Ori and the Blind Forest on Xbox One and PC May Just Be One of the Most Beautiful Games of 2014

Published by Microsoft and developed by Moon Studios, Ori and the Blind Forest charmed many when it appeared at E3, and gained even more appreciation at Gamescom. Not only the game is a lot of fun, but it’s absolutely beautiful.

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DarkOcelet1348d ago

Glad it's on the 360 , dont wanna miss this one out .

OpieWinston1348d ago

It's hitting 360 early 2015.

DarkOcelet1348d ago

So ? I can wait , there is still alot of games that i didnt finish including red dead redemption , dark souls 2 , max payne 3 and much much more so i can wait :) .

Obz1348d ago

Welfare gaming at its finest.

4Sh0w1348d ago

Yes, it really is a beautiful game and looks like fun too.

Sm00thNinja1348d ago

Don't know how I feel about this one just yet... Will pick it up on Xbone regardless

incendy351348d ago

Have a feeling Game of the Year might come down to this and Child of Light. Will go down as the year of 2d gaming : )

dragon821348d ago

Guess you missed all the retail games out or coming out this year.

incendy351348d ago

Nope, I have played pretty much everything worth playing. Child of Light is GOTY so far, by a large margin.

dragon821348d ago

That's fair I guess. Your original comment made sound like you were one of those guys who claims there are no games out. I do agree that Child of Light is one of my favorite games so far this gen. I just think that a retail game will win GOTY. It will probably go to Destiny.

700p1348d ago

Yeah i cant wait to buy this. Gonna be a great game :)

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The story is too old to be commented.