Samsung Reportedly Working on Multi-Screen Gaming Platform

A presentation during the Samsung Developer's Conference outlined the Korean company's plans to launch a new videogame platform. The "Samsung Gaming Service" takes a two-prong approach in offering games to what Samsung Innovation Lab director Alan Queen calls the "console skeptic" portion of the market.

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majiebeast1690d ago

Uggh Samsung quality console. If you think RROD was bad, wait till Samsung enters.

kreate1690d ago

I thought Samsung is pretty good? Even the iPhones are made from Samsung manufactured electronic parts.

Ratty1690d ago

It's actually the first I hear about high failure rate of Samsung products. They're usually high quality. They also make most of their hardware themselves to make sure it's all reliable.

ZombieKiller1690d ago

In my experience, I've owned a plasma TV for about 7 years now with no hiccups that survived 2 moves. I have a Samsung Galaxy, and work for a cellular company. We sell nothing but Samsung phones.

To tell you the truth, Samsung has always had quality products throughout my life.

With the massive support for phones acting as the 2nd screen, and their tech with the galaxy gear integration, their bendable OLED screens and all the things they're creating in todays world, I could see this to prove interesting.

Or would you prefer another american company like Microsoft....dare I say Apple.

Samsung entering the game could be interesting.

NeoTribe1690d ago

You kidding? Samsung is pretty much the leader in tech. They rule the tv and phone market. There products are of fantastic quality. They pretty much are what sony use to be back in the day. If samsung made a console, i think micro would eventually get ran out.

dedicatedtogamers1690d ago

Dat market saturation

Seriously, this is going to be a repeat of the 5th gen: too many consoles, too many competitors, and the result is people will simply flock to the "known variables" (i.e. popular products that they recognize). You can kiss unique B-grade games from big publishers goodbye. That's why I'm hanging my hat on the upsurge of indie devs.

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Kayant1690d ago

Samsung to win this gen confirmed /s

hollabox1690d ago

Damn is everybody starting to jump in the home console business. We got Amazon, Valve with their Steam boxes, Samsung, Ouya crap, and I've heard whispers of Apple for the past couple of years. I think Amazon will probably be the most realistic threat since they have started buying home console developers.

kreate1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

I don't think it matters. At least not now. Who cares if they enter?

N4g gamers don't care and probably won't even give a chance. Those platforms are pretty much 'dead on arrival'

Irishguy951690d ago

Just like the playstation was when it arrived...and the Xbox.

Highlife1690d ago

Besides steam, all others are going for thethe casual gamer. All will have a hard time too. Why get one when your phone can already play those games and in a lot of cases better. Ouya is so much weaker than my phone and if I really wanted to I could hook up my phone to a tv. The only ones that have a chance would be Apple just because they are Apple and have their fans that will buy anything they make and Google if they would let you use chromecast and show your phones screen on tv.

joeorc1690d ago


"Ouya is so much weaker than my phone and if I really wanted to I could hook up my phone to a tv."

what smartphone do you have?

Because i see many that say the Ouya has a weak chipset. but you may not know this, but the Tegra 3 that the OUYA is not the same Tegra 3 as the entry Tegra 3 that is inside some of the older Smartphones and Tablets have. the Tegra 3 that is inside the OUYA is the T33 the top of the line Tegra 3.


is functionally a SoC with a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore CPU, but includes a fifth "companion" core. While all cores are Cortex-A9s, the companion core is manufactured with a special low power silicon process that uses less power at low clock rate but does not scale well to high clock rates; hence it is limited to 500 MHz.

that is like the PSVita also has a Quad core cortex A9.

The GPU in Tegra 3 is an evolution of the Tegra 2 GPU, with three times the number of shader units (12 compared to 4) and higher clock frequency. It can also output video up to 2560×1600 resolution and supports 1080p MPEG-4 AVC/h.264 40 Mbit/s High-Profile, VC1-AP, and DivX 5/6 video decode. The Tegra 3 was released on November 9, 2011.

Tegra 3 T33

1.6 GHz (up to 1.7 GHz in single-core mode)
32-bit single-channel 800 MHz DDR3-1600 (6.4 GB/sec)

the following systems use this chipset

Asus Transformer Pad Infinity (TF700T), Fujitsu ARROWS X F-02E, Ouya, HTC One X+,Fujitsu Arrows Tab F-05E

while the Tegra 3 is not as robust as the Tegra 4 it still is more than capable of running any and every game or application on the google playstore and run it very well. its not a weak chipset at all. performance is slightly below the PSVita in GPU performance, but the cpu performance is the same!

