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Submitted by chili_dog 734d ago | opinion piece

Naughty Dog Considering a 'Last of Us' Sequel - and Why That's Not Necessarily a Good Idea

8CN: According to an article over at Eurogamer, it would seem that Naughty Dog is considering the idea of a sequel to The last of Us, or other sequels to their popular IPs (not including the currently-in-development Uncharted 4). However, this might not be as great as it sounds. (Culture, Naughty Dog, PS3, PS4, The Last Of Us)

Crossbones  +   734d ago
But it is a good idea.
hellzsupernova  +   734d ago
I agree i would want another one. Even if they keep the cast from the first game. They made a great world. Wouldnt mind an open world Last of Us game to be hoenst.

In saying that whatever they are working on im sure it will be fantastic
jimbobwahey  +   734d ago
I couldn't care less about the story or what characters are in the game, I'd love to see a sequel purely because the multiplayer was so fun.
johndoe11211  +   734d ago

Let me get this straight, you didn't like the last last of us campaign you preferred the multiplayer?
Nitrowolf2  +   734d ago

As much as I disagree with Jim about not caring about the Single-player, the multiplayer is still one of the best things I've played all years TBH. It's addicting, and a fun twist/change up to most games.

Don't get me wrong, I prefer story more, but I welcome the multiplayer
rhcpfan  +   734d ago
It is, but they should take their time on it.
Craigatorian  +   734d ago
C-H-E-F  +   733d ago
I think if they do it, the sequel should be on a WHOLE different character cast and possibly fill in the beginning years with cameos of Joel in there. So they don't ruin a gem.
pyramidshead  +   734d ago
New ip first then a sequel. Give time for Druckmann to think up a good tale to tell.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   734d ago
They already confirmed that they would stop Joel and Ellie's story so go ahead and make a sequel. I think there is tons of space in the universe of the last of us for a sequel without going stale so quick.
Angrymorgan  +   734d ago
Definately could make a sequel.
So many stories could be told within the last of us universe. Could even keep the same characters and concentrate on their day to day survival, being hunted by the fireflies ....joel could join a group of bandits and tell his story of survival etc etc. Endless possibilities.
moodymofo  +   734d ago
considering a sequel? i was hoping they got to work on a sequel right away and would have an E3 announcement for a holiday 2014 release
Z_-_D_-_3  +   734d ago
Yeah, Half-Life 2 Ep 1/2 style. I'm ready to continue right where Joel and Ellie left off with the Fireflies hot on their tale.
rainslacker  +   733d ago
Fireflies weren't really hot on their tails. I'd only want to see their story continue if they could make it as good or better than the first game. There is surely more that could be told of their story, but it's not absolutely necessary, and if done poorly could detract from the impact of the first game's story.

There's a lot going on in TLOU universe. Independent communities, gang groups, rogue rebels, regular people, etc. There's enough to make a story about some of them and create something just as moving for the player.
GentlemenRUs  +   734d ago
Maybe the origin of the virus/plant but not a direct Sequel...

That ending was perfect, They got safe and that's all that matters.
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BakPAin  +   734d ago
Spoiler alert would have been cool!!
DragonKnight  +   734d ago
Or you know, coming into the comment section with the understanding that spoilers are going to happen and so maybe proceeding with the attitude of "read at your own risk" would be more prudent.

Do you have a PS3?
BakPAin  +   734d ago
@Dragon. No doubt is read at your own risk! And when I wrote I was just thinking damn I Shouldn't have read that comment. But no biggie I still have not gotten the chance to play it. And yes I own PS3, Xbox 360,3DS, NES(top slot), PS1, Panasonic 3D0 and a Sega Saturn.
GentlemenRUs  +   734d ago
Please tell me your kidding... Please? It's been way over half a year now.

That and getting an army of people just to disagree with me is dumb.
BLAKHOODe  +   734d ago
I'd like to see the sequel centered more around Ellie. I liked Joel, but just to add some shock, I'd kill him off in the first act after Ellie learns the truth. I've been watching a lot of Game Of Thrones lately, so I think it would be cool if somewhere along the way Ellie gets a pet wolf, which acts as a second protective character. If Naughty Dog plays it's cards right, Ellie could be this generations Lara Croft.
DragonKnight  +   734d ago
So basically you want Game of The Last of Us starring Ellie.
king_george  +   734d ago
Lol no please i hope thats not what they do!
rainslacker  +   733d ago
The largest appeal of the story of TLOU was the dynamic between Joel and Ellie. ND wasn't trying to make a game to have a token icon character. Ellie was awesome in her own right, but without Joel she had nothing to play off of. Without Ellie, Joel had nothing to play off of either. That's why their story was so moving.

