EA Financial Report Q1 FY15

Skewed and Reviewed have posted the Fiscal report for EA which shows some interesting sales info.

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Axios21399d ago (Edited 1399d ago )

"Calendar year-to-date, EA continues to be the #1 publisher on PlayStation®4 and Xbox One consoles in the Western World led by FIFA 14, TitanfallTM, Battlefield 4TM, and EA SPORTSTM UFC®."

Looks like TitanFall is selling very well.

@ Garethvk, note the reference to X1 and not 360 or PC.

Garethvk1399d ago

PC sale are good for it, that 4K resolution on PC is a huge plus for it. I think it is doing solid on Xbox 360 as well.

Bennibop1399d ago

Good figures and a good sign that the industry is picking up. Just imagine their figures if Titanfall was multiplat and PvsZ GW launched on all platforms at the same time.

Only concern is they will focus more on mobile gaming market as profits from that side are increasing.

Garethvk1399d ago

Imagine as well a stable BF 4 that with DLC could have driven up sales.

Agent_hitman1399d ago

American voted: EA is one of the worst company.. Just sayin

Garethvk1399d ago

It amazes me how they have had as many very buggy games, yet people still line up to pay for titles that become p.r. issues.. Battlefield 4, Sim City, etc.