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Submitted by donnieboy 698d ago | news

Phil Spencer comments on DX12 Xbox One Resolution Rumor

Phil Spencer comments on the DirectX 12 resolution rumor. (Phil Spencer, Xbox One)

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stuna1  +   698d ago
So in otherwords no! The resolution-gate saga will continue.
nicksetzer1  +   698d ago | Well said
Exactly what "stay tuned" means ..... your extrapolation of information is excellent. /s
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Kingthrash360  +   698d ago | Well said
smh..and it continues....
i just dont want to hear how res dosent matter from xbox loyals anymore...
all i hear is how res didn't it suddenly does because software is magical.
after reality sets in, and we see that hardware is hardware i don't want to see yall going back to res doesn't matter argument...because right now with this dx suddenly matters.
ABizzel1  +   698d ago | Well said
These single, pointless, uninformative tweets being submitted as full news stories needs to 8 weeks ago.
Waffles11  +   698d ago
The ability to make software improvements can only happen on the Xbox one, so differences in hardware are a non factor. Obviously, this will be the turning point.
MELMAN26  +   698d ago

I don't think xbox fans really care when it comes to the actual games. I think xbox fans bring it up to shut up the sony fans who continually bring it up when a multiplat comes out and is 1080p on the ps4 and below that on the xb1

TOTALLY AGREE!! He didn't say anything, he basically said wait.
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lifeisgamesok  +   698d ago
Yeah some people will always try to turn any rep from Microsoft's words into something negative

Sounds like we're going to hear about the future of graphics on 3/20

@Kingthrash Resolutions still don't matter as much as you like to think it does. 1080p doesn't equate to the best graphics just look at Battlefield, Ryse
malokevi  +   698d ago | Well said
nobody ever said that resolution doesn't matter. It's just not as important as gameplay. We are happy with good games, regardless of what resolution they come in. High resolution is nice, but not necessary. Not worth fighting over. You Sony fans drone on about different pixel amounts, what we're saying is... we don't care!

I'm interested to see what DX12 does for the X1. I don't see why people are brushing it off. Obviously this has been long in the works. It's not like new APIs are going to hurt any. I think it's reasonable to expect that DX12 will offer improvements over DX11. So sayeth common sense.
nicksetzer1  +   698d ago
@kingthrash don't think it is that anyone cares about res (at least not as minimal as it currently is) it is that xbox fans hope to hear news showing xb1 to be on par or better than ps4 so all you idiots will shut up and just enjoy games, instead of making everything a war with your only argument being a few pixels. If dx12 does nothing to increase graphical fidelity, I don't think any xb1 fans will be upset. It's just the idea that all this resolution crap can be pushed aside that gets people happy.
I don't remember all this fuss when ps3 was 200$ more expensive with lower quality multiplats ... but now every single pixel matters.
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stuna1  +   698d ago
So if he responded why not answer the question!? The fact that some of you all like being strung along is baffling! What's even more baffling is this occurs quite frequently, and let just say the majority of time the results are less than desirable.
4Sh0w  +   698d ago | Well said
Kingthrash keep shaking your head, but there's a clear difference between saying res doesn't matter in regards to being the only factor in next gen gaming. How many times do you have to be told other factors like textures, art style, poly count, rendering tech, and game engine are just as important or more than resolution for visuals, then ultimately GAMEPLAY IS KING= Resolution is not ALL that matters, which is why Iam more than happy with my X1 than getting ps4, cause I like to PLAY the games I like more than counting pixels.

All that said of course I am glad X1 is rapidly improving and will continue to improve as far as software, SDK, and dev tools are concerned because micro is a software company it is to be expected. Are you actually trying to say because res isn't the most important thing to xbox fans that we shouldn't be happy for improvements? Why does xbox fans enthusiasm for improvements seem as if it scares you and the ps hive mind? Really other than a very few extreme xbox fans who follow mistermediax, I dont see anyone claiming "DX12 is going to make X1 capable of high end pc graphics".

lol Again like a typical biased ps fan you just sound mad that micro is able to improve their console.
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Wizard_King  +   697d ago
"Waffles11 + 5h ago
The ability to make software improvements can only happen on the Xbox one, so differences in hardware are a non factor. Obviously, this will be the turning point."

