Chrono Trigger 2 still not happening at Square Enix due to politics

There are no known plans for Chrono Trigger 2 despite various claims from creators of the original. Although fans of 1995's Chrono Trigger did get an indirect sequel in 2000's Chrono Cross, it didn't wrap up certain unfinished plot threads of the original game since it had a new cast. VGB lays out how this Square drama has played out over the years.

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BeaArthur3838d ago

A sequel would be nice. A re-release on the Virtual Console or PSN would be nice as well.

GodsHand3838d ago

Would be nice indeed. I never play chrono cross, heard mixed reviews. But Chrono Trigger is a fantasic game.

games4fun3838d ago

i hate games with time travel i think it shows no creativity and lack of talent storywise. The exception to the rule for me was chrono cross i thought it was great and i played it 2 years ago when the ps1 game didn't have the graphics to impress me and i thought it was a great game. BTW my fav. rpg is FFVII dont start a fight over it tho.

zypher3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

actually, Chrono Cross received overwhelmingly positive reviews, even getting a perfect score from gamespot (one of only a handful of games to have gotten a perfect by them). i played about 90% of the game, and thoroughly enjoyed its quaint and calm atmosphere. as a matter of fact, its probably my third most favorite Playstation-era jrpg next to FFVII and Dragon Quest VIII.

that said, it always amazed me that Square decided to continue with the Star Ocean series, but not the Chrono series. mind you, there's nothing wrong with SO, but i always thought the Chrono series proved to be the bigger cash draw, and the better received by critics and fans alike.

GodsHand3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

I like time travel games, movies, stories, theories. But I not going to argue with you about, your opinion. I agree final fantasy is a good game, but I personally prefer part 6 over 7. But part 7 has a tremendous story that over shadows part 6's story.

@1.3 - then maybe i will pick up, myself a copy and give it a try.

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fork_the_lad3838d ago


It should be on nintendo

if its on PS3 i will buy a PS3 by selling my Xbox and clothes. That the only way

crazy250003838d ago

I would definitely purchase it....tired of roms on computer lol

Marceles3838d ago

There was also Radical Dreamers...zzzzz nothing but text. I doubt they'll ever make a Chrono 2 though...that's one of those too-good-to-be-true games like a FF7 remake.

fork_the_lad3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Chrono Trigger was the first game to have the NEW Game+ feature

than games from sony started stealing it liek God of War

it was also first game to have multiple ending until games like MGS1 came along and stole that as well

Azures3838d ago

Do you realize how dumb your comments sound? You think God of War was the first game after Trigger to have New Game+ ?

And video games did not pioneer the concepts of different creative endings depending on one's actions.

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