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Submitted by triverse 643d ago | article

Goonies Game Updates Original Game with New Graphics and Sounds for Windows and Linux

Carl Williams writes, "The coming of age movie for many people that grew up in the 80′s was The Goonies. This was more than a simple story of children doing what we did best in the 80′s- getting into mischief and finding treasure. True, the second part is not something that happened to 99.999% of kids in the 80′s but fun was found by most. As with most things, hit movies got a game eventually and The Goonies was no different. The PC version was remade by the Sloth Team and it is available for free on Windows and Linux." (PC, Retro, The Goonies)

xJumpManx  +   643d ago
I remember that game on the NES it was so damn hard but it was the goonies so you had to play it.

!!Goonies Never Say Die!!
SniperControl  +   642d ago
"Hey Guys!"
kizzle32  +   642d ago
I believe what you meant to say was..."HEEEEEY YOOOOOOU GUUUUYYYYS!!!"
SniperControl  +   642d ago

Haha, i stand corrected.
DVAcme  +   642d ago
The_devils_chum  +   642d ago
Yeah i remember it to, it was supposed to be off the sequel that never was made, it was hard but they are filming goonies 2 at this time.
blackout  +   642d ago
Can't wait.
uth11  +   642d ago
no waiting! you can download it from the link in the article :)

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