So only MS can make software improvements? That's news to me buddy, when did Sony loose the ability to manipulate code? Was it in the ps4's last update?

Septic  +   697d ago
What I dont get is why stuna has 50 agrees when Spencer just said 'stay tuned'?!!

Whats with the insecurity? Surely having the more powerful console would mean that you wouldn't be too worried right?

I do wonder what GDC will hold. MS relying on DX12 does make a lot of sense and software is their strength after all so it isnt some over the top 'secret sauce' wishful thinking many on here are trying to convince others it is. I just wonder what kind of improvement it will bring to the table.
ZombieDust  +   697d ago
@kingthrash I love people that make comments like yours. Its not that xbox fans think it suddenly matters and that it didnt before. It is just one of those things that makes it that much better, you know, an added bonus to what actually matters... gameplay.

Im a bit older now so I prefer reason and hate fanboy, childish arguments. I'm just here to try and sort things out here.
SilentNegotiator  +   697d ago
"nobody ever said that resolution doesn't matter"

Clearly you haven't actually been READING the comment sections of any article that might remind us that an Xbox One game might not be 1080p or otherwise not as high res as a Ps4 version...there's ALWAYS dozens of people claiming EXACTLY that: "resolution doesn't matter" with those exact words.

And of course, it's so often the same people that made a massive deal about Ps3/360 multiplats that were 6XXp/7XXp.
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BISHOP-BRASIL  +   697d ago
Hey Waffles11! I found the little "/s" tag you missed on your comment, it was in Lost & Found with the humor of people disagreeing with you.

Back on topic... Last gen it was all about resolution or other minor graphic differences (lesser than currently and going both sides every now and then mind you). PS4 comes out kicking and it don't matter anymore. Killzone Shadow Fall multiplayer isn't 1080p? It matters again! Reality kicks back in as every multiplat game on XB1 and the big taunted "exclusive" Titanfall are not 1080p it doesn't matter one more time. DX12 comes and here we go... I guess you guys got the picture, those guys swing more than a couple from Hollywood! They don't even care about graphics, they just want bragging rights, so let's stop feeding this vicious circle, can we?
Oh_Yeah  +   697d ago
It takes HARDWARE to up resolution. No magical software is going to make games run at higher resolution.
Bigpappy  +   698d ago
GDC only a week away. Stay frosty.
StealthPandemic  +   698d ago
Stay fatty? I though we doing rhymes.
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Alan_Shore  +   698d ago
If your not down with dx then I got two words for ya!

S#!K IT!
vivid83  +   698d ago
lol memories
Azzanation  +   698d ago
Sony ponies 360 vs PS3 days it wasn't just about resolution, the 360 did games better even with the same resolution, it did better effects (look at Gears of War 3). You fanboys act as if it was all about resolution last gen it wasn't that. I played DMC on both 360 and PS3 and the PS3 had massive slow downs compared to the 360 versions. You only act as if it was all about resolution is because its all you have this gen.

If you want 1080 and 60 frames go with a PC with a late GPU, if you want games then both XB1 and PS4 are good consoles.
stuna1  +   698d ago
Yeah maybe muliplats, but the PS3 exclusives stomped the Xbox exclusives and muliplats. The difference this gen is the PS4 has the superior exclusives as well as the muliplats since day one.

All you have this gen! Did you read that out of a Microsoft PR Statement Handbook???
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SlyFamousthe3rd  +   697d ago
Ever think of becoming a stand-up comedian? Because that really made me laugh.
CernaML  +   697d ago
*looks at Gears of War 3*
*notices a clear lack of AA*

DMC? Good example I guess. Heres mine: Tomb Raider DE.
Not only is the PS4 capable of running it up to 60fps a lot of the time, but it never dips below 30fps like the X1 version does.
Prime157  +   697d ago
I bit, troll. Your comment's ambiguous nature of "all ps4 fanboys have" is your opinion.

If you are talking about graphics between the two consoles, it's not just resolution. Ac4 on the ps4 has a better/newer AA while x1 has an older, less effective AA and a lower resolution.

Battlefield 4: "The PS4 had the higher internal resolution, a considerable performance lead in motion, and the addition of extra effects such as horizon-based ambient occlusion entirely missing on Xbox One."

