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Dark Souls II to Get Three DLC Episodes

Sneakily added to From's Youtube Channel, it appears that Dark Souls II will be getting three DLC episodes to add-on more content to the acclaimed game. The title of the episodes will be Crowns of the Sunken King. They can be expected on the PS3, PC and Xbox 360 versions of the game. (Dark Souls 2, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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LAWSON72  +   88d ago
Hopefully they each deliver
BlackTar187  +   88d ago
They have yet to not deliver on anything last gen.

Also DLC for Dark Souls 1 was fricking AMAZING

I know it's a different team(Or i think) but i have zero worries about DLC delivery.
BiggCMan  +   88d ago
I'll just copy the comment I made on the official Youtube trailer.

"F****** sell outs. I hope Project Beast turns out to be the new Demon's Souls game, cuz that looks to destroy Dark Souls 2. Also Deep Down looks so amazing. Dark Souls 2 was a big disappointment to a lot of dedicated fans.

It's still a really good game compared to other games. But compared to Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, it's nowhere near that level of masterpiece. And before anyone mentioned the Artorias DLC, that s*** had a purpose.

People CARED about the lore and story in Dark Souls, and the DLC was perfect. Nobody has interest in the garbage lore of Dark Souls 2, because a lot of it doesn't make any sense."

What do people here think?
darren_poolies  +   88d ago
Wow talk about overreacting.

"Nobody has interest in the garbage lore of Dakr Souls 2"

Erm speak for yourself. I and a lot of other players love the lore. Stop speaking for everyone when you don't have a clue.
pecorre  +   88d ago
I really liked Demon's Souls, Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2. I don't know how you can look forward Deep Down (F2P (most probably p2w) garbage made by the greedy Capcom) and say Dark Souls 2 was bad.
BiggCMan  +   88d ago
Ok clearly I said Dark Souls 2 was a good game. Compare to any other games and it's still amazing. Compare to the previous 2 games, and it's nowhere near as good or memorable. Many of the DEDICATED fanbase feels this way, the newer players don't know the difference.
Swiggins  +   88d ago
As a longstanding member of both the Bamco and Fextralife wiki forums, I can say that BiggCMan is partially right...but he's over-reacting big time.

While DS2 was not as well received as DS1 or DeS, it was still very well liked and many people have warmed up to it in time (though this latest patch has ruffled a lot of feathers). You could attribute this more to sequelitis more so than a significant drop in quality.

To say that all the DEDICATED Dark Souls fans didn't like it is laughable.
pecorre  +   88d ago
I have all three platinum so I think I am dedicated, I played demons souls when it was released, and I still like dark souls2... What is wrong with me?
Palitera  +   88d ago
I'm also a fan and, to me, it is better then Dark Souls, but maybe no game will ever even touch Demon's Souls feet.

The only three things that I didn't like about Dark Souls 2 was the lack of memorable bosses (specially when compared to the previous games), the horrendous storytelling (I, as many others, couldn't even figure the story after the second playthrough) and the frame rate.

Everything else I see on the same very high level. Gameplay, progression, animations, move set, equipments, balance, diversity, difficulty etc.

I'm on for more.


PS: Deep Down? Really? It's a F2P by Capcom, there's no worse combination. Mark these words.
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PurpHerbison  +   88d ago
Animations and move sets have taken a plunge from the last Dark Souls.
shammgod  +   88d ago
I can agree with some of your points.

DSII was lacking. Most notably to me was the level design. Towards the end it was just uninspired filler. New area...walk up steps...boss, new area...walk up steps...boss. No depth to any of the last 7-10 areas.

Lore also lacked, but truthfully, i started rushing towards the end just to finish the game and buy a ps4, so i didnt pay as much attention
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Kivespussi  +   88d ago
I agree somewhat. Remember the feeling when you were in Anor Londo for the first time? And what kind of a hellish journey it was from the beginning all the way to Ornstein and Smough? And the dick twins too! It was more of a journey, not a tour. Most notably because the distances between bonfires were larger and there was no warping between them until after anor londo.

