Five Reasons to Buy: Wolfenstein: The New Order

Armed Gamer: The FPS genre completely owes itself to the Wolfenstein series, being the first to create a “proper” first-person shooter. It’s a series that has stayed true to itself through and through, and its newest edition, Wolfenstein: The New Order, is no different. It has you dual wielding assault rifles, fighting through hordes of enemies, and most importantly: Nazis! However, while you think this may be a mindless shoot-em-up, it is… but not as much as you might think. Here are five reasons you should immediately buy Wolfenstein: The New Order. Each reason is written first in classical ‘Murican language, staying true to the game’s overall tone, and then the second paragraphs are written in plain English for those who prefer a more refined tongue.

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FireProChamp1594d ago

I beat the game the other day. I wasn't expecting much, but holy crap it was amazing. It was a balls to the wall old school single player shooter. Dual wielding ARs was awesome too.

GeraltofRivia1594d ago

In addition to being a balls to the wall shooter it actually had a good story. Much better than the generic 4 hour long military shooter that are vomited into the gaming industry every few months.

HCamachoG1594d ago

My hope is to buy the next week this amazing game for ps4

funkybudda1594d ago

Bought this during Steam's summer sale, worth the $30 I spent on it.