Read more on battlefield 4:

Even the multiplat game you tools cling to in your defense is missing ps4 elements like HBAO. Need for speed might be the same resolution, but it is missing several effects that ps4 has.

Tomb raider had more than just a framerate difference.

The list goes on.

I failed and fed the troll
Cernunnos  +   697d ago
A new DirectX will mainly reduce CPU overhead, and not suddenly make the GPU perform 50% better. Basically, they will get better CPU performance, but it will not help much in terms of resolution or GPU limited frame-rate.
stuna1  +   697d ago
SMH!!! Some people you just can't reason with! Weaker Hardware, will always be weaker! What is so hard to understand about that???? A 1 inch thick rope will be stronger than an 1/2 inch thick rope!

Cernunnos that wasn't directed at you, I agree with your comment.
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TAURUS-555  +   697d ago
lol now xbox fans think their machine will match PS4 resolution.... keep it up....maybe one day youll see the truth..

RIP xbox1
system22  +   697d ago
umm.. you realize a bunch of games coming out on the xb1 are 1080p 60 fps, right? and that there are games available that are 1080p? you dumbasses are so entrenched in your fanboyism that facts escape you....furthermore... who cares. you have a ps4? great. so do i. I also have an xbox 1. both are great. you don't see me stuffing my opinion down everyones throat that disagrees with me though.
system22  +   697d ago
you got all that from stay tuned? freakin fanboys. you know what i took from that? "i can't talk about anything til gdc, but i felt your comment was important enough to respond to" obviously they are going to talk about it. PS - you wanna be a "stuna"... buy a more expensive car.
bicfitness  +   698d ago | Well said
Direct X12 is the new "secret sauce." Even though Face Off after Face off will continue to show a gulf between the two systems in terms of performance. X1 has a 1.2 TF GPU. Doesn't matter how 'low-level' you go, it can only push so many pixels. Most console APIs are already as close to coding to metal as you can get, and yes they get refined over time. Uncharted 1 to Uncharted 3, for example. But both of those games were 720p, keep in mind. Upping the resolution from 720p to 1080p simply requires a grunt that the X1 GPU will never have. Ever.

My God, the things some desperate fans are clinging to. Its getting absurd, and the Xbox media liaisons are only making the delusions worse with their half-truths and snake oil.
theWB27  +   698d ago | Well said
I thought this tweet was about improving the X1 hardware...not putting it on par with the PS4.

You just sound angry.
Immorals  +   698d ago
My 8800 could push out 1080p 5 years ago.

Then again, I was too busy enjoying the game to count pixels.
zebramocha  +   698d ago
@immoral then why bring it up if your pc could do 1080p 5 years ago,the first part goes against the second part of the statement.
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DoubleM70  +   697d ago

Exactly.. They actually sound angry that Microsoft is trying to improve their system. Nothing wrong with that I will expect sony to do the same to make something better for their customers is a win win.
Saigon  +   698d ago
Dude you posted old news, holding on to too much hope. This was way before it was determine how capable each of the systems were. At the time each dev stated or made these comments it was in regard to the paper specs for each system. Since then the game has literally shifted. Now that the dev kits and the specs are running on the devs development software; today is what matters. Kojima, made a statement a while ago at how powerful the PS4 is compared to the XBO, without literally stating the difference.
DigitalRaptor  +   698d ago

1) First link. Carmack never performed benchmark tests to prove this.

2) Second link. Kojima is releasing a next-gen game this month where the PS4 version is 1080p/60fps, with exclusive effects for this version, and the Xbone version runs at last gen resolution 720p with no special next-gen effects.

3) Third link. Wait until Watch_Dogs actually comes out, and we'll see for ourselves. in the mean time:
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Axios2  +   698d ago
No secret sauce when all these are already native 1080p

Halo CA
Dying Light
Kinect Sports Rivals
Murdered Soul Suspect
Child of Light

and for above 720p but not 1080p:

