Has The PS4 Already Won This New Generation?

MVGN writes "Momentum can be a funny thing. If you have it, it can be fantastic for your business or sports team. If momentum is in your favor, sales increase and sports teams win. It’s a remarkable thing to have and everybody who runs a business or a sports team wants it. If momentum is not on your side however, you most certainly feel the ill effects.

Momentum has both direction as well as magnitude and with this new generation of consoles starting to hit their stride, we have certainly seen a shift in momentum for Sony’s newest home console, Playstation 4."

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GamersHeaven1283d ago

Yes Sony won this generation before it even began.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1283d ago

I don't know, they still gotta watch out for the Wii U and XBOX One. Heard Wii U is picking up some steam.

randomass1711283d ago

Yes it is but I would not say it's enough to pose any imminent threat to PS4's performance or placement in the race. PS4 has the multiplats, the features and the power to be a heavy contender. Wii U is just now getting out of a bad funk. I do believe Wii U can outsell XB1 though.


The only thing that will confirm the victory of the PS4 is when the thrid party devs start doing games for PS4 exclusively and ditch the other platforms just like the PS2 era (since they acknowledged that the PS2 won the war at that time). Till then, let's wait and see what will happen!

assdan1283d ago

The wiiU sells less than half the ps4's numbers most of the time. Picking up steam for the wiiU is still massively underperforming when compared to the ps4.

VforVideogames1283d ago

Yes sony won !!! What should I do with my XB1?

Lightning Mr Bubbles1283d ago

The Wii U not the XBOX One is PS4's greatest challenger this gen.


Just kidding, I still think it's the XBOX One that's PS4's rival.

But it sounded great to say that first thing.

kickerz1283d ago

I would say yes, but that dosnt mean u can't still have fun on a xb1 and wii u

nX1283d ago

PS4 is like Bayern Munich, they won before the season even began. Only thing questionable is the Champions League (= 100 million units sold).

marioJP871283d ago

Lmao it ain't NOTHING the Wii U can do to touch PS4. It has already been surpassed by PS4 in sales and it didn't take a year to do it. #Fact
Plus, the Wii U will never get the triple A games PS4 gets. #Fact

sonarus1283d ago

I actually dnt think wii u will outsell xbox but as long as Nintendo still has Mario they are ok. Nintendo wii is a weird console with poor 3rd party support because most of the ppl who buy are interested primarily in the first party stuff. Wii needs to drop price substantially for me to consider it though.

Xbox simply must regain ground in US AND UK. At the rate they are being outsold though it might be too late. Price cut and titanfall have done very little to alter the landscape and sony could easily match any Microsoft price cuts. It's just hard to think of how ms can accomplish this. Titanfall behemoth didn't move the consoles they hoped for and it's hard to imagine tomb raider or any other game short of new halo or gears of war moving any consoles. But sony also has it's games to move consoles on the way. Gran turismo, god of war, uncharted etc.

It's hard to see how ms will go about erasing the being outsold 2-1 trend right now. Just a little misstep out the gate and they were left in the dust. Microsoft can come back with some formidable new ips and games but ms would rather spend money on times exclusives and dlc. The leadership is simply too stuck in their x360 smooth sailing days to know how to navigate through the storm they are currently in

ABizzel11283d ago

@Ligtning Mr Bubbles

Something completely drastic has to happen in Nintendo or MS camp for them to catch Sony, or something horrible has to happen to Sony.

PS4 is only 2 million behind the combined sales of Wii U and XBO, and for the year 2014 alone the PS4 has outsold the XBO and Wii combined 5 million > 3.5m. And that's coming from VGChartz

Nintendo's picking up Steam is simply the Wii U getting more AAA games consistently since Year 1 was pretty scattered, and finally getting their bigger franchises. Altogether this means Nintendo might sell around 5 million Wii U's this year instead of 3 million like it sold last year, and could put it in a better position for 2015. The Wii U is doing better, but it's still not a success.

Overall XBO is doing slightly better than the Wii U currently is, and it should peak around 6 or 7 million by the end of the year, depending on the success of it's JP and full EU launch.