But the lore? Oh boy, you are wrong about the lore. There is a great lore in Dark Souls 2. It's more hidden than in Dark Souls but it's there. And it's great. In my opinion better than dark Souls' lore at some points. Not as whole but at some points.
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ThanatosDMC  +   88d ago
The funny thing is didnt they say Dark Souls 2 is the complete package and wont be getting DLCs or expansions?
Kivespussi  +   88d ago
They said so at first but a week or two later stated that it's all up to fans. If fans want DLC, From delivers DLC. And that's what fans seem to want (me including) so they did what they said they would
PurpHerbison  +   88d ago
Fans definitely wanted the DkS1 DLC but I haven't seen one person beg for DkS2 DLC yet.
ThanatosDMC  +   88d ago
What I dont want to happen is for Souls series to be milked and become dull and become casualized... like Bonfires being really close to each other. Hmmm... too late.
Palitera  +   87d ago
They never said they wouldn't do DLC in Dark Souls 2.

It is a complete package, nonetheless.
Kivespussi  +   88d ago

How are they sell outs?

How was Dark Souls 2 a "big disappointment"?

What has deep down to do with this?

Dark Souls 2's lore is great, in my opinion at some parts better than Dark Souls'. It's not as easy to understand but when you truly start looking for it it gets pretty clear what is happening.
SolidDuck  +   88d ago
I think your way off base. DS2 was great. It took the best parts of demons that wasn't in the 1st dark souls, and put it in DS2. Like a hub, dedicated servers, and individual co op healing to name a few. The souls series has always been about gameplay and not the lore or story. From software knows this, that's why there's very minimal dialog and cutscenes. I'm not saying the lore is bad, it's just minimal. It's all about the gameplay. If u don't want more DS2 then don't buy it. Don't complain just to complain. I loved DS2, and now there making more of it, sounds great to me.
CrashJones  +   88d ago
Ya, I'm waiting to see how it all ties together before I would think along those lines.

Once Dark Souls 2 and the 3 DLC's are together to form one game...

It may just be something that is remembered. Even revered the way the original(s) is.

Maybe even more so once it's all and and done.

I know one thing for sure, I'll be playing as long as my health permits. :)
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Evilsnuggle  +   88d ago
I loved Demon's Soul's it's one of my two favorite games of last gen +TLOU. I didn't love dark souls it had broken gameplay mechanics aka back stab and horrible frame rate and I didn't like the story or the lore. I'm praying that project beast is a direct sequel to Demon's soul's . I love Demon's Soul's so much I platinum it took me months to platinum it incredibly .


Who would disagree with your comment you fanboys are so weak and butt hurt so lame. twdll I'm looking forward to both Deep Down and Project Beast also.

Didn't say dark souls 2 was bad just not as good as Demon's Soul's which is true.
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Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   88d ago
The lore in Dark Souls 1 and 2 are connected. Just because you can't connect the dots it doesn't mean it isn't there. They aren't sell outs either They're giving 3 sizable dlc drops starting 5 months after the games launch, nothing wrong with that.

EDIT: for those of you claiming it's the weakest entry in the series, the metacritic speaks for itself. Instead of calling everyone else butthurt, try not being elitist assholes. No one cares if you were one of the first to play the game or not.
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PurpHerbison  +   88d ago
I strongly believe it is the weakest and metacritic isn't going to get your point across.
That doesn't mean I think it is downright terrible either. I personally don't agree with the new engine and some shortcuts that were taken.
Hellsvacancy  +   88d ago
You had my attention until you mentioned metacritic
BlackTar187  +   88d ago
i'm not a newer player and i disagree with you on almost everything.

The thing i do agree is Dark Souls 2 is the worst but coming in last in this series is still amamzing and the game is still amazing.

They needed more upgrade levels and to be a bit harder and cheap. Other then that game is also a materpiece
SolidDuck  +   88d ago
Don't say dedicated fan base like your part of some special group. I imported demons to the u.s before there was ever even a plan to bring it over to the states. I've put over a thousand hours into demons and dark, and am well on my way in ds2. I just don't get online and tell everyone to look at me I'm a true dedicated souls player and act like a douche. Everyone has the own opinions for me the first dark souls was the weak link of the 3. I could go into why but no one wants to listen to that.
PurpHerbison  +   87d ago
" I just don't get online and tell everyone to look at me I'm a true dedicated souls player"

Yet... you still sort of did exactly that.
ziggurcat  +   88d ago
maybe i'll get the DLC this time. didn't get the first dark souls DLC, but that was mostly because there was no trophy support... and it was $15.
twdll  +   88d ago
I'm looking forward to it. Also looking forward to Deep Down, and Project Beast.
Summons75  +   88d ago
=/ I miss the days when From put out COMPLETE games that didn't require DLC. Dark Souls 2 is a full game by itself, it doesn't need DLC...

