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Why Facebook Buying Oculus VR Is Not a Bad Thing

DualShocker's Jorge Jimenez tells us why the recent Facebook purchase of Oculus VR might actually be a good thing in the long run. (Facebook, Industry, Oculus, PC, Tech)

jhoward585  +   610d ago
I personally don't agree with this article b/c the NSA already have their hands in face book's back pocket.

Just about every picture uploaded on FB are added to NSA biometric data base.

I think FB is interested in the oculus for unknown reason.
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TomShoe   610d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(17)
MrWonderful  +   610d ago
I think the age of VR sex like in Demolition Man will become a reality. Many people will never leave their homes like when quagmire discovers internet porn lol.
thehitman  +   610d ago
Its funny that everyone thinks their information is suppose to be "private" and the government has no business using it for any reason. First of all anyone me you could write a script to dl everyone picture into a database from FB as NO ONE on FB who posts there picture has any privacy rights with their picture. Its idiots like you who make it harder for them to do their jobs and preventing another 911 because everyone is walking around with a tin foil hat. Then when something happens people will ask why didnt we know? Cus you idiots stripped them off all logical surveillance rights.

On topic VR and NSA have nothing in common lol and idk what FB will do with this tech but lets hope they will do other things besides just trying to integrate it into their current business model. Also TomShoe has a good point. They might have auquired it mainly for the patents behind the tech as most companies assets are valued by their patents. Companies usually buy other companies soley for that.
dcj0524  +   610d ago
Their viewing my web history,tapping into my cell camera/ and email though
Hicken  +   609d ago
@hitman: Just stop.

There has to be a limit. I literally cried as the twin towers fell on 9/11, but I'm not gonna give up my rights so people can have the illusion of safety. It's not logical to give them access to every aspect of my life.

And no, I have nothing to hide. But nor do I have the desire for anyone to have access to everything in my life "just in case." There are most certainly other, more effective ways to gather intelligence that doesn't require keeping massive files of "private" information on every citizen in the country. You can stuff that "tin foil" BS.

As for Facebook buying OR, it's good in that it'll have plenty of monetary support now. But it's bad in that I can see Facebook using it for marketing purposes in ways I could definitely do without.
thehitman  +   609d ago
@ Hicken what rights? You do know most of the stuff about the NSA that came up they were monitoring people from OTHER countries data using american companies like FB, MS, Google. Also phone collection data lol most of that information you can find in the yellow pages. Fact is your so called rights you cherish people give away w/o thinking about it everyday, but its only when the government is using it that now our rights are being taken away lol. Unless they are knocking down your door, putting us in jail, actually using our information against us w/o proper legal permissions then stop it. I live in NYC my dad worked in manhattan when the towers fell I work a few feet away from the WTC area currently. I had to see men w/ rifles in the subway I can tell you I would much rather have the NSA monitoring suspicious activity then seeing men w/ rifles on the street because some terrorist blew up our buildings as a result of 0 awareness. Your cries will do nothing for the dead after the fact so save em. Freedom isnt free #HARDTRUTH.

In this data age everyone gives up their information whilly nilly get over it. Dont like it stay off the internet.
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k3x  +   609d ago
One word for you: Boston. kthxbye
aliengmr  +   609d ago
We probably won't know because some idiot was spying on his girlfriend.

And that's the problem, humans are human. Seriously, humans screw up A LOT. We really try to convince ourselves that there are these special humans immune to the follies of us normal folk, but no, still imperfect humans.

Humans that really have no business with that much power and information. The act of passing our history on to succeeding generations is uniquely human. The act of learning from that history...not so much.
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Yodagamer  +   609d ago
Why are you so worried about just facebook, if it has internet, phone signal, or something they can track the nsa probably has already tracked. Even Google tracks stuff at an insane rate. The nsa has everyone in their back pocket which is why they are getting caught with their hand in the cookie jar as of late.
Tehjorge  +   610d ago
Some elaborate scheme to covertly take retina scans of our eyes?
BOLO  +   609d ago
Damn didn't even think about that. Bubz
MultiConsoleGamer  +   610d ago
It will be great for the development of VR technology. That's a lot of money to have behind your product.
SteamPowered  +   610d ago
Not a lot of experience though. Oculus was working on VR for years. I wonder if this will affect the relationship with Steam. They already have Rift supported games.
parentoftheyear  +   610d ago
I'm guessing you can count games out for a while maybe besides Farmville. LoL. It is going to be a good thing because I could see neat potential they will use it for. I do think however games will be out on the back burner and sony will get the major advantage.
aliengmr  +   610d ago
Unless Sony is thinking of releasing their headset on PC, they really don't have a market advantage. The Rift also hasn't disappeared yet.

But nothing changes the fact that, while hardly the greatest news, the Rift just got a HUGE influx of cash backing it.

