Titanfall – New Details on Generation System, Possible EXP boost with each Generation?

Neogaf user RazorUK finds out new info about Titanfall's Generations system, and a possible exp boost for each generation.

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Alexious1489d ago

It would be great if they added an EXP boost to the prestige system!

AutoCad1489d ago

nice couple more weeks.

Drive-By-Stabba1489d ago

Not sure how I feel about having to do extra challenges before I regenerate / prestige... call it what you will... what If I royally suck with what ever weapon I am required to use to get x amount of kills with? I think some are going to love this and other not so much and may prevent people from wanting to regenerate. Interesting idea though, I look forward to seeing how its received if this is the case.

GearSkiN1489d ago

I'm sorry that system is still better than just playing longer, it actually require a person to do something that might be imposible. for bragging rights,

People could actually say "damn he finish the challenges for that prestige"

XiSasukeUchiha1489d ago

Now I'm sure this COD like !

GearSkiN1489d ago

You do know most of the original ppl that on this team created COD

Darth Gamer1489d ago

I actually find this also to be a breath of fresh air. Instead of just being to prestige because you live on the damn game, this makes it so that there is actually a bit of skill and dedication involved to level up in prestige levels. You can actually tell the good and dedicated from the players just running all over the damn place basically doing nothing. Not that there is anything wrong with not being able to prestige but now you actually have to work for it instead of time passing.

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