Register Mario Kart 8 at Club Nintendo and get 1 of 4 Free Wii U Games

Mario Kart 8 releases May 30th, and Nintendo is really pushing to get people registered on their Nintendo Club. First it was registering your 3DS to get a free copy of either Pokemon X or Y. Now if you register the game on Club Nintendo you get to choose one game out of Super Mario Bros. U, Zelda the Windwaker, Pikmin 3, Wii Party U. Sorry if you don’t own a Wii U, but this does seem like Nintendo trying to give a more incentive for the purchase of the console with probably one of the biggest games on the console.

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Abash1601d ago

Cool, I'll use it to get the Zelda Wind Waker remastering. First console Zelda purchase btw

LOL_WUT1601d ago

It was a good upgrade well worth it in my opinion. I'll be going for NSMBU ;)

theshonen88991601d ago

I'm so glad I haven't gotten Pikmin 3 yet. I got the Zelda bundle and Zelda or Pikmin are the only games out of those four I'd get. Two games for the price of one.

apollo061601d ago

Have fun with it. Wind Waker looks REALLY good on the Wii U and oozes character....Just make sure you get the upgraded sail for the boat as quick as possible.

Vegamyster1601d ago

Like apollo06 said, look at a video on Youtube and get that quick sail as soon as you can (it doesn't tell you how or where to get it) it makes the game much less tedious. I'll be getting Pikmin 3.

3-4-51600d ago

I have the WWHD bundle & NSMBU, so I will be getting Pikmin 3. I was going to buy it eventually but was kind of waiting for a price drop. Now I don't have to worry about that.

Neonridr1600d ago

seeing as I have WW, Pikmin 3 and NSMBU.. I guess I am going with Wii Party U, lol

Oh well, I am not going to complain, free is free.

WPX1600d ago

Well, after all, nothing beats free.

lilbroRx1600d ago

I wish they offered Sonic and Mario at the Olympics like Europe does.

randomass1711600d ago

Sonic Lost World for me. :(

GordonKnight1600d ago

I've got all four of those games. What will nintendo do for my day one purchase of Mario Kart 8?

randomass1711600d ago

Well, there's two alternatives. You can either give the game code to a friend or you can sell the physical copy, shave some money off of your purchase and just download it for free. :)

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animegamingnerd1601d ago

i am gonna get Wii Party U since i already own everything else

Metallox1601d ago

I'll sell my code =p so I can avoid that game.

apollo061601d ago

Why don't you trade in any of those other games towards Mario Kart 8?

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Alex_Boro1601d ago

Is Pikmin 3 good? Never played Pikmin ever.

wonderfulmonkeyman1601d ago

Do you like real-time strategy games with resource management and puzzles?

Alex_Boro1601d ago

If I like portal will this be fun?

Neonridr1600d ago

@Alex_Boro - why would you even ask that? How would you even think that Portal and Pikmin would even be in the same league. Sounds like you want more generic FPS games, so I would stay far away from Pikmin then.

The game would have more in common with games like Command & Conquer, Warcraft than Portal.

deafdani1600d ago

@neonridr: he mentioned Portal because one guy replied to him asking whether he likes resource management and puzzle games. Portal is a puzzle game, so he mentioned it as a frame of reference: it's obvious he doesn't know anything about the Pikmin franchise and is asking for advice.

You could have told him politely that it's a completely different kind of game. You came across very rudely. Portal is far from a "generic FPS", even if it, indeed, has nothing to do with Pikmin...


Qrphe1601d ago

Yes, the best in the series. You don't need to play the others to play this one either.

wonderfulmonkeyman1601d ago

It's a different game compared to Portal.
Think of this as a less complicated but still challenging version of Starcraft.

You get up to 100 of any combination of Pikmin on the field at the same time, separate them between three player-controlled characters that you can freely switch between, then use all three of your miniature armies to micro-manage fighting creatures, solving puzzles, securing food supplies, and finding/defeating the bosses to progress the story.

I think you'll like it if you're into that sort of thing.

jholden32491601d ago

It's the best. Has no relation to Portal. However, it's one of the best games I've ever played- it's just so different than anything else out there. I guess that's the only similarity it has with Portal. They're both unique.

I'll say this- I'd be surprised, no, I'd be AMAZED if you didn't enjoy Pikmin 3.

MNGamer-N1601d ago

Pikmin 3 is awesome. Actually all 3 Pikmin games are awesome. Play them all.

thehobbyist1600d ago

Think of it like an RTS. Where YOU can die.

randomass1711600d ago

Pikmin is a lot like a combination of Starcraft and Lemmings. I've played the first two and they're super fun, so I've been psyched to play the third game for a while. Basically if you like games that have to do with puzzles and micromanagement, you'll love any of the Pikmin games I reckon. It's fun, smooth and often gorgeous to look at. :)

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wonderfulmonkeyman1601d ago

I wish we were getting all the same game options that EU is getting for the freebie.
I'd pick up Sonic: Lost World in a heart-beat.
Oh well, might as well choose NSMBU, since I don't have it.

Neonridr1600d ago

don't feel too bad, NSMBU is awesome. Especially with extra players at your house.

Even though it will cost you, I will highly recommend getting the Luigi DLC.

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