PS4 Weekly Deals: Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, NBA2K14 $39.99 each and more

PS4 weekly deals and sales at Amazon, Frys, Newegg, Best Buy and Target.

timothyckeegan840d ago

Happy to own all the list except Knack. I won't buy this game.

curtis92840d ago

I expect it to be a free PS+ game in the not too distant future and when it is, I recommend it.

moujahed839d ago

Yes, but not during this winter, maybe Summer or Fall.

ITPython839d ago

Knack was actually quite fun and I'll probably be playing it again after I finish R&C Into the Nexus.

IMO Knack doesn't deserve all the negative press, and I think if more people actually played it instead of listening to the moron review critics, they would understand it isn't all that bad, but in fact is quite fun.

worldwidegaming839d ago

BARGAIN BIN~! I am waiting for the magic $19.99~!

beatled840d ago (Edited 840d ago )

they'll be $29.99 soon

then $20

then $10

about the time I can grab a ps4 for $250 and get most games for $10...then i'll get one

once they have some games

thehitman840d ago

Lol ps4 @ 250? Guess you will be missing a lot of good gaming for the next 5 years.

stuna1839d ago

Exactly! Going at this rate I don't think anybody should expect a price drop any time soon. This is nothing like when the PS3 released, the reason the price dropped as quick as it did was to spur sales, because it was pretty much dead in the water against the competition.

iliimaster840d ago

wow sweet deals id pick up killzone but i dont even have a ps4 yet lol or money ;\

Grave839d ago

I have the money, but I can tell you right now that a PS4 at retail is impossible to get.

ITPython839d ago

You could do what all the other millions of people who couldn't get a PS4 did, buy an XB1. It's sort of 'the next best thing', and you shouldn't have a problem finding piles of them for sale at any electronics store.

Then when the PS4 starts to get regular stock, you could donate the bone to your local thrift store and write it off for $50 or so. Although thrift stores are pretty picky nowadays, so they might not take it. But a drive-by drop off at midnight at the back of the store will work. No receipt for that though, but at least you will be able to get rid of it.

TheDarpaChief839d ago

apparently on the website staples has some

Grave839d ago

Nope, checked it. Such a familiar sight:

"Sorry, this item is currently out of stock."

Oh_Yeah839d ago (Edited 839d ago )

Whyyyyy do people keep saying it's sold out. I have a hard time believing that. Many walmarts/ best buys around my area have an abundance. At all times. If you really want one, let me know ill post a listing on eBay. Just pay pal me before hand. Pay for the shipping and throw me like 30.

Grave839d ago (Edited 839d ago )


What's your zip code?

Let me check the stores in your area because trying to find a physical PS4 to buy in a store is like going snipe hunting for me.

This is what I'm dealing with:

Oh_Yeah839d ago

@grave 19805 is the zip code but you have to go in the store, you won't see availability online...but maybe just maybe if you call them they'll ship it too your store? Or to you? Idk, worth a shot.

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worldwidegaming839d ago

Next gen console prices will drop like rocks after a year.
This is because they are using more PC parts than custom non PC parts! win/win~!