Game Revolution: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Review

Game Revolution writes: "Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 3 is one of the few animé-based games that breaks the stereotype. The gameplay is easy to pick up, the character designs are amazing, and something about Naruto's story is completely addicting. If you ever wanted to see what this Naruto business is about, UN3 is the perfect place to get your first taste, although it still won't explain the appeal of gelling your hair into purple spikes.

Everyone loves ninjas. It's an undisputable fact. Some of you probably while away the hours at work with daydreams of black-masked danger. I know I do, but Naruto isn't your typical ninja. He's an underdog with dreams of greatness and the passion to see them fulfilled. He lives in a world where ninjas are local celebrities, kids go to ninja schools, and people toss fireballs from their hands. As you can imagine, there is bound to be a battle or two with that many ninjas on the loose."

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