Titanfall Game Director Steve Fukuda on Pilot-Only Game Modes, Source Engine, Burn Cards and More

MP1st - "Amidst the fury that was my exciting play time with Titanfall on the Xbox One, I learned that I would have the chance to speak to one of the game’s developers, so I quickly threw together a few questions to ask Mr. Steve Fukuda, Game Director on Titanfall."

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Timesplitter141560d ago

to be honest, it is still an excellent engine for shooters. I'd much rather have fast, crisp, super fluid source engine shooters than muddy, slow UE3 ones with way too much blur and bloom

AKissFromDaddy1560d ago (Edited 1560d ago )

"The real reason is more to do with accessibility and survivability – making losing more fun."

Cool idea but I'd like a game mode where losing isn't fun like "Last Titan Standing" but with infinite respawns until the match is over.

When asked about personalizing Titans Steve says,"Still trying to decide if that’s the right direction.." What could possibly be wrong with this? Pack this game to the brim!

Burn Cards sound really awesome in their discussion.

Their discussion on the Source engine is understandable but I wished they chose the CryEngine instead, because it would look unbelievable. For example, Evolve by TurtleRock Studios looks way better than Titan Fall because they're using the CryEngine.

Good interview by David.