've tried and gave up on, since there's always games I never tried at all, and of course, new games.

Magicite1368d ago

sounds like this guy got no patience, I always put close to 100 or more hours into Tales of games and other popular RPG franchises.

jambola1368d ago

I know how you feel, hate when people have that "I f i don't like it, it's bad" attitude, nice to see people who know that it's all opinion based.

Wikki1368d ago

I got a harmful site warning when trying to read the story

aLiEnViSiToR1368d ago

Yup my ESS7 say the same thing some kind kryptik trojan !

Saelyn1368d ago

Well damn, I should have checked the comments first.

MariaN4G1368d ago

All JRPGS should be a shame game in my opinion.

guitarded771368d ago

Well... your opinion is wrong :P

Sly-Lupin1368d ago

I find casual racism to be more shameful, but hey--that's just my opinion.

Xof1368d ago

Does this really need to be spelled out?

The RPG genre is the most wildly diverse gamic genre we have. Discriminating games based on the ethnicity or nationality of the developer IS racism.

Just because it's a common attitude among the gaming community doesn't make it any less racist. Sadly, our community is rampant with racism, sexism, homophobia, and pretty much every other manner of nastiness you can imagine.

Snookies121368d ago

Wow, I feel... So very sorry for you...

insomnium21368d ago

What is it with many top 10 bad games that they all have FF8 in it? What is wrong with people?

Snookies121368d ago

I used to dislike FF8 when I was younger. Then I realized it was just because I was immature and just didn't like changes to my beloved Final Fantasy series. Now that I'm older, it's one of my favorites of the franchise.

-Foxtrot1368d ago

They've been brain washed by years of people going "FF8 sucks" despite the fact that the core people saying that were ticked off FF8 was a different story, not a direct sequel to FF7

I find it hilarious because at it's core FF8 is more improved then FF7 in almost every way.

Think about all the "Top great game" lists or even "Top best Soundtracks, Weapons, characters, villains"...they all have FF7 on and hardly give a thought to any other FF game.

Pozzle1367d ago

Overall I like FFVII more than FFVIII, but I agree that FFVIII does so many things better than its predecessor. It's soundtrack in particular is easily one of the best (if not THE best) in the entire series, and the design of the world and technology is gorgeous.

MWH1368d ago

these are good games and you didn't put up convincing reasons.

my guess is you're becoming old to being a gamer, but I'm a seasoned gamer myself and i don't shoot at good games the way you do.

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