PlayDevil: The Last of Us Remastered Review

PlayDevil has reviewed The Last of Us: Remastered

Here is a snippet:

"In hindsight, after playing Left Behind, (the story-based DLC which if anything is even better than the main game), it’s also shame that Naughty Dog didn’t try to change any of the gameplay in the main game. There are points here where you can set up traps to have the infected attack the Hunters, which then makes progression easier due to the thinned crowds in front of you."

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DaveyB1457d ago

Still haven't bought this - is it really worth the money if I've already played the original?

GamerKnights1457d ago

You have Left Behind, the stand alone dlc that is now included in the Remastered version and MP.

And not to forget much better visuals and framerate. I should say: YES! :)