Watch Dogs will look like E3 2013's version on PS4, head creative director says

Following the controversy surrounded by the recent gameplay demo that was released, Jonathan Morin took it upon himself to answer some questions on twitter.

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PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1535d ago

i can't wait either way it looks like a fun open world game , at least to me

Eonjay1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Same here but this is definitely good news. It also begs the question: which version was shown in the trailer? At this point I have given up on caring. I just want to know more about what you can do in this world. Since you can "collect" cars, does this mean you will have a garage now? Can you customize your vehicles? Can you hack the stock market? :) When you go online can you hack other people's bank accounts and steal their cars lol?

morganfell1534d ago

Time of day matters a great deal in these shots. This was taken from actual PS4 hardware:

BattleTorn1534d ago


Now THAT is reassuring!!

bmx_bandit1534d ago

I still cant imagine that the gameplay will make fun. I guess as a concept, all this hacking sounds great...but i doubt it makes fun.

Why does it remind me of Midnight Club 2?

thorstein1534d ago

Indeed. And thanks Morgan! Now I know my version will look and play great!

I have been so waiting for a game such as this.

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CrossingEden1535d ago

B-b-b-but, obviously the most important factor of exclusive IPs is teh GRAPHICS, and certainly not the cool new gameplay features that were never seen before in gaming, I want GRAPHICS, not GAMEPLAY, wtf is gameplay anyway, just pressing buttons, BORING, give me stylized long expositional cutscenes please and take the control away from me as often as possible. /s

lameguy1535d ago

Why not both? Certain genres and artistic styles lend themselves to photorealism and some do not. Given the same gameplay, I'd much rather experience it in the world that we saw last year rather than this one.

This time it's actually not even about resolution or framerate for me. It's about the quality of textures, lighting, and art style in general. The day time shots just look bland, GTA-esqe, and do not fit in with the tone of what was shown the prior 2 years.

Eonjay1535d ago


Stop making sense! You realize that we are getting to the point were a large portion of game budgets go towards artwork, modeling and motion capture? I want to experience their work with as much fidelity as possible. And do so in a responsible way if you can't afford a 1000+ rig or don't want one infront of your TV.

zebramocha1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

@cross that isn't why people were upset,it was how the atmospheric and immersive look cease to exist upon ubisoft showing the game again.

anonjohn231535d ago

So...your saying that I should completely forget about the way the game looks and focus specifically on the game play? I don't know about you, but I don't want to look at an eyesore that cost me $60+, ESPECIALLY considering this is a 'next-gen' title. Solid gameplay can be on any console or PC, but the entire reason for more powerful consoles and those fancy schmancy high end PCs IS improved image quality. I would rather have a game that looks good and plays good, rather than a game that plays good and looks like bog.

ShinMaster1535d ago Show
Studio-YaMi1535d ago

I bet you said the same thing when you played Ryse,right?

dantesparda1535d ago


Then stick with your 360

parentoftheyear1534d ago

Your saying this, but it didn't loose any gameplay features so what's the point to waste your 1 bubble sir?

kenshiro1001534d ago

Parent, he does this every time. Nothing new.

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Mr Pumblechook1535d ago

"Watch Dogs will look like E3 2013's version on PS4, head creative director says"

What about the Xbone version?

Longshot281535d ago

You know the xbox one version won't look as good, that is a given.

nerdman671535d ago

Probably will look similar, just at a lower resolution.

reaperofsouls1534d ago

@ Mr Pumblechook

i was think exactly the same thing


What about X1...? I know the user only asked about PS4, but would have been more reassuring if he would have asked Next gen :/

OrangePowerz1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

They never showed the X1 version as far as I remember so he wouldn't be able to say it looks like what we showed last year.

OrangePowerz1535d ago

I'm not sure, if it looks as good as the videos from last year why does the trailer and gamespot gameplay look so crap?

RebelWAC1534d ago

So they show us downgraded footage and then retract it with a statement like this... Your gif is a picture perfect respons. I chuckled.

Don´t get it twisted though, I´m still somewhat hyped for this game.

