The DeanBeat: Does Valve know what it’s doing with Steam Machines?

Valve is normally a company with many secrets. But company CEO Gabe Newell held a press conference this week at the 2014 International CES and then appeared on stage at the keynote speech of Intel chief executive Brian Krzanich — all to talk about Steam Machines, living room machines for gamers. The announcement was impressive, but it exposed a lot of contradictions that arise when you create a new gaming platform at a time when it is very hard to break away from other ecosystems and create something from scratch.

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wita1678d ago

I have no idea who's going to buy these at these prices.

Sadie21001678d ago

"Valve is crazy." Damn straight.

midnightambler1678d ago

I can't see Steam machines competing for the living room space, especially with the next gen console releases having gone so well.

darkronin2291678d ago

Instead of buying a separate box, I'd rather put that kind of $$ toward upgrading my PC.

NagaSotuva1678d ago

Steam Machines remind me of the CD-i, and that frightens me.

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