The PS4 is the more popular console brand Worldwide as I said in my blog.

Enemy1283d ago

Sony won the moment Microsoft announced DRM and forced Kinect on Xbone.

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joab7771283d ago

I love my PS4 but I love video games even more...and I cannot deny that the xbone is getting better and better w/ it's offereings, it's updates, and pricing. I am fine for now w/ my ps4 but if xbone keeps moving in its current direction, I will definitely buy one at some point.

And last Gen Sony proved, it ain't over til one company goes kinect.

wonderfulmonkeyman1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

No, they got lots of sales through feeding into the console wars during their 2013 presentation by repeatedly slamming Microsoft's bad decisions.
Their games haven't lived up to the hype so far. They're good, but they were definitely overhyped.
The generation isn't even close to over yet, and shit happens; Sony can't sit idle and wait for third parties to do all the work this time.

LeCreuset1283d ago

"Sony can't sit idle and wait for third parties to do all the work this time."

Phil Spencer:

Do I wish I had an owned IP first-party action adventure game? Absolutely. But I don't right now. (Tomb Raider) is one that fits well and we had such a good working relationship with them.

wonderfulmonkeyman1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )


That's just one game, and hardly proves anything.
The PS4 is still an infant, and we're getting more and more people wishing it had more of the promised support that we heard about during its reveal.

I say again; it's too soon to crown Sony the winner of a whole generation.
Especially if the games don't live up to their hype and they don't do some major leash-jerking on the prices third parties are putting into their games on PSNow.[which, btw, I'm not fond of, since it's a rental-only service for games that should have been natively backwards-compatibility-suppor ted on the PS4 in the first place]

LeCreuset1283d ago

It's one thing to say this gen isn't over. It's another to try to take a shot at Sony by saying they "can't sit idle and wait for third parties to do all the work this time," which flies in the face of what the reality has been.

"That's just one game, and hardly proves anything."

No, it's not. It's a cyclical situation Xbox is in because of multi-generational lack of proper 1st party support.

BrandanT1283d ago

I hate articles like this and comments like yours. It always makes feel like chump for owning another system.

N4g_null1282d ago

You know what? Let them claim sony is the winner. It doesn't change the fact that the wiiu still rocks and ms is going to spend a ton of money on exclusives.

The ps3 fans finally got their revenge. Does it make you feel any better?

GordonKnight1282d ago (Edited 1282d ago )

They have won multiplat console of choice. IMO

The only question is which console will have the most and best exclusives?

Who going to win that battle? The Wii U is winning at the moment. IMO

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mrpsychoticstalker1283d ago

It certainly won the first year, but they are far from winning the generation. First thing they need is to get those updates running monthly just as Microsoft and reveal true triple AAA games. Let's face it. Indies are fun but we don't buy these machines to play indies.

GribbleGrunger1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

More AAA titles
More Indie titles
More FTP titles
Better versions of Multiplats
More content for Multiplats

Just let that sink in before you end up with lots of people providing proof yet again. Does your memory only work on a 24 hour cycle?

As far as this article goes, I can't say for certain that I think the PS4 has won already, but what I CAN say for certain is it's going to take a catastrophe on Sony's part and a miracle on Microsoft's part for the outcome to be reversed.

LeCreuset1283d ago

"'s going to take a catastrophe on Sony's part and a miracle on Microsoft's part for the outcome to be reversed."

That was pretty much the situation last gen, and PS3 still beat 360.

kayoss1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

He has a memory of a gold fish...

chrisarsenalsavart1283d ago

After the Kinectless sku, titanfall, ea access.......
Nothing seems to be able to stop the ps4. And nothing will.

DigitalRaptor1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

"they are far from winning the generation"

They are 5 million unit sales ahead only 10 months in and they both launched simultaneously. This is before they've truly flexed the big guns. Microsoft simply isn't catching up either in performance, sales or games lineup unless Sony absolutely stops making games or makes a decision that will cause people to care more for the Xbox brand than the PlayStation.


" and reveal true triple AAA games."