Hopefully if Project Beast is really Demon's Souls 2 and the old director will give a truly complete experience that Demon's Souls and Dark Souls were.
LAWSON72  +   88d ago
Dark Souls 2 does not require DLC.
Summons75  +   88d ago
And yet they are forcing it down our throats...
Swiggins  +   88d ago
Nobody is forcing anything on you...it's not as if you NEED to get the DLC to continue playing, it's an option for people who want to explore the game some more.

DLC isn't required on ANY game, it's a nice little bonus you can buy if you want to extend your playtime a bit.

Dark Souls 1 was a totally put together experience that didn't "require" DLC, but we got Artorias of the Abyss anyway, and it was great.
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BlackTar187  +   88d ago
How exactly are they forcing it down our throats?

I hate to break it to you but Demon Souls 2 will have DLC.

being a bit over reactive.
LAWSON72  +   88d ago
Is From holding you, a friend, or family member hostage and if you do not buy you/them will die? This DLC is not required to enjoy DkS2 so I really dont see what you are getting at
LordSane  +   88d ago
People were willing to pay money for extra DLC to Dark Souls 1 and now they complaining about price tag on season pass for Dark Souls 2, funny isn't it?
Dark Souls 2 is a long game with lots of content, i think devs deserved some extra cash for their hard work.
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segamon  +   88d ago
Dark Souls 2 lacked the magic of its predecessor. the game is good but it wasn't the experience I was craving for.
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   88d ago
By magic, do you mean it was a new concept? If so then that's a bs argument. Of course it's not original or new, it's a god damn sequel. One that's better than most sequels.
LAWSON72  +   88d ago
I don't get it people whine about DLC to add to a game yet when the product is annualized they whine aswell. People make up your mind
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brish  +   88d ago
They did make up their minds. People decided to whine! They just have to find something new to whine about all the time to keep it fresh! ;-)
LAWSON72  +   88d ago
Thanks for the clarification! lol
DoctorJones  +   88d ago
Can't wait, I'll be getting all three.
Hellsvacancy  +   88d ago
Me to, i'm running out of things to play, I finished DS2 ages ago to 100%, I still play it everyday, love duelling/invading (I get no end of hate mail)

I want a PS4 but there's no games I want to play, until The Witcehr 3 that is, DS2 dlc should keep me going

To be honest I kinda guessed we would see some dlc at some point, on the fast travel menu there's one or two empty areas (you can't select them) I assumed they will later be used for the dlc areas
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LightDiego  +   88d ago
Dark Souls 2 is the GOTY, for sure i will check these episodes.
And i can't wait for Project Beast.
Swiggins  +   88d ago
I'm excited for it, I feel like there's a lot they could do with DLC to explore some of the more vague or unexplained aspects of the lore.
Master-H  +   88d ago
I'd rather they focus on a new game since i didn't like DS2 as much as i did the first, but who am i kidding ? i will probably break down and buy the DLC anyway, Fromsoft is my homiez.
Master-H  +   88d ago
Btw @ 1:06 is that a red iron clad, or flame lurker ??!? or am i seeing things?
Mister_G  +   88d ago
Just looks like another player who's invaded to me :)
Mister_G  +   88d ago
Not blown away with that trailer to be honest.

New enemies? What, you mean 5 of those poison spitting statues from the Gutter bolted together with legs added is a new enemy? Suppose it is, but its a bit cheap too.
Slevon  +   88d ago
People compliment the game for first announcing they will not be releasing DLC then people compliment the game for "waiting an appropriate amount of time" to release dlc.
BellePelouse  +   88d ago
Let's hope for pvp arenas!
WMANUW  +   85d ago
I really do not understand how people can accept these ridiculous policies. Glad to buy cut parts of the game. Wake up!

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