Watch Dogs

@ press start

Learn to read, especially when you copy paste, lol
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Kingthrash360  +   698d ago
wheres the 1080p 60fps list?....frames are more important than res no? let see how many games on that list are crossed off.
"secret sauce" needed.
again these things dont matter though...just great games...who needs res? right? who needs frames? who needs the magical "secret sauce?"
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Legacy212  +   698d ago
@kingthrash is that all you sony people like touting. 1080p 60 fps ye ye ye look at us. Cuz last I check thief at 900p 30fps won againsy ps4 1080p 30fps in digital foundry comparison. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo yea:) but of course I expect to see u on every article
Kingthrash360  +   698d ago
never said sony..i'm thinking ms fans are sooo butthurt over sony smh. always forgetting pc, so much so some of you still think tf is a exclusive...smh rest my child there is more to gaming than ps4 vs x1.
so, say if i wanted to compare df win loss ratio between x1 and sony who'd win?...see what i mean bout the butthurtness.
i could care less who "wins" i dont care, i dont.
its just yall been contridicting yourselves worse than the people who are selling the again keep me out of this "war" please....
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BABY-JEDI  +   698d ago
I do like magical secret sauce with my chips. Nothing better
; )
press-start  +   698d ago
and for above 720p but not 1080p:

Watch Dogs

let me fix that for you since you seem to have forgot a couple.

call of duty 720p
battlefield 4 720p
Dead Rising 3 720p
killer instinct 720p
Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes 720p

and im sure more in the future i like how you purposely left all the above games that i mentioned of that list of yours.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   698d ago
Your list screams desperation, Rayman? Really?
gameslayer2411  +   697d ago
My only question if DX12 will be implemented into the X1 won't they need to do an overhaul of the system? I'm not sure how that would work...I mean...would they need to send back old consoles or what? I'm not saying anything bad or negative but if you put dx12 in future produced consoles where does that leave the previous owners? and if you had this trump care or some version of dx12 already on my xbox why didn't you show it and utilize it at the very beginning? That just doesn't make sense to me? I mean my One and 4 are sitting happily next to each other with remarkably similar capabilities yet my 4 has slightly better performance? Why would you risk it all and release early if you weren't ready? If you had this ready or had waited you could've one upped your game but you had to stay ahead of the competition? or what? I don't know...i'm just rambling....but can anybody (within reason) give me an honest answer? No fanboy nonsense?
Jumper09  +   697d ago
Forza (looks awful 2d people and lastgen lighting anyone?

Stryder (its a Arcade game lol)

NFS (has missing effects)

UFC (not out yet)

FIFA (Sports game, nothing demanding)

Halo CA (huh? There is no halo out for xbone)

Dying Light (only ps4 version is confirmed to be 1080p)

Kinect Sports Rivals (lol)

NBA (sports game)

TombRaider (drops to 900p, worse performance, less effects)

Rayman (its a 2d game lol, even lastgen consoles can hadle it at 1080p)

Wolfenstein (ID Tech5, nothing mindblowing)

Murdered Soul Suspect (Nt out yet)

Child of Light (kinect garbage)

and for above 720p but not 1080p:

AC (looks worse)
Ryse (look ok)
TitanFall (792p lol)
Thief (ugh)
Watch Dogs (not out)
Angeljuice  +   697d ago

It depends. Direct X version upgrades only ever used to be a software update (until DX10 IIRC where it became locked to hardware).

Perhaps Microsoft implemented some of the required hardware in the X1 before the code was finalised. Its not likely to be such a big improvement that it was worthy of holding back the system launch.
press-start  +   690d ago
yes but you still left out the 720p games on purpose and titanfall is not 900p just accept you bought a console that struggles to get last gen ports to run at 1080p,and now DX12 is meant to save the xbone lool you xbots keep dreaming
Software_Lover  +   698d ago
They are just toys my friend. Just toys. Its not that serious
candy_mafia  +   697d ago
I'm with you, I can't believe all these stupid lists people be making lol

It's almost as if some people have forgotten games are meant to be fun??

We have a vast selection of Michael Pachters, developers, hardware engineers, PR heads and shareholders commenting here.

Jus for making my day 'bubz up 4 u' lulz

BX81  +   698d ago
@ bitchfitness you mad bro?
pyramidshead  +   698d ago
DX12 doesn't solve weak hardware.
donnieboy  +   698d ago
What about mantel?
Tedakin  +   698d ago
But it makes weaker hardware work better.
DemonChicken  +   698d ago
explains for the buff in size of the x1 for heat dissipation
pyramidshead  +   698d ago
Didn't say it wouldn't help, but doesn't solve the source of the problem is my point.
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KNWS  +   698d ago
Well it can't be if the GPU is using all the new features coming with directx12
jmc8888  +   697d ago
It did make weaker hardware in a windows environment work better.