Sony have more AAA games lined up for 2015 than Microsoft do.


"Indies are fun"

Games are fun. Indies are games. AAA games are fun.

How do you differentiate between the value of a game like Sunset Overdrive and a game like WiLD? Is it art style? Freedom? Diversity? Scale? The indie games that Sony are supporting and also bringing to PS4 are so diverse in their scope. From a smaller game like Titan Souls ( ) all the way to a HUGE game like No Man's Sky ( ) that will have the largest game world ever created.

This umbrella term "indies" is becoming less and less relevant as a focus now since the lines have been beginning to blur for quite some time now. Let's just begin to call them "games". All I see are people downplaying indies, but it's going to become more difficult to do that in 2015 and going forwards.

Big_Game_Hunters1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

Nah man indies are still nowhere near retail titles because they don't try to be. A lot of Indies rely too much on the whole "explore our artsy world" thing. What's the actual gameplay like in these games other than walk around, climb some cliffs, appreciate the art style, and some shallow puzzles here and there.

Of course there are exceptions, but can you really say with confidence that hell blade will even come close to bayonetta 2? Or that all those indie platformers are better than a game like DKTF?

I like indies, I just don't consider most of them as good as higher budget titles.

HanzoHattori1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

It's funny how some belittle indies, but when it comes to games like Outlast and No Man's Sky all you see is, "but...but...but...Ryse.. .but...but...Titanfall...but.. . indies can't compete with AAA titles...but...but...but...For za...bubububutthurt...

HanzoHattori1283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

double post.

700p1283d ago

Its funny when people define winning by being 5 mil ahead. Indies and ftp are irrelevant unless you have a indiestation. Like what casual is hyped up for a indie game on console. As it is, most of your so called exclusives do not appeal to anyone except japanese gamers. SO PLEASE. Xbox is not out of this race.

Heisenburger1283d ago

No man's sky. If you're not excited for that, you're doing it wrong.

DigitalRaptor1283d ago

What casual is hyped up for No Man's Sky? Are you f***in serious? Do you even know what indie games are coming out in 2015?

That is a comment from you getting hyped for 'Ori and the Blind Forest' which is made by an indie studio, and does nothing - in fact does less - than most of the anticipated indie games on PS4.

Have fun being hypocritical and self-mocking.

Ra30301283d ago

"Like what casual is hyped up for a indie game on console."

Wow!....... Ummm every gamer! A unknown indie title that's released if it's a good game word will get around. I think most people would rather play a good indie title for $20 or less than a good AAA title for $60 any day. Great games sell no matter how big or small the developer. The triple A title is way over used in gaming and it means nothing other than for sure that game will cost no less than $60 on release and that has nothing to do with the game being worth a dime.

CaptainObvious8781283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

It's amazing how someone can be so wrong and so immature in so few words.

Well done sir.

BiggerBoss1283d ago

Casuals are hyped up for COD and FIFA. Luckily, the consoles are more focused on pleasing GAMERS than casuals. Indie games are great compliments to the more AAA style games, and games like No mans sky show what potential indie games truly have

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LeCreuset1283d ago

Let's look at what we do buy these machines to play, then.

Big retail exclusive releases so far:

PS4: KZ, Knack, Infamous, TLOU.

XBox: Forza, Ryse, Dead Rising, Titan Fall.

Big retail exclusive releases minus 3rd party:

PS4: KZ, Knack, Infamous, TLOU.

XBox: Forza.

Three quarters of the big retail exclusive franchises being used to sell Xbox, right now, could very well appear on PS4 eventually.

Rimeskeem1283d ago

I would buy a PS4 just for No Mans Sky

kayoss1283d ago

I bought a ps4 because....well just because.

BrandanT1283d ago

You broke the n4g rule: "Never dis the ps4"

uth111283d ago

"better firmware updates" isn't exactly a system-selling deal-breaker

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LightDiego1283d ago

Right now Sony is winning for sure.

ape0071283d ago (Edited 1283d ago )

i believe xbox one will get a respectable 2nd place, don't get me wrong i love xbox but the sony momentum is just too strong