Xbox One and PS4 are all about connectivity and communities, says Ubisoft

The Xbox One and PS4 have provided every developer and publisher a chance to interact with their consumers in an entirely new way, and as we move forward in this generation, that will only evolve more and more.

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Dlacy13g1448d ago

With all the features these consoles offer up one thing is very, very clear... these consoles really were desiged to be always connected to the internet. Say what you will about how they went about delivering that message and they ways they do get you to connect but it is clear as day that these consoles are designed around you being online when you play them.

raWfodog1447d ago

As is almost every other electronic gadget being developed and sold these days.

ZodTheRipper1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

And I still couldn't care less about communities and socializing because I bought a game console for the gaming experience. A game like DriveClub excites me because it looks and feels great, not because they're aiming for a social racing experience ...those are gimmicks that are appreciated if done right and hated if done wrong (see the pointless always-online in SimCity for example).

Eonjay1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )

These console were meant to play games. Everything else is something I would sacrifice for the game. When I unplug my PS4 from my router, it still plays games. I have a computer, all I need my console to do is connect to my TV and play good games. Everything else, while nice, is merely extra.

"To me it's the new level of connectivity and that's really what players want."

I disagree. I think games are what players really want. Or would that be what gamers really want? Players are probably just commercialized drones.

Dlacy13g1447d ago

And that is totally a legit stance to take. Gaming for you is first and foremost. That doesn't change the fact that these consoles clearly were designed with the idea that you would play them connected to the internet. I mean the PS4 has a built in "Share" button right on the DS4. How do people not think Sony means to have you connected to the internet every time you play? Sure it "can" be played offline but Sony doesn't want that, neither does MS.

Eonjay1447d ago (Edited 1447d ago )


Thats really great and of course you need to be connected in order to use these features, but the words that he uses imply that somehow these things are more important to players (whatever the hell a "player" is) than games themselves. And thats wrong. Even for those of us who use connected features, those things never supersede games.

WeAreLegion1447d ago

"The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are systems that you can play video games on." - Ubisoft

hiptanaka1447d ago

Ubisoft is delusional. They love ignoring single-player games so as to continuously push and promote their "always-online, always-connected, persistent, connected, world" fetish.

Eonjay1447d ago

lol well, that is kinda the premise of their flagship title.

MegaDan1447d ago

PS4 = Gaming System.

Xbone = Media Hub w/ gaming capabilities.

76erz241447d ago

Stop trying to validate your purchase.