Will Core Games Adopt The Apple/Android Model

The Games as a Service Movement, a collection of powerful (they count Sony, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Capcom, EA among their members) loosely organized game companies and corporations would like to take ownership away from players and have players instead pay for games continuously (a lot of us first heard this term in Cliff Bleszinski’s famous blog in which he defends pay to win games, which you can read here). Their existence, the fact of the name they’ve chosen for themselves is worrisome in-and-of-itself, but, make no mistake, they plan on turning video games into services, thus if they got their way, it would mean an end to game ownership.

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MajorLazer1516d ago

While I do enjoy a bout of 'Clash of Clans' on my Android, it will never replace true gaming experiences found of PC/PS4/X1. Games such as Uncharted or Halo cannot be replicated on mobile phones because of many issues, and not just graphics. Controls and battery life are the two biggest concerns in my eyes as something like Uncharted would be impossible to play with on-screen buttons and battery life would drain in an instant

nirwanda1516d ago

Yes please I love choice as long as they don't take away big budget paid for game.

I personally would love more games like war frame, war thunder, DC universe and planetside.

Just because it makes the game easier if you give devs money it doesn't mean you have too.

F4sterTh4nFTL1516d ago

If they adopt that model completely they will not be considered core games will they. Big Powerful Publishers are smart, they will keep offering separate high profile core games for us as well as casual games for a more casual mainstream audience. Keeping the money coming from all types of customers.

hellzsupernova1516d ago

Hopefully as gamers we will not have that model pushed on us!

I am happy to buy a full game pay once and thats it! I do not want a limited amount of turns or matches before having to pay to unlock more. That kind of future is terrifying!

I refuse to support any game like that! although some MMO's that are free to play are very borderline

LamerTamer1516d ago

Well if they "push" it on us we don't have to buy into it. They won't hold a gun to our heads making us accept this. If enough refuse to buy into it then they lose sales, which means money. Money talks you know what walks. Microsoft tried to push always online DRM with X1. Because there was so much push back they dropped that policy. The real power is with the consumer, the only question is will they be smart enough to know the scam and reject it.

kingdip901516d ago

Subscriptions to game related services make more revenue than the traditional model we know and love. If the industry decides it can make more money with less of us it will. Those of us who do not buy in run the risk of the industry evolving without us, if it does and we do want to game then yes we will be forced to bite the bullet or play older games on formats past... which is not a market that will last forever.

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The story is too old to be commented.