3 Mandatory Things a New Rock Band Needs

Tony from Twinfinite writes: I love Rock Band. A lot.

I’ve spent hundreds of hours mashing plastic buttons, smacking rubber drum pads, banging on a keytar, and screaming into a microphone in front of my TV. To me, Rock Band isn’t just a game, it’s its own pastime. Playing Rock Band is like stepping into the shoes of people immensely more talented than you are, and grabbing a little bit of limelight for yourself. After a recent round of layoffs, I was skeptical that there would be a successor to my favorite rhythm game, until now.

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RantandRave1239d ago

I couldn't agree more with the three suggestions. I know Singstar is due out on next gen later this year but has there been any buzz for Rockband on next gen? I hope so the game was a lot of fun and I hope to see it on next gen.

Felinox1238d ago

I've wondered why they never added any Kinect integration. Love or hate Kinect it had the potential to add a whole layer. Facial mapping. Freestyle moves for bonus points, ect.

cell9891238d ago

3 mandatory things? PINK FLOYD, LED ZEPPELIN, and old school GUNS AND ROSES ;)

ToneDeezy1238d ago

Haha, agreed. I'd buy a Led Zeppelin I-III album bundle in a heartbeat

nikrel1238d ago

My purchased collection of music from PS3 era.

cell9891232d ago

I hope there's support to that, cause I have a lot as well