But the results were not that great.

Also Xbox One isn't in a full fledged windows environment, so the gains will be far less.

Also if you look at what games running with Mantle actually display you'll notice a visual degradation. In other words, if you use Mantle, the visual quality seems to be like a notch lower.

Now this isn't to say DX12 will degrade the visual quality on Xbox One, but what it should showcase, is that without that visual degradation, the gains Mantle made would be even less.

So take the relatively poor gains of mantle was boosted by the visual degradation AND it's more efficient use of the CPU.

Take the visual degradation out and the gains are less. Take out the full fledged windows environment and it's gains are even less.

Apply what's left into the Xbox One and while of course positive, is nothing groundbreaking.

Then when you realize tiled resources is a crutch, can introduce it's own problems (search youtube for 'RAGE streaming textures bug'), and isn't free (itself sucks up resources) you realize this isn't an ideal situation. Especially that it needs this at the BEGINNING of the generation, not the end.

Raytracing is an expensive feature, while it's nice to add features, it comes at a cost. If developers use this feature, they will need to cut other graphical features to account for it. If developers try to add it all together in a game, then resolution and framerate will be lower then before.

DX 12 is the new version of 11.X. Microsoft just decided they needed some new PR BS. So rather then say it's a new version of 11.X, they called it 12 and sent out the PR releases to hype their sleight of hand.

You don't make a brand new thing up called 11.X, then ditch that and say it's now 12. That's completely dishonest. They made up a new standard and classification, then ditched it when a new update came and called it DirectX 12.

It's all about finding another point to sell the Xbox One on, and Microsoft doesn't care how shady it looks.
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Fireseed  +   698d ago
Unless the software redefines what exactly "weak hardware" is. Back in the day it was all about getting the most memory, perhaps with DX12 that pardigm will shift to having the fastest memory with improved resource tiling. No one can say for certain other than wait till GDC.
classic19  +   698d ago
lol well put bro, besides API is where it will be at, hints to amd om that one.
Fireseed  +   698d ago
You have no idea what you're talking about do you? Direct X IS an API.
Back-to-Back  +   698d ago
This is the truth. Most console owners have zero technical knowledge on hardware, which is why many of them dont have gaming pcs.
quenomamen  +   698d ago
No, but Teh Cloud will !
Clown_Syndr0me  +   698d ago
Erm cool....Makes no difference to me I enjoy playing games despite specs/graphics etc.
Hence why I still play PS2 occasionally.
Immorals  +   698d ago
Don't pay attention to the trolls.

I can't see them enjoying any game without counting pixels with a magnifying glass..
Clown_Syndr0me  +   698d ago
I'm quite new to this site, but it seems the majority of the users prefer to bitch than play games. They need to stop pulling each others hair and relax!
Immorals  +   698d ago
Yeah I agree. It's like being in a kids playground 'my dad could beat your dad up'.
zebramocha  +   698d ago
@clown it's a gaming forum no one could do both at the same time.
killzone619  +   698d ago
ps2 was the Sh*t
mrpsychoticstalker  +   698d ago
Standing by Phil!.
christocolus  +   698d ago
Gdc and E3 will be great this year...
2cents  +   698d ago
Everything seems to be pointing to that conclusion.

It's going to be really exciting to see both Playstation and Xbox share their visions, games, tech talk and maybe some big accessory reveal (AR, VR, 3D) at E3. I'm buzzing for it.

I hope that both parties focus on themselves now, with their own identities and that gaming journalism takes a break from doom and gloom.
we all know what the PS4 and Xbox One are, we know their differences. It's time to move on and enjoy this new generation.
Software_Lover  +   698d ago
Dx 12 will not change the resolution differences. I don't think people understand what DX can and will do.
yarbie1000  +   698d ago
If it frees up resources then it certainly could have an impact on it
theWB27  +   698d ago
Explain it to us then. Tell us why there are no tools (even though history explicitly states otherwise) that will improve the dev environment.
Fireseed  +   698d ago
Because this kid on the internet says so! lol
Volkama  +   698d ago
If it increases efficiency in any way then of course it could help achieve a higher resolution and/or framerate to some degree.

