Ready To Run on PS4 Revealed – Teaser Made Of “Post-Processed In-Game Footage”

SegmentNext gets some spicy additional details for Ready to Run, the newly announced racing game for Playstation 4. Developer Beatshapers has announced that the teaser does represent in-game footage. Looks shiny!

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XiSasukeUchiha1482d ago

Bring on the games. This game especially!

sigfredod1482d ago

R/C racing coming???? i'm sold!!!

cyhm31121482d ago

how come so many games recently announced not coming on xbone?

Daavpuke1482d ago

It's just a lot less hassle to release on PS4, since indie developers have free range. Well, that's now almost the same on Xbox, but that also was adjusted later on, so the first wave is definitely coming for PS4. There might still be indie projects later on Xbox though, I don't think it's time to worry yet.

ZodTheRipper1482d ago

Or it's the obvious answer - it has more power, more demand and thus more potential in terms of sales. You don't really believe that it's much harder to develop for the X1, do you?

pheature1482d ago

anyone rememeer micro machines??
has a feel to it of that

that game was fun back then

Milruka1482d ago

I smell track mania rip off.

Hicken1482d ago ShowReplies(1)
Hicken1482d ago

Well, I didn't call you or anyone else a troll, did I? So who am I attacking, personally?

In either case, it's as on-topic as your comment, which contributes nothing at all, either.

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