What Makes a Horror Game Truly Horrifying?

Making a horror game is easy. Making a horrifying game is hard. A look at some of the games that managed it and some that didn't.

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DC7771683d ago

Hard to believe anything will match the demented terror of that first air siren scene in Silent Hill.

GuyThatPlaysGames1683d ago

I think that Condemned 1 and 2 did a good job of horror.

PoSTedUP1683d ago

i agree with the above, and would add The Suffering.

CrossingEden1683d ago

Subtlety! Subtlety is the key to horror, don't just show us the monster or thing chasing us in a set piece where your running down a hallway in a scripted gameplay moment. That's not scary.

pyramidshead1683d ago

Immersion and helplessness.
Also depends on what type of horror game it's trying to be.
Survival and/or psychological horror always does it best imo.
Silent Hill had it down to a tee.
The Japanese are certainly much better at portraying horror than the West is, without a doubt.