I don't know if Dx12 is even aiming towards that, but it seems a bit early to write it off as a possibility.

Phil must be pretty confident that we'll like whatever they have to show though. His tweet says nothing in itself, but it is no accident when these PR types single out a tweet to reply to.
#6.3 (Edited 698d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Jumper09  +   697d ago
who says that DX12 will increase efficiency?

DX12 wont transform the Xbone GPU (7770 HD) to a R290 lol

Can Xbone fans finally accept that they bought weak ass hardware? Accept that you will see the inferioir ports and multiplatform games.
Volkama  +   697d ago
I'll tell you who isn't saying it. Me.

"I don't know if Dx12 is even aiming towards that, but it seems a bit early to write it off as a possibility. "

I'll also tell you who isn't making baseless assumptions or perpetuating fanboy drivel. That's also me.
#6.3.2 (Edited 697d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
EXVirtual  +   698d ago
I don't know why you're getting disagrees.
As far as I know, software updates like this will just let more graphically intensive games (better textures, lighting etc) run on the XBO while maintaining the average resolution that the console has been achieving. In the XBO's case, 900p.
The same thing happened on the PS3. Uncharted 2 had better graphics than Uncharted 1, but was still 720p.
Hicken  +   698d ago
He's getting disagrees because certain people don't want to hear that DirectX 12 will NOT be the secret sauce that bridges the gap between the two consoles.
Radentangr  +   698d ago
Very true. DX12 will not improve the resolution output so Xbox One games will remain random between 720p - 1080p. What it will do is allow for more "out the box" features and a better efficiency for existing ones. Which is still great.

I for one do not care about the resolution, I just want great games to play on each of my platforms.
urwifeminder  +   698d ago
Rounder edges , better tessellation and better textures thanks MS .
Whitey2k  +   698d ago
New dx12 can partially make the x1 better it wont make it nor would it make it stronger then the ps4 but I believe it can onky reach up to 900p with a solid framerate with improved sdk
TristanPR77  +   698d ago
First it was the cloud and xbone fanboys ended up as the joke of all the Internet for believing that.

Then it was the 8% increase of the cpu and once again the xbone fanboys believed this was going to change things and ended up fooled once again.

Now the dx12, interesting that how those who claim resolution doesn't matter are so exited to believe that this will give an edge over the PS4. So resolution is important after all???

Once again the xbone fanboys will have a rude awakening when they realize that nothing changed and they will be forced once again to say the lie: Resolution doesn't matter.

Not even they believe that stuff
Mr Pumblechook  +   698d ago
@tristanPR77. When you stop hating on the Xbox One you will realise that it's graphics will improve to a level where they are superior to the PS4. This will happen because the Xbox One is better balanced and because Microsoft developers are able to add a secret sauce...
#9.1 (Edited 698d ago ) | Agree(14) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
quenomamen  +   698d ago
And how is it supposed to top the PS4 with weaker hardware again ? Maybe when the PS4 is turned off ? Maybe.
KevinCubes   698d ago | Bad language | show
GearsOfWar  +   698d ago
First of all, the cloud does exist, so stop acting like it's fantasy. Educate yourself.

Secondly, the only fanboys talking about the cloud all the time are of the Sony variety. You're threatened by the possibility of it succeeding for Microsoft. Joke of the internet indeed, when you feel the need to bash everything Xbox on constant basis to justify your purchase.

To be honest, if on the off chance a multiplat performs better on Xbox One, I'm interested in seeing just how much resolution will matter to you guys then.
DoggyBiscuit   698d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
KNWS  +   698d ago
If its a true new directx and all the features is coming to x box 1. Well i am sorry to say some of you doubters are going to learn that the GPU in the x box 1 is one of a kind and has been designed for using the next directx.

Its no longer a conspiracy or some made up thing!
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Alan_Shore  +   698d ago
ONLY if the xbox one gpu was infact built around Dx 12 if it was then i'd assume it will have somewhat impressive toolsets and help shrink resource size making more room for local hardware to allocate performance.

