Alienware's Steam Machine WILL Be Upgradable

GR: Alienware's Frank Azor has clarified the upgradability of its forthcoming line of Steam Machines. According to the Alienware boss, gamers will be able to upgrade the box, it just won't be as easy as working with a standard PC.

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dbjj120881547d ago

Make up your minds, Alienware!

acharlez1547d ago

It's all a matter of semantics...:)

PeaSFor1547d ago

but.....WILL IT BLEND?

ninjahunter1547d ago

They said it would be before, it just wouldn't have as many options as building your own PC. Article titles are ridiculously sensationalized these days.

ABizzel11547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )


I swear I was coming to say the same thing.

This is the last one I'm interested in, simply to let people know which one is the best to buy. They need to come on with the specs. I know september is pretty far off, so maybe they're holding out for Maxwell......I wouldn't hold my breath, but it's possible.

I still don't think the Steam Machine from them is going to be that great, considering the X51 is pretty similar to it, and start at $600 and is weaker than the XBO.

acharlez1547d ago

Would be crazy if it wasn't, to be honest.

Can't expect gamers to shell out $500 every year just to stay up to date.

Pandamobile1546d ago

Why would they have to spend $500 to stay up to date?

Desktop PC's are already way past the capabilities of next-gen consoles, so unless you're aiming for 4K at 60 FPS in the next few years, there's not a whole lot of need to upgrade.

Of course, the option is there for the millions of people who do like to stay up to date with technology every year or two.

sashimi1547d ago

cuz its just a branded PC ;)

MrGEE1547d ago Show
Summons751547d ago

Do people actually buy alien ware? They're owned by dell...and dell is the worst.

ABizzel11547d ago

Dell is okay, Alienware is solid but WAY overpriced unless you're getting the high-end PCs which are just slightly overpriced.

ninjahunter1547d ago

Alienware is a premium. it is indeed overpriced, but their computers, especially laptops are built to last. I bought my laptop from alienware day 1 that the m14x came out (14 inch laptop), about 3 years ago and have had the CPU and GPU overclocked every day since and it still works great. not to mention that the overclocking abilities are pretty extensive. I've also dropped it quite a few times and its still structurally sound.

and it came with some cool features, like a 5.1 sound card built in, the light up keyboard. In a world where laptops break usually withing a year or 2 of normal use, i would say that alienware has very good value.

Pandamobile1546d ago

Obviously people do buy Alienware machines. They wouldn't have been one of the top PC manufacturers of the last decade+ if they weren't selling anything.

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