Xbox One Architecture Finally Explained – Runs OS ‘Virtually Indistinguishable’ from Windows 8

WCCF: The slides from Frank Savage's presentation reveal that the Xbox One Games and Apps both run on Windows 8. In the case of apps, its a full fledged Windows 8. In the case of Games its a 'lean and mean' Windows 8.

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codelyoko1432d ago

Heres to hoping some genius hacks the os and makes porting of Forza 5 and Halo possible.

alexkoepp1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

Windows 8 is great, cant wait for the x1 to get app support, just a faster windows 7. should help game development for shared pc/x1 titles. i hardly would call this "x1 architecture explained" though...

dantesparda1432d ago

I wish Sony would reveal the full architecture of the PS4 already.

tokugawa1432d ago

hmmm didn't corrine yu tweet "yay no more windows 8" when she quit 343 for naughty dog??

i wondered at the time what she ment. i suppose this is the confirmation then

Geoff9001432d ago

I think having Windows 8, on Xbox 1 will mean cross platform games, MS is already giving hints at that.

I would love it if you could buy X1 games, and play them on PC* and vice versa THAT would be a game changer.

*PC version running at max settings.

dantesparda1432d ago

Why am i getting all the disagrees? I'd really like to know. WTF! It offends people that i'd like to know?

HugoDrax1432d ago


"I would love it if you could buy X1 games, and play them on PC* and vice versa THAT would be a game changer."

That would be amazing! It's basically having your XB1 on the go. I guess that would be similar to PS4 having remote play? Well only time will tell, I say end the fanboy wars and buy all 3 consoles if you're a gamer.

Good times ahead everyone.

avengers19781432d ago

@dantesparda you should never ever worry about the disagrees. Differing opinions are what make Internet forums interesting.

ProjectVulcan1431d ago

Everyone loves Windows 8. Right? Right?

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kneon1432d ago

With both the XB1 and PS4 being so close to PC architecture I'm sure eventually both will end up with emulators for PC. I expect we'll get the XB1 emulator and then a year or two later the PS4 emulator.

TheRedButterfly1432d ago

Here's a noble idea! Buy the console that the games are on.

Gamer19821432d ago

The downfall to this is that means the OS is very resource heavy at least right now.. It could be why games are struggling in resolutions compared to PS4 as that OS was never designed for consoles.

Blaze9291431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

Don't be silly.

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MCTJim1432d ago

Well, they hinted that it did indeed run the actual windows 8 OS, but never really explained it in detail. Now here is the proof that it indeed does. Lets see how this pans out with DX12 and hardware tiled resources. E3 should bring new light to this with the games that utilize it.

codelyoko1432d ago

For secret sauce, ESRAM is the horse to bet on. DX12 is a low level api, since the Host OS is an RTOS it already has to the metal access to hardware so theoretically a low level api is redundant. ESRAM on the other hand is a completely wild card and may as well be a game changer.

Walker1432d ago

ESRam is just like EDRam .

codelyoko1432d ago

Aww comeon , whats with the disagrees ppl :/ i am not even a console player. PC Master Race and all....

MCTJim1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

I'm not into the whole secret sauce. but rather, I have always felt they rushed this console to market to compete with Sony. Now come E3, I think they will have a completed OS and will finally be showcasing what the machine can do.

If Phil was in charge like he is now, I have a feeling this E3 would be the reveal of the system.

cfc781432d ago

A big rule of N4G never ask about the disagree's it only seem's to bring more.

2cents1432d ago


That's how I've felt too.

probably why the actual worldwide launch of the xbox one is in sept. USA and a few choice countries got the xbox with the ps4 launch because they couldn't afford to loose such a large market share.

I am looking forward to seeing how the console will perform with its full toolset enabled.

ALLWRONG1432d ago

You god disagrees because you mentioned DX12, and DX12 scares PS people.

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xxLuckyStrike1432d ago

Windows 8 you say???!! On X1?? and yet my Windows 8 phone can't do shit with it unless, it's thru The Xbox one Smartglass/companion which is useless. Can't watch my Xbox movies MP3's NOTHING

Cherchez La Ghost1432d ago

??????!!!! Smartglass on my Galaxy S3 for Dead Rising works just fine.

BallsEye1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

Using Nokia Lumia 1520 with windows 8.1 for devs and it works perfectly fine. Worked same on win 8 version. NPC's call my phone in DR3, send me messages, I can use all the adds and so on. Integration of win phone and XO is really amazing. I smell an undercover fanboy troll.

