PlayStation Honcho Boasts PS4 and PS Vita's Success in Japan, Apologizes for Shortages

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia President Hiroshi Kawano sent a message to the fans today, thanking them for the support that led to the recent success of the PS4 and Vita and apologizing for shortages.

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Farsendor11521d ago

hope we hear about some japanese games later i love the turned base rpg that come from them.

Eonjay1521d ago

I'm hoping for something a bit more real time like Star Ocean :)

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Massacred1520d ago

You got both Shahid and Adam both working on that right now. Let's see how E3 goes.

saber231521d ago

All talk but where are the Japanese games on this system? I don't buy a Japanese game system for western games.

Dark111521d ago

Japanese publishers/developers want focus on mobile games
aside from the big titles don't expect much from them
at least there will be a few gems here and there.

dcj05241521d ago

For ps4 or vita? The Vita has ALOT! Ps4 has ffxiv, Dynasty wars,Yakuza, MGS V and more coming. It's only been out for 5 months give it a break. Plus, Sony is a international company. It's as Japanese as McDonalds is American.

Inception1521d ago


Which system do you mean, PS4 or vita?

If vita than it already had tons of japanese games

But if PS4 than you should give it more time. PS4 just launched two months ago in japan with Yakuza Ishin, DW 8, FF XIV, MGS V GZ, and Natural Doctrine. Obviously those japanese devs need more time to finished all the projects like Lily Bergamo, Guilty Gear Xrd, Deep Down, FF XV, Mighty No 9, Evil Within, etc. So don't expect PS4 will have tons of japanese games for this year.

MegaRay1521d ago

I agree with you, but you worded it bad :P
Yeah what I really like about the PlayStation is Japanese games

rainslacker1520d ago

Just checked and there appears to be about 5-6 japanese-centric games already available for the system, as well as most of the games that have released over here. It's been out for a month, so that seems pretty reasonable. There are quite a few japanese games available for pre-order that will release this year. I'd imagine some more will be announced at E3 or TGS later this year.

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DarXyde1521d ago

Sony must be doing well to keep up with demand at this point if the console is selling so well and it's readily available at Amazon. I also saw a PS4 and 2 XBOX Ones at a local Walmart the other day, so the supply constraint seems to be over.

Bill_Willson_CIA1521d ago

Not on europe! USA and Japan don't have supply issue anymore(at least big ones) but european countries are facing this problem!

fonger081521d ago

Sony is doing a great job meeting demand now, I can walk into just about any store and find a PS4 now finally. But I also believe demand is slowing a bit, mostly because I think people are going to wait for E3 to see what they have to reveal (along with Nintendo and Microsoft) before they upgrade.

FrigidDARKNESS1521d ago

Hmmmmm....not sure about this.

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