If MS announce that x1 was indeed made around directx 12 then this years e3 will be even more exciting!
AutoCad  +   698d ago
Standby for Phil Spencer
RiPPn  +   698d ago
What will Xbox fans next goal post be when DirectX 12 has come and gone and their system still is outperformed by the competition?
UsUcK   698d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
No_Limit  +   698d ago
In about a day, Sony fans will have N4g all to themselves as Xb1 players will be busy and having fun with Titanfall.
quenomamen  +   698d ago
Then shortly after that some of us will be enjoying Infamous SS in full 1080p glory while Titanfall is still hitting that 800p wall.
No_Limit  +   698d ago
After 10 hours of one play through, the single player only Infamous will be forgotten and back to bashing Xb1 articles will be of top priority for Sony fan----!
#15.1.1 (Edited 698d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(4) | Report
CernaML  +   697d ago
So when we see you here after the launch of Titanfall what will that make you?

Notice I said when, not if.
UsUcK  +   697d ago
Haha so true.
DoubleM70  +   697d ago
classic19  +   698d ago
lol ppl API will be the new thing with this new gen, dx12 is just dx12, it won't really do ntn why because your rig has to allow it. x1 simply won't allow it. API
AutoCad  +   698d ago
have u ever thought what if the xbox was actually made to run DX12?
classic19  +   698d ago
lol it wasn't, this why amd had there low level API talk, beside if the hardware is low level witch it is, D12 really wouldn't be that big of a improvement.
Mkai28  +   698d ago
If DX12 can take away loads off the GPU, with compression techniques like taking 6GBs of 3D texturing data and compressing it into 32MBs. With the help of the Move Engines/Data Move Accelerators(DMA), the ESRam should have no problem producing 1080p. Depends on how well it could do it, it could go beyond that.

The Move Engines seem to be Direct X in hardware form and Ram at the same time. I believe they were built with DX in mind, expect to here a lot more about the Move Engines and Direct X12 ..
#16.1.2 (Edited 698d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(5) | Report
DoubleM70  +   697d ago
What people don't realize is that DX12 was built to run on Multiple devices. Tablets Phones Xbox1 PC's. If you take a look at their website. It has logos on it for all companies. Windows AMD, Nvidia, Xbox1, Qulacom Snapdragon. It can very well be revolutionary all we know. Does that means more power for XBox1? We have to wait and see if it squeeze any power out of it.
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Grown Folks Talk  +   698d ago
Why is every article like this filled with "It won't pass Sony." Who said it will, or that PS4 won't improve? Owners of Xbox Ones wanting Xbox One to improve. How terrible.
gameslayer2411  +   697d ago
I could care less if it improves. Give me quality games, if it can run at max setting great! if it can run at any setting and the gameplay is addicting and kick ass and i just want to keep playing and playing then make it whatever damn resolution you want! I've spent 8hrs on and indie game with stick figures and haven't touched either my one or 4 in over a Week! that will change of course with Titanfall and MGS5 and Infamous but my point is, if the game is fun, who the hell cares!
Grown Folks Talk  +   697d ago
My 1st system was Pong.
feraldrgn  +   698d ago
A simple Yes/No would've been fine.
#18 (Edited 698d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
PAYNEinc85  +   698d ago
You tards can't tell the difference in resolution anyways. Look at Killzone Shadow Fall for example. None of you knew it wasnt full 1920x1080 until someone analyzed it and started informing everyone. Now all of a sudden youre up in arms about it. Grow up!!!
worldwidegaming  +   698d ago
It's like a dictatorship. Anyone who says otherwise is shot on sight.
Grasping at straws turns speculation and opinion into truth.
The same record plays over and over,the same dead horse is beaten yet again!
All I wanted was games that ran better than last gen...
#19.1 (Edited 698d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
D0UbleF_  +   698d ago
Yes off course!
Come on!

Because the Xbox One isn't suffering already from enough bottlenecks which are hardware AND software related.
Over time the software and experience of the console will get better, but unless you're going to be overclocking once again you won't get any better "out of the box" performance than the Xbone already has.
In fact I'm pretty sure that mid 2014 we'll be meeting some "Hot Xbox" issues once again.

Also since most people are talking resolutions here - A comparison between the amount of 1080p pixels vs 720p or 900p pixels is enormous.
These 6-8% so called "performance" increases won't make any difference, while the percental difference between 1080p and 720p is almost 1 to 2.

