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Submitted by lisamorgan4 565d ago | opinion piece

PlayStation Games We Are Excited To Play This Week

This week marks the world debut of the best game of 2013 on PlayStation 4. Follow Joel and Ellie in Naughty Dog's The Last Of Us Remastered as they try to survive a post apocalyptic world affected by an horrific infection set to wipe out humanity as we know it. Check out the full list of games coming this week to Playstation's platform.

What game are you looking forward to playing this week, now Destiny Beta is over? (PS Vita, PS3, PS4, The Last Of Us Remastered)

GeofferyPeterson  +   565d ago
Jumping Flash?
DVAcme  +   565d ago
Duuuude, you punched me right in the nostalgia button.
DonDon  +   565d ago
Pre ordered TLOU Remastered yesterday even though it feels like a cash grab (I bought ps3 version digitally AND dlc and I get no discount on ps4 version (at least for having season pass), sucks even though gamestop gives people 50% off for trading in disc version alone). But I love the game anyway.

Also pre ordered Rogue Legacy. Looks like a good indie game. Reviews are tight.
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Frankskint  +   565d ago
I might give rogue legacy a shot. Would make a nice change from FPS at least until Destiny launches in a few months.
Meltic  +   565d ago
waste of Money just saying.
combatcash  +   565d ago

Not to him or he wouldn't be buying it. He's aware its a cashgrab but he likes the game enough to purchase it again. I'll be doing the same with GTA V although to be fair GTA V on ps4 really looks next gen really beautiful.
DonDon  +   565d ago
Dude I actually agree with you (I clicked agree). It kind of is a waste of my money. I even almost beat TLOU ps3 on the new "grounded" difficulty. There is NOTHING left for me to discover. So I'm not offended when you criticize and say I wasted my money: I probably did. The main reason why I bought it is because I know the online community will eventually move onto the ps4 version. The ps3 version servers will shut down b4 the ps4 one will too one day. I got ps4 one for the ability to record gameplay using the share button and because teamwork should dramatically improve due to the fact that every ps4 gamer has a free microphone that came with the system. I know those are dumb reasons to spend another $50 though. I'm just bored and am dissapointed that all the games I waited for on the ps4 were delayed, have no release date, or coming in 2015 (Dragon Age 3, Batman, The Order 1886, Persona 5 (actually a ps3 game), MGS 5 TPP, etc).

So from shear boredom I bought the remastered version. So yeah I don't have a decent excuse. I'm a dumby for giving into Sony's cash grab. Bastards should give digital owners of the original game and DLC passes at least a few bucks off of the ps4 just to show some kind of customer loyalty considering that they lied repeatedly in the past by saying they would not put it on ps4. Had I known it was coming to ps4 I wouldn't have wasted my money earlier with the season pass on ps3.

I hope Sony doesn't pull this crap again. Now their porting games like Journey, and the other indies? TLOU will be the last remake I buy on ps4. Not buying anything else again until Bloodlborne (and a fee good indie games like Rogue Legacy).
patelsanjeed  +   565d ago
Already feeling withdrawal symptoms from Destiny being over, so I am weening myself off like an addict by playing COD Ghosts and Battlefield 4. September 9th CAN NOT COME FAST ENOUGH!!!

Played TLOU already on PS3, doubt I will play it again on PS4, unless I am really out of options.
EdnaJones97  +   565d ago
LMAO. I heard theres a gamers anonymous clinic to help addicts get over gaming. You might want to check yourself in.
DonDon  +   565d ago
Really? I don't understand the appeal of Destiny. I had both the ps3 and ps4 betas. Feels like a poor mans cross between Defiance, Borderlands and a slight bit of Halo. And the competitive multiplayer was not very good at all. Not being rude, I just don't know why people claim to like it when I've yet to hear a compelling reason as to how the hype justifies the repetitious monotony and aimless wandering/shooting. If this is FPS of the year, than the genre is clearly in need of a major overhaul. Nothing about it is better than Borderlands 2. Yeah it's just a Beta but I haven't seen anything in previews to suggest that things will be any less repetitive.
charliewong980  +   565d ago
I can't wait to play The Last Of Us Again, especially with the new lick of paint and PS4 horse power under the hood. Pure Pool looks pretty good too.
combatcash  +   565d ago
I wish they had really used the power of the ps4 to its full potential this game would have looked phenomenal. Hopefully the sequel really pushes the ps4.
Revolver_X_  +   565d ago
IGN claims TLOUR is arguably the best looking PS4 game to date. The review is up, 10/10
alvinmiller92  +   565d ago
I am playing UFC again, what a week its been. Not paying full price for TLOUR, will wait a bit for the price to drop, then I will get it.
Spotie  +   565d ago
It's not full price in the first place.
combatcash  +   565d ago
smart man it should be down to 29 in a few months.
SuperBlunt  +   565d ago
Im dying for tuesday to come again. Im just trying to fathom how gorgeous the nolan north level is gonna be
ArronNelson  +   565d ago
Totally agree. I was sold by the E3 demo and pre-ordered after seeing it then, though I already have it on PS3.
objdadon  +   565d ago
How soon can a brothah download this monster? 12:00 midnight? My first time p reordering digital so I'm a little on edge!
martinezjesus1993  +   565d ago
I bought Watchdogs digitally and it was available for download at 12am Eastern time, 9 pm pacific time, i live in the west so you could say I played it beforr it was supposed to comeout. For this one ill be gamesharing with my friend so I'm not getting the emails as to when itll be available, ill just be loggin into my friends profile until its available. Should be no later than 12 am pacific time though

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