Nintendo Will Debut These Skylanders-Style Figures at E3

Wired writes: "Nintendo will create interactive figurines like the ones used in popular videogames like Skylanders and Disney Infinity of its popular characters like Super Mario, which will work with a variety of different new games for Wii U and 3DS, the company’s CEO Satoru Iwata has said at a briefing for investors."

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Moonman1444d ago

I just wanted to note to anyone who doesn't read the the Wii U already has built in communication with these figurines. The 3DS will need a separate accessory.

JohnathanACE1444d ago

Yeah it was demonstrated some time ago (when they announced Rayman Legends) but I don't think any game has used it yet.

R00bot1444d ago

When they announced Rayman Legends the NFC reader was still in the screen, which, while really cool, was impractical since you could scratch the screen, and it couldn't be used for anything else while something was on the screen.
Just something little that others might have been confused by.

--Onilink--1444d ago

just pokemon rumble. Realy meh game, but Im very optimistic for this new approach

gedden71444d ago

Sounds like Mario RPG in the works... Maybe Nintendo RPG something Kingdom Hearts? Maybe...

randomass1711444d ago

Since Square confirmed KHIII isn't coming to Wii U, perhaps they can do a knock-off or pseudo sequel like Dream Drop Distance on 3DS.

gedden71444d ago

Makes sense to me seeing how Mario Kart and Smash Bros are arguably the most popular Nintendo games. Those games are all mash-ups style games! That would SO F'ING COOL!!

Neonridr1444d ago

I always thought that Nintendo could make their own Skylanders or Infinity type sandbox game with figurines. They have enough characters to draw from. Could make them a boatload of money.

DryBoneKoopa851444d ago

Nintendo take my money!!!

Will be buying EVERY figure that comes out. I hope Nintendo goes big with this. Have some sort of sweet rare or one of a kind pre order bonus figures. So much potential with this.

MACHone1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

I can understand some fans being upset about this, but I, personally, am excited. I've already got a room full of Nintendo memorabilia, why not some collectables with some function, too? I'd love to have a set of Bowser and the Koopa Kids, or the Triforce trio. And can you imagine being able to store a Pokemon's data in one of these NFPs?

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