Sony still has plenty of challenges to overcome before they actually are in a position to have this "advantage" that everyone assumes they will get.

I'm sure that Valve will continue to provide support and if the Rift does go away Valve will probably step up. They did abandon their own VR in favor of the Rift so we'll have to see.

I mean really, lets wait a few more days at least before we proclaim the Rift DOA and Sony the VR gods.
SilentNegotiator  +   610d ago
All they have to do is finalize the design.
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OrangePowerz  +   609d ago

Practically there are always ways to get things to run on PC. Since PC is an open platform modders find usually ways fast to get devices to work on a PC unless they use some specific connections. Like how you can use a Wii Remote as a mouse pointer on PC. VR runs trough HDMI so even if they don't officially release it for PC I don't think it would take too long until drivers pop up that make it run on a PC.

Either way I'm still not sure about the near future of VR in the next few years.
THC CELL  +   610d ago
stupid of facebook buying O R| unless they are planning a console or a 3d world or something, id of been more happy em buying xbox this one is a head scratcher
parentoftheyear  +   610d ago
Facebook will probably turn into second life. It would be pretty awesome imo.
Audiggity  +   610d ago
Ummm... that would be scarily close to the 2009 Bruce Willis movie "Surrogates".

I hope this doesn't happen. I'm concerned that you may be right.
parentoftheyear  +   609d ago
You know that's probably their plan. I wouldn't mind being a few pounds lighter. I would probably make my avatars Hayden panetierre so I could look at myself naked all day.
majiebeast  +   610d ago
Biggest news John Carmack is now a facebook employee, if you said that to me 3 years ago i would have called you crazy.

Some dev tweeted

"Hundreds of developers just found out they're making games for Facebook."

Best response to this and had me laugh so much.
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Omegasyde  +   609d ago
Pretty sure Carmack's street cred is going to take a huge hit.

He better go rob a liquor store quick or his soul level will minimize.
nunley33  +   609d ago
There may be some board members that'll quit because fb bought them and more devs cancelling games like majong or shifting to morpheus because of this.
Dudebro90  +   610d ago
Oculus will get an amazing amount of exposure for free now.
aliengmr  +   610d ago
Not sure I like where this is heading, but I'll save the rage for when for when everyone's fears are actually a reality.

Kind of have to wait and see how this all works out.
WeAreLegion  +   610d ago
The Oculus subreddit is mad. Palmer posted and they're all freaking out on him. This is actually bad for Oculus. Very bad. Their entire fan base is angry. Developers will jump ship to other devices.
SteamPowered  +   610d ago
Some developers are already balls-deep in Rift development. As I said earlier, I wonder if Steam is still on board. As a fan, I'm confused and hurt, so I'm sure the anger will come later. Then denial and acceptance. Finally converting to Islam.
WeAreLegion  +   610d ago
Haha. Well, many of them are transferring to other VR solutions. Shuhei is getting messages like crazy!
KonsoruMasuta  +   610d ago
Notch actually canceled Minecraft for the Oculus because of this.
aliengmr  +   610d ago
I get the anger, but really nobody should be cancelling their development a few hours after an announcement.

If Notch did cancel Minecraft, then I got say that's a little hasty and probably pretty stupid. He has no idea how this will turn out after a few hours.

Listen, the anger is justified and may do irreparable harm to the Rift, but it also may not be as bad as everyone assumes. Just sayin, give it a day, a week, or even a month before completely writing it off.
Persian_Immortal  +   610d ago
Oculus Rift has already lost their opportunity have minecraft on their platform, a lot of other developers have shown their ire to this situation and have ultimately made the decision to pull the plug.
specialguest  +   610d ago
My heart just sank. I can't believe Oculus sold out to Facebook. The dream is potentially over. Let the mega corporation take over and let the non-gaming non-visionary suits steer the tech to a different course/direction.
jhoward585  +   610d ago
Palmer huh? with a name like that i can see all that money held tightly in his Palm. LOL.
ltachiUchiha  +   610d ago
I think its cool but bad at the same time because facebook is more of a casual market & I understand their is a huge following but then u can prolly forget about core experiences we were all dreaming about. Well we still have Sony & MS that can maybe bring those dreams to life. Lets wait & see what happens but this is kind of a disappointment on Oculus VR part. Hope them & facebook can prove us wrong but I believe this will be more focused on a VR Facebook world then anything else which I would not pay just to be in a stupid VR Facebook world. Just my opinion.
kingPoS  +   610d ago
Is this an early April fools joke?! What does Facebook even have to do with games outside of a web browser?

