The Valentine’s Day Guide to Gifts for Gamers

Valentine’s Day may be upon us already, but it’s never too late to look at gifts. I’m going to rundown the best possible gifts for your gamer girlfriend.

First up is a video game (duh). Now there’s obviously a huge number of great games out there, but I’ve sorted through them all to find the best games suited to the occasion. I’ve come up with three different options depending on your taste and approach.

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Catherine is a perfect choice.

Redinfamy1587d ago

I still need to play that game, cool ideas.

fredolopez1587d ago

I had no idea Sriracha chocolate even existed!!

Redinfamy1587d ago

Same here, I love that stuff, especially on sushi

BelkingOfSony1587d ago

My favourite chat up line is "You make me harder than Dark Souls"