Also, while not implicitly stated, Ellie probably already knows the truth.
NickAwesome  +   734d ago
i really would like to see a sequel! there is absolutely no reason not to make another one, especially now that they can use the full power of the ps4
DarkLord1003  +   734d ago
I just hate it when someone on the internet tries to force his opinion on others.
In this particular case it is like: why I don't want a TLOU sequel and why YOU shouldn't want one... because I say so...
WeAreLegion  +   734d ago
Why wouldn't they continue the main story though? There is potential for huge stories here.
DaylightChris  +   734d ago
I would love to see a new Jak and Daxter sequel.
babis1974  +   734d ago
trust no one...only Naughty dog:)
DragonKnight  +   734d ago
I would actually like to see the story of Joel and his brother in the years before the start of TLOU. How they separated and why, just exactly what Joel did that his brother thinks was so cruel and reprehensible even to survive. The formation of the Fireflies. Now that would be awesome.
rainslacker  +   733d ago
I was thinking a story with Joel's brother would work. He has his own family and stuff now, so he has some motivations they could work off of. I dunno about a prequel though. We already know what happens eventually, so some of the mystery is gone. It's one of the reasons why prequels tend to be disappointing to me story wise.

They could show a lot of that stuff trough flash backs though. I mean, Joel and Ellie could get to that commune and everyone is gone, so the story continues, or something along those lines. Luckily ND seems to have more creative people story wise than me.:)
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   734d ago
No matter what ND decides to do we know it will be amazing.
NeoTribe  +   734d ago
Making a last of us sequel is not a good idea at all. Its a f@CKING fantastic idea!
rashada07  +   734d ago
General rule: if it makes money it gets a sequel. Movies and games are similar in this regard, though games are a little more guilty of this. I don't think the question is if there will be a sequel but when.
ThatEnglishDude  +   734d ago
The Last of Us was a one of a kind experience, and without a doubt one of the finest games we've had in years. That said, I personally don't want a sequel. Somehow, I can't help but feel the impact and effectiveness of the first game will be somewhat diminished. I just don't think a sequel is necessary. If they absolutely HAVE to, I would not want to see any returning characters.

Ellie and Joels bond and relationship throughout that game was something truly great and a result of superb writing. The ending was bold and left us wanting to know what happens next, but do we HAVE to see it? I like the idea of making my own mind up on the ultimate fate of these characters, I don't need to see it on screen. Again - if a sequel (with these characters) were to exist, then the lasting impact that they wanted to convey with the ending of the first game instantly loses its appeal.

When Uncharted ended, you could tell there was going to be a sequel, but with this - not so much. I'd prefer this to be a single experience and would rather see what else the brilliant Naughty Dog team could come up with, personally. But hey, money talks.
Dirtnapstor  +   734d ago
I hope it comes to be! Everyone knows if it were to happen, it would be golden. There would be no need to speculate if and how they could pull it off, their history speaks for itself.
Bring it!
Twiggy  +   734d ago
Making a sequel could spoil the magic that fuels TLOU, much like the Silent Hill series, they should have stopped at Silent Hill 2, at the very peak at what it could be.

People won't be satisfied after the first TLOU with any kind of sequel, if they some how managed to surpass the first game in every way and reach a new benchmark, then I'm a fool. But as risks go, this is a game that should be left alone from here onwards I believe, success was sweet for them, just don't start messing around with it.
Austin48  +   734d ago
We need a sequal with new charecters
ginsunuva  +   734d ago
The whole reaosn TLOU was good was because it felt fresh and new.

Having a sequel won't work. We wont feel the same way we did.
Artificially creating a story that the creators never planned == bad game.

Either sequels are planned and the story works out, or it falls apart due to stretching of the original story to fit more.
XANDEO  +   734d ago
I'd love a sequel personally set directly after the first one with joel as the lead again but dies at the end and sets up for another sequel with ellie as the lead. A trilogy I guess.
Longshot28  +   734d ago
I would love to see a direct sequel, but further on down the line, maybe 5 or 10 years joel being older and elie grown up.
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