Showtime Near Deal to Partner with Xbox Studios on ‘Halo’ Series

Xbox Entertainment Studios is deep in negotiations with Showtime to develop a live-action “Halo” drama series that is a high priority for the Microsoft production unit headed by Nancy Tellem.

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Lawboy21600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

I'm lost...wouldn't this be bad for would be yet another reason not to convice people to get an xbox one

@ naga

I'm not trying to be negative...I'm just saying that why would they allow it to be on tv....they could have just let it release on show time and also be included on the xbox system....I just don't see how original tv shows that will also be on tv networks can be a selling point....

Naga1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

How do you figure that would be?

Is it the part where they get a major network to carry a Spielberg-produced adaptation of their exclusive blockbuster franchise and drum up hype? Or is it the part where they use television to reach people who might not own an Xbox One?

Neoninja1600d ago

I'm guessing he means in the sense you won't need an Xbox to watch the show if you have Showtime.

Kayant1600d ago

Majority of people will buy an Xbox one to play halo not watch it.

How many things are they doing with halo so far because it seems like quite a fair bit.

Naga1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

@ Kayant

So far, we have:
- An announced next-gen Halo game.
- An announced Spielberg live-action Halo series.
- An announced Ridley Scott digital feature.
- A rumored re-make of Halo 2.

Unless you want to count "Cortana" for Windows, I think that's it for now. Though we can probably expect to see a lot more when E3 finally rolls around; they are likely planning to go all-out in capitalizing on this franchise.

@ Lawboy
"....they could have just let it release on show time and also be included on the xbox system..."

They are. The report suggests that it would air on both Showtime and the Xbox:

"The deal with Showtime has taken a long time to work out because the sides are charting new territory for a show designed to air on Showtime as well as Xbox, with enhanced interactivity built in for the latter platform."

Kayant1600d ago

Thanks for the summary that's a lot of halo XB1 is getting :p well it's not surprising given it's MS's most loved and successful franchise.

mikeslemonade1600d ago

Considering Halo story is boring I'm in agreement with Lawboy. And no that's not an opinion that's the general consensus. Say you don't play video games much it won't convince you to play a hardcore FPS game on the X1.

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joab7771600d ago

Its true. Of u could watch Game of thrones on cbs, u wouldnt pay for HBO. Its not like all the hype and publicity would make someone go out and buy an xbone.

The only way it works is if they both get a cut...regardless of where its watched.

spicelicka1600d ago (Edited 1600d ago )

Well if they make the halo series only viewable on xbox, it's clear mostly halo fans and gamers who already own an xbox will watch it, and those people will be buying halo games regardless. There's not much benefit in that.

Think of the tv show as an advertisement for the franchise and ultimately for the halo games and xbox. If it's on regular network and it's good, it'll attract more outside audience towards halo and xbox, well that seems like the plan.

The only thing that could maybe work both ways is if they air the episodes on xbox first and later on showtime.

lazyboyblue1600d ago

@lawboy2 completely agree. Seems to me like MS are chickening out on the whole TV thing by looking for partners.
IMO this makes the whole thing pointless.

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christocolus1600d ago

They are partnering with xbox studios on the halo series, so does this mean they may be co-producing the series with ms? Show time has some great shows i like and they have some really good producers. Hope this partnership results in something nice.

akurtz1600d ago

i dont have showtime :(
couchtuner for me it is

HugoDrax1600d ago

Yes! Showtime has some great series....
1. Dexter
2. Ray Donovan
3. House Of Lies
4. Californication

Which means this show will air on Showtime as well as Xbox, for viewers who don't own an xbox360/XB1. The benefit to watching the show on the xbox is the enhanced interactivity built in, similar to how they plan on making Quantum Break an interactive series as well. Some interesting things brewing at Microsoft.

Game0N1600d ago

You forgot Homeland, and starting next sunday Penny Dreadful.

I'm not a Xbox fan by any means (PS fan) but I would totally watch a Showtime show adaptation of Halo. Would be awesome. Great universe.

MasterD9191600d ago

Sucks that I just cancelled my Showtime subscription...oddly enough, I didn't see much of a reason to keep it.

Here's to hoping Netflix (and other services) gets it down the line too.

Mystogan1600d ago

Or you can just watch it on Xbox.

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