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Producer teases: That might not have been Link in the Wii U Zelda trailer

GamesBeat's Mike Minotti: “No one explicitly said that that was Link.”

That’s what Legend of Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma told me when I asked him about Link’s, or whoever it is’, new appearance during an interview at Nintendo’s E3 booth. (The Legend of Zelda, Wii U)

ColManischewitz  +   388d ago
I would play a Zelda game that didn't star link. Too bad it doesn't star Princess Zelda.
Ck1x  +   388d ago
I'm telling you, I bet that was Zelda they showed us. Those were light arrows or a new take on them
Cueil  +   388d ago
I think it is Zelda
chaos-lockheart  +   388d ago
No boobs no zelda
-Foxtrot  +   388d ago
I think it could be a female Link or Zelda who has Links (Skyward Sword) soul instead of the person being male.

The curse was placed on whoever holds Links soul and Zeldas bloodline. Doesn't really say they have to be the same gender.
cleft5  +   388d ago
Yeah I really think it is a female too. I know the difference between an effeminate looking character and a woman. That character looks like a woman.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   388d ago
In Hyrule Warriors you can play as Zelda,

And she had a bow and arrow... then again, Link does too.
3-4-5  +   387d ago
Multiple Playable characters confirmed ?
randomass171  +   388d ago
....Playable Zelda? Or maybe a female Link? Link's new sister character is playable? AONUMA IS A TROLL!!
LightDiego  +   388d ago
That's true, i reported him.
colonel179  +   388d ago
It's not female. It's very obvious. First of all he totally looks like a boy (a teenage boy), not a grown up man. Second of all, doesn't have bewbs! If Link looked younger, you could argue that "she" wasn't of age to have bewbs, but it looks like he would be at least 15, so if Link was a girl, then she definitely had bewbs.

About not being Link, my guess is that he is trolling! He is wearing clothes that look a lot like Wind Waker, so it may be that it's a continuation of the story. It would be cool, since WW takes place ~100 years after Ocarina of Time.
McScroggz  +   388d ago
You must not be very familiar with the Japanese culture. It's pretty commonplace to have a character who's gender is ambiguous or assumed to be one way only for it to be the other.

In fact, in Ocarina of Time Sheik is present as a boy and later we learn it's Princess Zelda. So they have literally done the whole "gender bait and switch" that you say is impossible...
Neckbear  +   388d ago
In one shot it does look like s/he has breasts...a rather small and modest bosom, but it's there nonetheless.

randomass171  +   388d ago
Oh come on. This character clearly has some subtle curves on their body and just because he/she is flat chested doesn't mean he/she can't be female. I think that would be freaking awesome to have a girl character as a main Zelda here!
Bhuahahaha  +   388d ago
etna and flonne dont have the bumb also does that make them male too?
HexxedAvenger  +   388d ago
That would be pretty cool!
RosweeSon  +   388d ago
Chun-li?! I kid ;)
OsirisBlack  +   388d ago
Its link.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   388d ago
Wait.....this looks like it takes place in the same general time line as Skyward Sword...

colonel179  +   388d ago
I was actually thinking that it takes place after Wind Waker when he grows up. Also, the art style is closer to Wind Waker than Skyward Sword.

However, it would be awesome if he is Link's son, and the mother is Zelda (obviously). Although I would like to see Link and Zelda have a romance first and develop that, since it has never been done. It was hinted in Skyward Sword, but never fully shown. It would be a nice part of the story.
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spacecat5050  +   388d ago
I am seriously going to go with this. It has to be the son of Link which is probably the reason for the change of such an iconic character.

Maybe with the focus on a new protagonist, we can get a voice to the character.
Lionalliance  +   388d ago
IF ya look at the Bracelets, they are Gerudo bracelets it might be either.....young Ganondorf?
colonel179  +   388d ago
But if he is not Link, why make him look 99% look like him?. I say he is, and if he is not, then either he is a clone, or his son, or father, or someone related. There is no sense in making him look like Link when he is not.
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Ck1x  +   388d ago
That's essentially a light arrow, my guess is that it's Zelda!
OtakuDJK1NG  +   388d ago
Uh no Ganondorf was born in Gerudo Valley where the Gods banish everlasting Sun on them.
Ck1x  +   388d ago
Epic trolling us Nintendo, wow!
Showing off a Zelda game with Zelda as the first character shown playable... I'm even more psyched for this game now.
randomass171  +   388d ago
Dang Aonuma. That man is as bittersweet as Kojima or Sakurai sometimes lol.
Fringe_Agent13  +   388d ago
I had a feeling it wasn't him. It didn't look like him.
Sly-Lupin  +   388d ago
After all the talk about The Legend of Zelda, I thought the character design was very much in keeping with the original character art for the NES games.
Spooney323  +   388d ago
This dood is right handed I thought link was a southpaw? But he did fight in games as a orthodox so he's probably connected to those somehow. I did notice a sword that had a sheath similar to master sword sheaths of past so this might confirm him as Link. Or maybe the sword is a hand me down from Link being this dood is links son and not worthy of wielding the Master sword.....yet.
If this is Links son I pray to the goddess Hylia Zelda didn't get overweight with cankles after the pregnancy : (
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Sly-Lupin  +   388d ago
Ideally it should have a full character creator. Open world games are all about freedom, and its more than about time Nintendo let us customize Link's face, skin tone, gender and clothing.

