Thursday Throwdown: Is The Last of Us Worth Another $60?

"It’s a no-brain purchase for PS4 owners that missed out on The Last of Us the first time around, but what about the six million that already drank it in? Is even one of the greatest games of the last generation worth double-dipping for with a second full price purchase?" - Velox

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Neonridr1174d ago

Depends on if you played it the first time around or not.

randomass1711174d ago

Hopefully they'll relinquish that issue with a trade deal.

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Army_of_Darkness1173d ago

This question will be asked for every remastered game and we( like Neonridr) will answer with the same reply..... *sign*...

lelo1174d ago (Edited 1174d ago )

"Thursday Throwdown: Is The Last of Us Worth Another $60?"

For me, NO. I've played the game on the PS3. Good game.

I'll wait for the PS4 version of The Last of Us on PSN+.

martinezjesus19931174d ago

For me. YES! Got it day one, spent another 25 on DLC, got platinum, and will spend another 60 on day one!

adventureghost1241174d ago

well there is that, but all the DLC is included with it so I'd say its worth it either way.

DemonChicken1174d ago

yeah so this applies to me =p

haven't played it and with all dlc is a bonus

Mikethejew1174d ago

Yep, if you havent played it no brainer. A little tougher for those of us who have.

Azuske1174d ago

For me Yeah... I beat it 7 times on PS3 but never played the Left Behind DLC due to me trading my PS3 for a PS4. I feel the story is so much of a masterpiece that it is worth the $60 without including the updated graphics and DLC so I think this is a steal. It's like losing your favorite movie and buying it again because it was so good. Just an expensive movie haha

ginsunuva1174d ago

Hence it says "another" $60

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KinjoTakemura1174d ago

I've played the ps3 version about 25% through. And i'm going to pay for it again. Waaahaaaahaaa.

SegaSaturn6691174d ago

When I played the sniper mission, in this game, a feeling came across me that was just inexplicable. I'd do anything to get that feeling again. It's like taking meth right into your veins.

Mikethejew1174d ago

Wow bro you need to get laid

MidnytRain1174d ago ShowReplies(4)
MidnytRain1173d ago (Edited 1173d ago )

^^Obviously you won't be enjoying it if you haven't finished the game. Probably don't even have a PS3.

crusf1174d ago

For people who haven't played it yeah. For people who have... Yeah.

Blackleg-sanji1174d ago

yup i pre ordered already im gladly double dipping

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