Highlife1690d ago

My bad, I didn't realize that the ouya had that much oomph. I have a note 3 so the only real difference is I have 3 gig memory as opposed to 1. I guess I couldn't justify a purchase of it because I can already play all those games.

joeorc1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )


"Damn is everybody starting to jump in the home console business. We got Amazon, Valve with their Steam boxes, Samsung, Ouya crap, and I've heard whispers of Apple for the past couple of years. I think Amazon will probably be the most realistic threat since they have started buying home console developers."

THEY ALL WILL! the problem is the effect of disruptive effects of the smart chips, that can be put into pretty much every freaking consumer electronics that get released by pretty much every consumer electronics company and content distribution company.

The chipsets are quite robust enough, that advanced development Tool chains are pretty much @ such an advanced level that the games that can be ran on these system chips and in fact run those games well, like EXAMPLE:

GTA III, GTA: Vice City, and GTA:SA all running on a Tablet or even a smartphone.

Remember even though these are much older game's on console's, the fact that Smartphone's can run those very well with increase in resolution on a smartphone even costing less than $70.00 on a no contract smartphone, shows that these chipsets can handle game console quality console games that 8 years ago the smartphones could not have the umph to run such games at least with a mass market price point.

Now that's not the case, hell you have chipsets that can run PS3 game's on a mobile phone and tablet chipset. the fact that those chipsets can be released so quick and so fast in design to retail in under 2 years time they become the newest mid tier smartphone's and tablets chipsets while the replacement becomes the high end chips, but the cost go down by 30%.

The key point is right now even your TV can be a smart Tv the very same smart TV chipset is the very same chipset that is inside your smartphone or Tablet.

with even cheaper developed investment games such as

Candy Crush is making over $800,000+ a day means that many such companies see the value as so enticing that they are not just going to look at that part of the market, when they already have advanced enough chipsets that once again can handle GTA type open world games
and still have the candy crush type of low cost investment , but really high return's.

When game companies that like RockstarGames who was pretty much only a game console and PC developer are now making games or porting their older games on smartphone and tablet chipsets, than that is once again they see the money on the table and do not want to leave it there.

the smartphone has and always been a disruptive platform, just look at the dedicated PDA market!
and what happened to that part of the Market.

hollabox1690d ago

Oh yeah, known this for awhile, just worried over saturation might cause the market to crash with 2-6 consoles on the market by 2016. Not enough money or time to spend on all platforms, overall the biggest loser will probably Nintendo since Smartphones games target Nintendo style gameplay and graphics. I'm looking building a Steam Box myself, just waiting until the software matures so I can keep that machine connected to my 3D Plasma and run my home server of the main.

SteamPowered1690d ago

I can't see amazon as being a threat to the big 3. Steam box will probably be the most successful of the bunch, but even that may not do so well. Cell phone games are popular because they are portable. I don't see that translating well on the big screen.
Steam is only used by the pc crowd right now. So I'm not sure who they are marketing their console for. The casual base won't know what the hell to do with 12 Steambox models to chose from. So they may shy away.
Personally I don't think any of them pose a real threat to the big 3 in the console market.

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Jury1690d ago

Sony got this. Don't throw your money away samsung... Or do, I don't care

joeorc1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )


"Sony got this. Don't throw your money away samsung... Or do, I don't care"

As i pointed out, that they really are not throwing the money away, because the chipsets are already going into those consumer electronics anyway.think of it this way.

In the very first start of computer's being made for consumer's back in the early 80's where the price point's were just starting to lower to where even middle income earning americans, the price was pretty high up, but the main chipset was intel+ the user control was DOS and than moved onto Windows powered OS.

several decades later intel processor's in mobile phones is not the leader, its Arm Holding's Chip designs, same thing in the consumer electronics industry, Arm Holding's has increased its foot print now so much so that Now Arm Holding's is gaining on the # chipset manuf. that run windows, where even now Microsoft is not just supporting Intel powered chipset's only before Microsoft only supported one type chipset for its main OS. they are now supporting Arm Holding's chips now with even a full windows OS on an Arm Holdings powered chipset!

Arm Holding's chipsets are now not just only a smart device only chipsets, they are also able to run a full desktop OS. or in other area's smart TV box's

its more convergence of the Mobile and desktop low powered chips now are used as for mainly general computing use, while high powerd chipsets are going to be more used for areas they always have but less needed for the mass market computing use. example

A game development use PC or something needed for computer science areas.

while the mass majority general use computing

is moving to these low cost lower powered chipsets like smartphone's and Tablets. even though they are low powered they are still powerful enough to handle advanced games that even games that were made for the xbox360 or the PS3. yes they are not anywhere near the new systems power performance. but think for a min.

these chipsets going into TV's are getting powerful chips that can handle games that were built for a xbox360 or a PS3. not just into TV's but also a smartphone or a tablet.

thats what is happening right now is a company like samsung can spend a few million and aquire a development studio and turn out exclusives than they can make more money from software sales.

they will

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