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GiantFriendlyCrab1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

it will look like the same crap just with higher res and less blurry textures

iTehDroiD1535d ago

Stop with this bullshit! Yes I don't like the downgrade too but it still looks good.

DeadIIIRed1535d ago

My PC version will look like it's on PS2

razrye1534d ago

Until someone pulls out the plug.

yewles11535d ago

...but it's E3 2012 that comparisons were being made to.

AndrewLB1535d ago

And E3 2012 was full CGI pre-rendered on high end PC. Not to be confused with any actual game. Anyone who thought this was how the PS4 would look is completely insane.

Sevir1535d ago

False! E3 2012 was running on PC, Eurogamer gave a side by side comparison and breakdown of it against the PS4 last year after the PS4 reveal.

ProjectVulcan1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I just don't think the consoles turned out quite as powerful as developers back in 2012 thought they would be, is all.

You can also point to the Unreal Engine 4 demo from 2012. It was done on a quality PC, and looked very very impressive. But when it was ported onto basically near final PS4 hardware a year later, it was clearly downgraded.

In essence, developers showing games and engines and technology two years ago on PC anticipated the new consoles they knew were coming would be more powerful than how they actually ended up.

A high end two year old PC still outpowers both new consoles fairly easily, and back then, that would have been unexpected. It certainly was for me in hindsight too!

I sort of expected more performance. I definitely expected more performance from the Xbox One. But this is what we have now, so developers are having to work with that.

morganfell1534d ago


The E3 2012 was running on a PC but it absolutely was not live. Of course everyone on this site threw up their hands and praised Watchdogs like the second coming. When I stated it wasn't live I was attacked and attacked to no end. Nothing like vindication though.

Look at the video:

They periodically insert the view of the guy playing. There are times when the character is doing various things on screen and the guy playing isn't touching the right controls (sticks for looking/moving or triggers for shooting - don't tell me they instituted some wild control scheme) or he is not using any controls at all in some cases. This may have been in engine but it was definitely prerendered. Remember this is two years ago. If they really had the gameplay this tight they would have had the title completed before now.

All of that said I think the game has come a long way to matching the prerendered presentation and the downgrade is not anywhere near as bad as people are thinking. It likely isn't completely on target. I have made numerous posts attesting to this over the past several days. One small clip from a video is responsible for 99% of the outcry and mainly by persons that did not watch the entire video.

numNuts1534d ago

I'm pretty sure most people thought it was running on ps4 hardware or dev kits at E3.

I still think it looks good. I'm def still gunna buy it.

papashango1534d ago


You don't even know how it will play on the ps4 yet. Don't assume the developers are speaking from a technical standpoint rather than a damage control standpoint.

Ya your gif looks nice but look at the resolution on that. It'll look like crap at full screen 1080p.

theres the video your gif comes from. watch it at 1080p and full screen it to see how shitty it actually looks.

morganfell1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Apparently pash you are one of those people that do not realize how degraded and compressed the video is on Youtube, even at 1080p. I thought everyone was aware of this truth.

Hmmm...apparently there are still a good many people that do not know these facts. All one need do is download a 1080p video from Youtube and then look at the specs. For one, the bit rate is horrendous. This is why intelligent people go to Gamersyde but even gamersyde said they did not get uncompressed video.

I do know common sense says they will not try to reinvent some wild control scheme. I know what some of the controls are already because they periodically pop up on screen in the presentation vids. You do not have to be Sherlock Holmes to draw an accurate deduction. And I know they didn't have some controller that reads minds when the presenter wasn't touching any controls yet the character was still moving.

And even the gif is not 1080p so of course when I stretch it there will be a great deal of degradation. I am talking about that being rendered full screen in 1080p. So everything you have thrown up has been easily and handily invalidated. But then again I do not believe information was your goal when you posted.

papashango1533d ago

Oh I'm fully aware of how crappy 1080p looks on Youtube. But true 1080p looks 10x better than that blurry mess even on Youtube.

If you have the bandwidth and two monitors play these two videos side by side. Sorry to burst your bubble.

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Hugodastrevas1535d ago

I'll wait for the reviews.