This is just getting a bit ridiculous of Microsoft releasing new statements and promises every week just to keep some of the positive media attention on their console.
Every week they come up with a new deal or another free game you can have with the console, as long as you finally buy it from them..

Meanwhile already more than 6 million people are enjoying their Playstation 4 without any problems or fake promises.
2014 is the year of Playstation, stop comparing it.

Let's put Xbox together in a room with the Wii U. Another "ow so next gen successful lot's of promises to take over the world with it's innovation and swag console".
gameslayer2411  +   697d ago
I have zero problems with my One the way it is now, just give me good games to play with me family and friends, graphics and resolution be damned! I love me all games, unless its broken i'll play it. as far as year of the playstation goes I'm all for that, I grew up with the SNES and 64 and the ps1 and 2 those were the great days I would love them again, but it's a bit early to be saying that things couldn't possibly change within the next 6 years.
DOOMZ  +   698d ago
Very cool!!!
nate254  +   698d ago
Its nice to see all these programming experts in the comments section who obviously know everything about what MS is doing.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   696d ago
Why am i not surprised to see you in MS articles. yep only a typical xbot will respond to what i said. you guys are the cream of the crop. I think even if MS for example admits they are wrong, you fans will still accept and forgive them and pretend nothing is wrong. I am a sony fan yes, but atleast i acknowledge their mistakes. but you guys. wow. all news from MS whether negative is still a positive for you. heck i think you guys will still love MS even if they give you a poop in a box and say "still better than a PS4". no wonder many fanboys even PC fanboys is picking up on blind MS fanboys.
nate254  +   696d ago
I am sorry but I don't see anything to fanboy in my comment? I am just saying we don't really know what this is yet, so stop acting like you all are experts on the subject and wait till it's announced. You took something from nothing and completely blew it out of proportion and shoved words down my throat. I only see one fanboy here.
kewlkat007  +   698d ago
Lol.. Xbox One will be beast...The games just keep coming. . Software updates as well.. The best all around console/network.
D0UbleF_  +   698d ago
Damn you really thought this comment through right?
That must've been some hard thinking!
kewlkat007  +   697d ago
To tell you the truth, I didn't...LOL

I really do enjoy my XboxOne because of everything it does currently.

I switch between games using voice, Snap apps, Broadcast via Twitch(tomorrow), Watch TV, go back to gaming, Party Chat...etc

If this thing ran a dedicated XBMC or Plex app I'd be in heaven.
#23.1.1 (Edited 697d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
ratchet426  +   697d ago
Yeah "Stay tuned for GDC"

Where we will explain how great DX12 will be for PC game developers. XBoxOne...meh...not so much. But by all means stay tuned for GDC.
GamingTruth  +   697d ago
yet another pc nerd that thinks his pc is more entitled to and the home plate for microsofts own api than microsofts own platform lol pc nerds are funny
Azzanation  +   697d ago
I think a lot of you fanboys on either side need to wait until all this is official announced. This is good news for the owners of XB1, turning 3gig of textures in 16mg is absolutely amazing if its true.
Jumper09  +   697d ago
thats a feature of DX11.2 and already possible
Azzanation  +   697d ago
How many games utilise it? DX12 will change that.
Father__Merrin  +   697d ago
everything is always wait till this wait till that, new sdk, Esram, secret sauce....

Merrin says mouths will be shut at E3, so wait till then

ps are software updates now only exclusive to xbone?
senis_kenis  +   697d ago
xbone directx has nothing to do with direct x for pc. It's already close to the metal api with low overhead for fixed hardware. It's pretty naive to think that it will magically improve performance on xbone. I can see some benefits for pc thou for cross platform development. So for xbone it's just another buzz word to keep fanboys in denial and try to hide the fact that xbone is inferior in every way.
idontcare  +   697d ago
Just compared Thief on PS4 vs. XB1 and the XB1 version really does look better - same with Strider.

Xbox fans have zero reasons to worry about. the system just gets better and better. happy gaming ... tomorrow, Titans gonna fall!
razrye  +   697d ago
The xbox needs to improve. Currently it's a embarrassment.
gamer7804  +   697d ago
if you bought a console for its resolution, "you are doing it wrong."

buy it for its price, buy it for it's hardware, buy it for its exclusives, buy it for it's OS.
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