He is supposed to be LINK between the player and the game space, after all, and we've arrived at a point where the white males no longer represent the majority of gamers they once did.
KonsoruMasuta  +   388d ago
Link has evolved into his own character. His look is canon. Changing it now would cause fan outrage. We love Link the way he is.

Not all open world games need character creation, keep it out of my Zelda. I might agree with changing his clothes; anything other than that is a no.
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Sly-Lupin  +   388d ago
So you're saying character is dependent on gender, and every Link in every game looks the same?

Link may be an iconic design, but he's not and never has been a character. There's absolutely no possible argument against letting OTHER players choose a Link with blue eyes or brown eyes, blonde hair or brown hair or pink hair, right? So why is a black link or woman link so damned offensive?

The "hero's garb" that makes Link so iconic isn't dependent on race or gender.
Xof  +   388d ago
Its not the fans who would have outrage, but bigots.
KonsoruMasuta  +   388d ago
Never said a black link or woman link is offensive. If you are trying to suggest I some how have a problem with characters being a race other than white, I'll stop you right here. I'm not white.

If you are trying to suggest that I am some sort of bigot, let me stop you right there. I'm not.

His gender and race are canon. It is part of Link and it does not need to change. I am not against having female, black, or asian characters. I am against changing established and iconic figures for the sake of trying to pimp the game out to new audiences.
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Xof  +   387d ago
I'm not suggesting anything of the sort. But I stand by my assertion that only bigots would be outraged by the thought of a black Link, or female Link, or what have you.

You didn't seem outraged. Are you? That's a question only you can answer, but if you are, you might be due for a bit of self-reflection.


Anyway, your argument has zero merit. There is no "canon" Link--you DO realize every Link in (almost) every game is a different and unique character, right? The defining attributes of Link are his green clothing (which are not gender/race-dependent) and his courage/heroism (which, again is not gender/race-dependent).

And it's not a "new audience" but the "existing audience" the customization would "cater to." You may be a white male, but--guess what?--you no longer represent the majority of gamers!

Did you know that girls really like playing Zelda games?

And black people, too?
BattleN  +   388d ago
Being reincarnated should have physical changes to it too so it would only make sense!
Xof  +   387d ago

It's the same situation as the Doctor of Doctor Who. But there's always outcry from people who think they can hide their bigotry by calling it "tradition."
greatcrusader44  +   388d ago
My guess is Aunuma is referencing the fact you can name your protagonist anything you want, like in all Zelda games. Link is just the default name.

Not completely disregarding the possibility that its someone new since they didn't make it blatant by making the character have the Iconic Link look(no green tunic or sword, Horse has dark mane when Links horse Epona has had a white mane in all other games) so I can totally believe its someone different but atm I still think its Link.
-Foxtrot  +   388d ago
"Could this game possibly be connected to the Wind Waker Universe?"

Doubt it, I thought that timeline was the cell shaded one.
greatcrusader44  +   388d ago
Double post
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jegheist2014  +   388d ago
open world zwelda dear god slamsm oney in front of yall nintendo yall e3 was best out of all 3 sony was good but insiders ruined e3 so hype was ruined by idiots saying this will be there etc nintendo iso nly one that had confrence that wasnt fully blown by insiders.

wjhats is mystery 3ds game if anyone found out
Ck1x  +   388d ago
For the people saying it's clearly a boy because of no boobs. Well it could be a teenage Zelda also, that snuck out of the Castle. Link really doesn't have any reason to be that covered up, unless Nintendo is incorporating a new stealth mechanic ala Assassin's Creed to avoid unnecessary battles into Zelda.
Olih14  +   387d ago
Maybe a 2 players game?

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