Gateway MT6706 2008
FlyingFoxy  +   610d ago
Unless they're planning to turn Facebook into a VR like 3D world with avatars, or something like MiiVerse.. then it is a complete waste of time.
nunley33  +   609d ago
Makes me think about sony and morpheus, who already has it's own 3d world with avatars called playstation home. A future ps4 version could very well use the headset.
nunley33  +   609d ago
Yeah good question, this is similar to amazon buying a game studio recently.
Audiggity  +   610d ago
So, Notch (developer of Minecraft) just pulled out of Oculus development due to the Facebook acquisition. I'm not a fan of Minecraft or Facebook to be perfectly honest; both are equally pointless.

However, there is obviously a MASSIVE following in Minecraft and this won't sit well with that audience. Or the audience of crowd-funded backers.

But to be fair I suppose we really just need to wait and see. I'd expect an announcement with a gameplan soon. If this changes their stance on next-gen consoles that would be very interesting. However, it seems like the limits of consoles to hit 60 fps (30 fps on a dual screen Oculus) @ a sufficient resolution was enough of a hurdle for Palmer to walk away.

Fingers crossed.
OrangePowerz  +   610d ago
Oculus wouldn't really need to worry about the power of consoles, they would have only needed to make sure it's compatible everything else would be up to the developers who need to hit certain framerates and resolutions.

I never got into Minecraft and I'm still reserved about VR. The bigger issue is Oculus cashing in 2 billion when in part people on Kickstarter helped to get the project running.

I spent a considerable amount of money on Star Citizen so if they would get bought or make some publishing deal with a conpany like EA I would be rather unhappy because of all the money I invested in to exactly prevent such things. The purpose of things like Kickstarter is to get projects funded by the community and not to make a comoany of the ground and sell it shortly afterwards for a lot of money. Would I turn down a 2 billion $ offer? Surely not, but it is still a bad move.

I also wouldn't be surprised to see lawsuits with people trying to get a share of the money equal to the percentage they paid via Kickstarter to help get the device started and they could be seen as investors. There is currently no case of a company that had been partially crowdfunded that sold later for a lot of money. Unless their is some sort of agreement that states very clearly that in the event of the company being sold backers are not entitled to any money there would be even a possibility to win since they could be seen as investors. The laws in the US are very odd, it's the country where you can sue for spilling coffee on your self and complain that it was hot coffee because it wasn't written anywhere. Hence why on a bag of nuts you will read that it contains nuts.
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GentlemenRUs  +   610d ago
sAVAge_bEaST  +   610d ago
I never had a face book account, I never will.

iris scan data/log/<face book>... is just the begging, of that rabbit hole.

marketing, is on another.
Soldierone  +   610d ago
Facebook is known for squeezing projects to death. They purchased so many great things (mostly app based) just to change them into some useless Facebook feature.

I hope that doesn't happen here, but I doubt Facebook is interested in VR Gaming as the central focus.... if anything it will be business oriented.
mhunterjr  +   610d ago
I'm weary of big mega-company ruining what looked to be great tech, but there's no way I could've turned down 2billion dollars, even if it meant letting go of my dream...

It's friggan 2billion dollars! I'd just buy a new dream.
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bleedsoe9mm  +   610d ago
is mark zuckerberg wanting to be the gabe newell of VR not enough of a reason . the gateway to all vr media for pc and phones with facebook's customer base as a starting point .
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specialguest  +   610d ago
If anyone wants to listen to the Facebook conference call on acquiring Oculus, the link is here: http://www.shareholder.com/...
RPG_Lover  +   610d ago
It is pretty terrible.
Chapter11  +   610d ago
The writer is missing the long term implications. For all the money Facebook will put into the Rift, they're going to use it to turn it into a F2P, social fuled pile of crap.
aliengmr  +   609d ago
Well don't stop there! I want next weeks lotto numbers.

Who said that the Rift was only applicable to a single future?

Granted this was a crap deal, and I wish it hadn't happened, but what if it turns out fine?

Too few are really asking themselves this question and just throwing blind rage around.

It could all go to crap, but it could also...not.
mrmarx  +   609d ago
smh.. thats why i am a sony man
ArbitorChief  +   609d ago
People do realize that Oculus is still independent and that gaming is first priority... All Facebook is doing is funding Oculus so Oculus can expand VR into more and more industries. If anything, this is a major blow to Sony and Morpheus as Oculus is no longer a start up company and are going to be targeting multiple industries and gaming while Morpheus is only targeting PS4 as of right now. Now that Oculus has billions at their expenditure, they'll be able to make Rift far more mainstream to consumers.
jhoward585  +   609d ago
I just thought about something...

Didn't Microsoft announced that it had purchased a 1.6% share of Facebook for $240 million.

I have a good feelin MS is going to get their hands on the rift and make it for the x1.
ATi_Elite  +   609d ago
that was back in 2007!

BUT you my friend are on to something!

NeoTribe  +   609d ago
Facebook is a disease. No good can come of this. I would uave rather seen ms buy it.

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