Weekly Xbox 360 Deals: Assassin's Creed IV $24.99, BF4 $29.99, Batman Arkham Origins $9.99 and more

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Arkham Origins is $29.99
The game becomes for $9.99 after deducting the $20 GC.

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dannygamer1737d ago

Time to purchase Assassin's and Battlefield.

lebr0n1737d ago

I need some digital deals.
Just a note guys, Assassin's Creed deal will end tonight.

liamn1737d ago

Is Battlefield 4 worth it? I heard it has a lot of errors.

timothyckeegan1737d ago

No, Battlefield and Call of Duty last releases were the worst ones.

edgarohickman1737d ago

Best week for Xbox 360 owners.
Newegg, Groupon and Amazon deals are the best.

Jojo09031737d ago

Arkham origins is not 9.99 it's 29.99

Apollo11737d ago

I should've added after $20 GC deduction.
Still a great deal, Game with $20 Microsoft GC for $29.99.

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