Zero Latency VR puts you in the zombie apocalypse ... literally

MMGN writes: Forget Project Morpheus: Zero Latency is here to prove virtual reality has a place in gaming.

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kalkano1505d ago (Edited 1505d ago )

"Zero Latency VR puts you in the zombie apocalypse ... literally"

Impossible...unless someone creates real zombies. Look up the definition of the word, "literally".

kalkano1505d ago

Ha! Funny, I just started watching that. I already did that before I started watching, though.

Godmars2901505d ago

they're talking about renting out a warehouse space, slapping a PC on your back and a set of VR goggles over your eyes, and just letting you run wild. In a confined space.

Belasco1504d ago

Thanks, I see that word misused way too often.

XiSasukeUchiha1505d ago

Why"Literally" just say like or something.

Perjoss1504d ago

because gaming 'journalism'

NintendoLegend1504d ago

Yep, count me in with the crowd rolling their eyes at the atrocious use of the word "literally" here.

pabadamus11504d ago

Not for me. I can see the paintball and laser tag crowd going for something like this once it becomes competitive.