Forget resolution and frame rates; gaming has bigger things to fix.

Since the start of the 7th generation the battleground for fanboys has largely been graphical; which system produces the best visuals at the best framerate. Now the fact is that the jump from generation six (Xbox, PS2) to generation seven (360, PS3, Wii (LOL)) was startling and this kept the wars going for pretty much the entire generation. Along with which company got which exclusives there really wasn’t much else gamers looked for in improvements.

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Hugodastrevas1658d ago

M$ would love if we forgot about Framerate and resolution, with them living in the clouds and all that!

Matt6661658d ago

there a lot more to gaming then resolution and frame rate there no point playing a game with a boring story line or where there not much to do, there needs to be a better balance of both graphics and gameplay but gameplay should come first.

kingdip901658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

That's true but if you can play the same games (multiplatform) at a higher resolution then what is the excuse not to? It's not as though the gameplay is going to be different.

wonderfulmonkeyman1657d ago

@ King

Here's one for ya; supporting a lower-res version would convince devs that they don't NEED to waste tons of extra cash on developing for higher res.
It puts them at less financial risk if a game flops in that case, and if other trends follow, eventually it would end up in models of game development that are less costly to the developers that will still make gorgeous-looking games that play great for us, the consumers.

Our wallets have more power than most people think, as far as developer influence.
If we support the more cost-friendly projects that focus on new ways of playing the games, over the huge money sinks that likely won't really offer much better beyond graphics, then developers will start steering away from what's costly and, in the end, shallow,[aka, the looks] and will focus more of their money into making games just PLAY better.

MarioAna1658d ago

Don't forget all the secret sauce, hold the fries.

Hugodastrevas1658d ago

Do you want me to supersize that with some eSRam?

C-H-E-F1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Hmm.. how about we start with articles like these "forgetting about these articles". In case you haven't realized author, there's been a change in consumer wants and needs. The average console consumer now wants REALLY REALLY PURRRRRTTY games to play along with GREAT GAMEPLAY. End of story, Microsoft flopped this gen when it comes to the hardware department. It's just the change of the tide, the ps3 had it rough in the beginning maybe devs will find out how to make really really good looking 720p/ 30fps games hey, the PS3 1st party devs managed it so no excuses.

wonderfulmonkeyman1657d ago (Edited 1657d ago )

I think it's kind of sad that the change of tide has come down to consumers becoming, basically, a bunch of Ravens.
Show them something sparkly enough to cause hype through some exciting cinematics, and they'll dive on it without hesitation.
If that's the way the tides are changing, I'd rather take the risk of drowning by swimming against it.
At least I'll die floating amongst a ton of games that have much more focus on gameplay than on sparkles.

ALLWRONG1657d ago

I'm sure Sony and GG would like to forget the past couple weeks.

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nosferatuzodd1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

Well said to the ai part but not so much to.everything else

Dirkster_Dude1658d ago (Edited 1658d ago )

What this article has stated is something the 360 and XB1 are precisely trying to work on. Cloud computing has allowed the A.I. controlled cars called drivetars in Forza 5 to become painfully realistic. Voice and motion control without the controller is also being worked on with KINECT. It isn't perfect, but compared to what the PS3 and PS4 is offering it is worth acknowledging that Microsoft is trying to make it work. Microsoft's botched launch means they have so many other problems that this feels like big weight around everyone's neck especially since it costs an extra $100 for the privilege of what is essentially a beta tester.

Cupid_Viper_31658d ago

Lol @ Dirkster_Dude

"Cloud computing has allowed the A.I. controlled cars called drivetars in Forza 5 to become painfully realistic."

How does that slogan go again...? Oh yeah, "Have you seen Titanfall?"

lonewolfjedi1658d ago

there is a long list of things that need improving

ShinnokDrako1658d ago

I want those fixes (AI over all), the resolution AND the framerate. I'm getting all of that with my PS4 + PC

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