InTheZoneAC1432d ago

lol at anything a part of windows 8

LAWSON721432d ago

Windows 8 especially after the recent 8.1 update 1, has been pretty good. It was originally a little better but now it is much better than Windows 7. I will never understand the hate for W8.

neoandrew1432d ago

Actually it has nothing that is better and relevant to anyone than windows 7.

Gamer6661431d ago


That is a fact less comment. First Win8 is full backwards compatible to Win7 when you are using a x86 based processor. It is only the UI that really changed.

Second, there have been several iterations of Win8 to improve it. It was touch friendly but not desktop friendly in the first iteration. 8.1 made it desktop friendlier. And the new Update to 8.1 takes it another step towards being a solid interface for both touch and desktop users.

LAWSON721431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

Yes it does here is what is better.

File manager
Task manager
Direct X11.2 and 12
Built in mounting feature
Boot time
uses less resources so faster and more efficient
Improved multi display settings
Reset and refresh

This is idea that it offers nothing new and convient is just wrong. It started out rough but as of now it is much better than Windows 7

Dark_Vendetta1431d ago

The only thing I hate is the design. But you have to love UEFI support, it's just so fast :)

stiggs1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

@ InTheZoneAC

"lol at anything a part of windows 8"

Do you care to elaborate from a technical, aesthetic, or implementation standpoint?

This ought to be good...

InTheZoneAC1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

only on the internet would I fine anyone ever defending windows

the UI is horrible. I don't care what it has to offer when you have to deal with the bs in your face.

And if I was really worried just about "speed and functionality" then mac would be my choice....

windows 8 are like all the ugly new cars with all the computer assists that may make it better than a regular car, but there's just too much ugly and bs to get by first to appreciate it.

I'll stick with my windows 7. Simple=better, but whoever gave windows 8 a face doesn't know anything about simpler being better.

stiggs1431d ago (Edited 1431d ago )

@ InTheZoneAc

Thanks for the reply. I don't think that repeating the adage of "Windows 8 is ugly" is an elaboration of your original comment...but whatever, man.

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ninjahunter1432d ago

Now theres your problem right there. Should have designed it after windows 7.

All jokes aside, despite windows 8's user interface... struggles, Its a very dynamic and streamlined OS.

amazinglover1432d ago

Just have your computer boot to the desktop instead and it's a great OS having it boot to the charm menu was stupid and useless if you didn't have a touch screen to interact with.

Gamer19821432d ago

Should have made a better OS all around that was specifically for the hardware. Would have been lighter and better for the console. But the Xbox One as we all know was rushed thanks to Sony so they probably had no choice. Maybe we will see a new OS in the future like we did with 360 that will seriously help the Xbox One.

bornsinner1432d ago (Edited 1432d ago )

i think they really thought about the specs and hardware choices with the console, balance was the key, though the devs are not utilizing it properly doesn't mean it's a bad design. just lazy devs i say, hitting 1080p has always been the issue, it's turning into the whole ps3 issue, with dx12 porting with optimizations will be easier for the lazy devs.

Geoff9001432d ago

Wouldn't say developers are lazy, however they are on very tight deadlines to meet the demands on their publisher/developer.

All the launch games, even the games coming this year are games which have been pushed by publishers to get them out the door by a certain time frame, games like The Witcher 3, Destiny and several X1/PS4 exclusives will show what these machines can actually do.

iagainsti1201432d ago

Actually I believe the the real reason the Xbox One is struggling with 1080p is with the number of ROP's and TMU's. AMD have said on record the the sweet spot for 1080p is 32 ROP's and 80 TMU's. Xbox one is not even close. Xbox One has 16 ROP's and 48 TMU's.
Unfortunately Xbox One only has about half of What AMD recommends for 1080p gaming. On the flip side PS4 has almost the recommended amount at 32 ROP's and 72 TMU's. Because of this 1080p Games will be few on Xbox One you will see more games with odd resolutions between 720p and 1080p.

Prime1571432d ago

Careful, many people don't get the difference between what the cpu and the gpu do in computers...

Le sigh.

iagainsti1201432d ago

Oh I know, I have been on this site since 2009 I have stopped commenting for a long time. The hardware nerd in me had to reply to correct this misinformation from both sides.