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Submitted by TheGamingHeretic 778d ago | opinion piece

Minecraft May Be The Most Important Game Of The Next Generation

But this isn’t about the next generation of video gaming. This is about the next generation of humanity. If you’ve never played Minecraft, well, it matters little. You’ve seen the merchandise, you’ve heard talk of it. You can’t escape it these days. Why is it taking off? It’s apparent that a big part of its current success has to do with children (Culture, Industry, Minecraft, Next-Gen, PC, Xbox 360)

MrSwankSinatra  +   778d ago
Can someone explain the appeal of minecraft? I don't see why it's so popular.
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TheGamingHeretic  +   778d ago
I would say that the appeal is towards the 'open world' craze that is going on in the gaming community right now. It allows the players to build or impact anything that they can see (albeit in a 'square format'). It's also very easy to learn and you can literally do anything.
Emilio_Estevez  +   778d ago
It's like adult legos with monsters and RPG stuff (crafting, hunger/health, potions, the list goes on forever).

On PC you can have 100's even 1,000's of people in the same constant word that evolves and changes over time as people build/destroy, set up safe havens, or just go out and be creative. So many PC mods make it a completely different game.
PeaSFor  +   778d ago
Minecraft is seriously boring, go play Terraria if you really want monsters and RPG stuff, NOT minecraft.
Beastforlifenoob  +   778d ago
Sorry but I've played alot of minecraft back in 2011/early 2012 and im bored sick of it. ITs a dead fad (sorry to burst your bubble)
mixelon  +   778d ago
Its a dead fad that constantly sells and gets new content on a regular basis. A dead fad with 30 million+ sales and counting. A dead fad used in schools and supported by google and other big companies. A dead fad families can, and do play together.
SlapHappyJesus  +   778d ago
I am pretty sure mixelon spoke of any counter I could have to your statement.
With that, I am spending this post to inform mix that I bubbled them up.
punisher99  +   778d ago

Not saying its a bad game. But its overrated. It seems like a game i would have loved, back in 1995 though.
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mixelon  +   778d ago
Nothing like this even remotely existed in 1995, nor would it have been possible. I was an Amiga user in 1995 - on the PC side Doom had recently released. No. Just no.
DeadlyFire  +   778d ago
Its about player creativity first and foremost. That is why its so popular. Anyone can build stuff in the game. Its creative freedom like LittleBigPlanet, and Spark.
TheGamingHeretic  +   777d ago
I would even say that it built on concepts that Little Big Planet and Spark had. When it was released it was probably the truly most open concepted world. ... Concepted is a word!
rainslacker  +   778d ago
It's pretty addictive at times, and some of the user content is pretty cool.

Wouldn't say it's the most important. It does it's game play very well, but I've never had any deep meaningful experience from it. It's one of those games I like to play every once in a while just to not have to get into a game for a long period of time. Although I'm sure other people's appreciation for it will vary.
Magicite  +   778d ago
Neither I. For me it looks like game from 90s.
Sly-Lupin  +   777d ago
It's digital legos.
manaxknight1  +   778d ago
not a shigeru game so no
SlapHappyJesus  +   778d ago
I know you are trolling, but don't be that guy anyway.
TheGamingHeretic  +   777d ago
I would have to agree.. I am not even sure I get the joke with in the trolling.
Hicken  +   778d ago
Yeah... probably not.
90Supra  +   778d ago
805Junior805  +   778d ago
It appeals to people's OCD. Constantly having to make things perfect.
KwietStorm  +   778d ago
Hasn't Minecraft already had enough time in the limelight?
ziggurcat  +   778d ago
Minecraft is an awful, awful game.
The_Infected  +   778d ago
I like Minecraft. It's a game you can relax and bring your creativity to life. That's just the type of game it is.

Edit: For the ones saying it's awful game I disagree. It's more less just not your type of game.
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breakpad  +   778d ago
..while i havent played it and i can see the creativity point of the game that appeals to gamers ..from what i ve seen, it shouldnt be so highly rated game and so much promoted , you are not given so much creativity options (bricks??)and could have been much better reminds me techu 2 edit mode
mixelon  +   778d ago
There are a hell of a lot of creative options. There are a load of different types of wood alone, tons of different raw materials, all of which can be melted or manipulated into other materials or tools.. Which can often then be shaped into other stuff which usually isn't cube shaped (fence poles, steps, machines etc) - bricks, stone, everything.

Have you seen some of the more extreme builds? A few people have made functional computers within mc. The amount of flexibility is one of the reasons it's so successful. :)
mixelon  +   778d ago
Console MC is great for the split-screen. How many games have couch co-op now? Not enough.

None of them let you build stuff either. It's pretty much the ultimate family game. My wife and daughter can just drop in and help out/ build stuff just by turning on a controller, and that's great!
captainbigballs  +   778d ago
I had a lot of fun reading this article. I don't see the game moving very much feature-wise from where it stands right now, but I concur. There are tons of kids loving this game, more than enough to push it forward for many days to come. Now of course, like any fad or interesting product, especially with children, Minecraft can die out like a grape in the desert but as long as the developers can keep up with the herd, Minecraft is inevitably there in the future. Thanks for the read.
Coach_McGuirk  +   777d ago
a lot of closed-minded individuals posting comments here. Either they haven't played it, or they're so damned used to linear, hand-holding games that the prospect of a open-world game that requires creativity and imagination is simply too much for them to grasp.
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ziggurcat  +   777d ago
... Or it's just a boring, uninteresting game that doesn't actually have any redeeming qualities.
Allsystemgamer  +   777d ago
Or you have no clue what you're talking about.

Making functional...anything based on creativity alone isn't redeeming enough for you? Because it's not pretty? Doesn't offer "cod" style Hollywood action appeal? Not TLOU when it comes to story?

Grow up.
ziggurcat  +   777d ago
Except you don't actually make anything functional... A life size replica of the starship enterprise is not functional, a calculator that does absolutely nothing is not functional... Recreating the world in link to the past is not functional... Need I go on more about how nothing created in that game is functional? And it's not redeeming because no one else can actually enjoy anything you make... So you made a gigantic Mario avatar from donkey kong... Good job, bravo.... What can you do with that, apart from stare at it on your screen?

There are way more creative games on console that give the user an opportunity to be creative, and actually *share* their creations with other players! who can download, and experience for themselves! whether it be LBP, modnation racers, echochrome or soundshapes.

So don't give me that "it's pure creativity" crap because there are games on the market that foster creativity, and are more inclusive in experiencing the creations that are made.
juliotheman21  +   777d ago

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