Deep cuts at Xbox Europe as Nadella swings axe

Microsoft is making big cuts to its Xbox EMEA Team - MCVUK

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christocolus1582d ago

Wow..I guess MS wasn't too happy with the
performance of the marketing and PR divisions...i do
hope these guys get jobs elsewhere asap. I'm glad they
didn't touch the game studios though cos it would have
affected their upcoming projects.
"We eliminated a number of EMEA roles in the UK to
gain efficiencies. We remain very committed to the
market and will continue to support our local
development teams.
"We believe that the UK has exceptional games industry
talent and we'll continue to focus on game creation
through Microsoft Studios like Rare, Lionhead Studios,
Lift London and Soho Productions”

MightyNoX1582d ago

Right on time and written not like an average person's comment but EXACTLY like a PR statement. ;)

I guess we know one person that didn't get the cut.

NextLevel1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

Soho Productions doesn't makes games.

Soho Productions – Kinect Sesame Street TV, Upload Studios

"TV you can play" is right on the front of the box.

As for Lift London, what they are working on is pretty vague.

Lift London – Multiple AAA Cloud Based gaming projects

I'm not sure they've ever made a game before.

ger23961582d ago

Nobody knows for sure if he'll make any cuts to the gaming division. What it does show is that all divisions are on notice. Yes, even Xbox.

DEEBO1582d ago

Wow this sucks but they have the education to find another job but it still burns.

My wife just left her job of 10 or 11 years at the hospital but she has a better career with more play for less days.

XiSasukeUchiha1582d ago

This really sucks MS, I guess this layoff did affect Xbox majorly after all.

guyman1582d ago

No, no it didn't affect xbox majorly after all.


xDHAV0K24x1582d ago

According to IGN's Podcast Unlocked,at least 12k are from the Nokia acquisition

cruzngta1582d ago

Do NOT and I repeat Do NOT ... EVER ... touch Major Nelson OR Phil Spencer, Mr.Nadella - it would mean the end of your reign at MS!!!! Those two men are Gods among MS staffers and if that ever happened it would definitely mean the XB1 was going down the electronics drain.