Titanfall Xbox One Beta Is "Just A Small Sample" Of Final Game Content

OXM "Among the very few things that worry me about Respawn Entertainment's Titanfall is that we've only laid eyes on two maps to date. Will the game deliver enough content to satisfy, or will it be another Killer Instinct - glorious to play, but a little underfed?"

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dirigiblebill1346d ago

Needs at least 15 maps, IMO.

The_Infected1346d ago

I'd say 12 to 16 maps would make me happy. Any less I'd hope for some free DLC maps.

Septic1346d ago (Edited 1346d ago )

I hope they have a desert and space map.

The environments need to be varied. If they are the same as the beta, then it'll just get boring tbh.

Forget the number, I hope they're memorable. COD: MW3 for example, had loads of maps; all absolutely terrible and coma inducing. MW2 on the other hand, with Terminal, Afghan, Favela, Sub Base etc were brilliant and what really helped increase the longevity.

redwin1346d ago

More than the number of maps I'm more intrigued as to what kind of maps they'll have. The maps has to have open fields and close cuarter combat in all of them to be able to archive balance

mhunterjr1346d ago

The rumor is that it'll have 16maps... That would make me a happy camper...

XiSasukeUchiha1346d ago

LMAO :) XD sweet can't wait

Spurg1346d ago

....just drop the act bro

DarkLord10031346d ago

If it is such a MP focused shooter it has to have at least 15 maps - right?

Bigpappy1346d ago

Its not just about maps, but gameplay modes and the variety of mechs and weapons you can use to bring them down.

CharlesSwann1346d ago

Holy Moses, can this game come out already so we can hear about other, better, games.

Fishy Fingers1346d ago

Feel free to click on one of those "better games" threads.

CharlesSwann1346d ago

It's not so simple, Fingers. They are spamming the damn thing. I go to click on an article and the thing is gone, already on page 3.

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The story is too old to be commented.