Battlefield 4 PS4 and PS3 Game Updates Incoming, Patch Notes

MP1st - Brand new Battlefield 4 game updates are incoming for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 users.

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JMaine5181674d ago

Hopefully this makes it playable for you guys. I'm having a blast still.

ZodTheRipper1674d ago

It's playable but worse than before. I had more lags and crashes/infinite loading screens yesterday than before. But I guess nothings changed about "Never play on patch day" ...hopefully it's better today.

berndogskate1674d ago

Single player saves helllllöooooooooooooooo ffs

Septic1674d ago

Its not much consolation but the campaign is so short that you can finish it in one sitting, even on Hard.

angelsx1674d ago

Ps4 here still rubber banding

ZodTheRipper1674d ago

Now even on Operation Locker & Goldmud Railway (my favourite maps -.- ) conquest. Rush seems fine.

mochachino1673d ago

I cautiously say this but it's been working adequately for me for about a month now. Still some instances of horrible lag but every shooter has that at time and most importantly, I can consistently get into matches which was impossible at launch.

Although, I was playing SP the other day and got kicked back to the main screen and an error message. Really wish SP was separate from online while playing.