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pat_11_5947d ago

I really wish they'd make a sequel to the Saboteur.

BlackTar187947d ago

Dude me too. I had so much fun platinum that game even when i was overwhelmed by all the demo objects it was still worth the time. I also loved the cars.

shivvy24947d ago

resistance 3 and spec ops the line were underrated imo

indysurfn947d ago

I usually don't like these lists. But the inclusion of OD makes me respect what they are saying about the games admittedly I didn't play. So I have to agree with this list and start shopping for 3 of them. Nice list.

PX54947d ago

@shivvy24 - although i couldn't get into it myself, even Yahtzee of The Escapist & Zero Punctuation fame says Spec Ops is a surprisingly good game and he's pretty hard to please.

sobekflakmonkey946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

The saboteur was good, but the black and white thing really bothered me, there was really no need for it and it took away from the beauty of the game when it was in full colour, that being said though, we do need another one, it was almost like a sequel (or prequel) to freedom fighters, that of which was a game I adored.

Also, I think Lost Odyssey was a good choice for this list as well, amazing game, we need more RPG's that play like that, I miss them.

Kidmyst946d ago

@shivvy24- Spec Ops the line was a solid play, got it free with PS Plus. The decisions made leading up to alternative ending and the AI needed some work but that Platinum was a tough earn.

zeee946d ago

I am not sure about underrated but one title that should have sold a hell lot more copies was Valkyria Chronicles.

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jackanderson1985947d ago

i wish someone would release a patch that would allow Saboteur to work on newer computers

robtion947d ago (Edited 947d ago )

Sequel would be tough given the setting. The saboteur 2 set in world war 3? ;)

I loved the Saboteur and spent so much time playing it. I have recommended it so many times and have currently lent it to my brother-in-law.

pat_11_5947d ago

It doesn't need to be set during a new war. Just set it in the eastern front, or in another country. The options are limitless.

robtion947d ago

Yeah but there is only one Paris. A lot of the charm of the game was the French setting.

Callediceman947d ago

@shivvy24 spec ops the line was a great game ... i would love a sequel

HammerKong947d ago

lost oddysey and saboteur were great games realy great games ,i dont know why people dont played that games but they were fun to play and story was great ,far cry is ok but still deserves more than this this and mafia 2 i think many people played it but people forget it soon ,i played it whole and that game was far far better than gta4 and was a great comptitor to rad dead redemption story was also very great and gameplay was fun and city was also designed very well but it is listed on this list i realyu doubt it and i'an not a jrpg fan so i cant say anythink about ni no kuni.

FunkMacNasty947d ago

I am so happy Far Cry 2 finally got some love! Still one of my absolute favorite games of previous generation. I know people were not happy with the respawning enemy checkpoints, but that was a small complaint given the vastness and detail of the open world, along with the many creative ways and open ended gameplay - there were limitless ways to complete missions in FC2

FC3 was great as well, but in my opinion FC2 was better.

GameSpawn947d ago

A sequel would be nice, but sadly this was Pandemic's last hurrah. What a way to go, right?

Why is it some of the best games come from companies that get shut down?

This and Kingdoms of Amalur are a couple of my favorite games that were actually a lot better than people gave them credit for and both developers are now gone, coincidentally both games were published via EA (not that they're necessarily responsible).

Back-to-Back946d ago

Other than Ni No Kuni these are some really bad games.

TheXgamerLive946d ago (Edited 946d ago )

Me too. Sadly Saboteur was their last game the studio closed dwn so unless somone else buys the rights to it, its gone.
Climbing up the eifel tower to jump off for that achivement had me shaking hahaha

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iamnsuperman947d ago

I don't know how Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is underrated as it received critical aclaim by the critics. Sure it may have no done well in the sales department but that doesn't mean it was underated. More overlooked.

Also Far Cry 2 we a bad game. Sure it had excellent parts and ideas but it was extremely buggy. One bug killed the story and made me have a 6 month Hiatus (until I found out how to fix it). The malaria mechanic didn't work well and the driving between missions was annoying (though it is the only instant where I have been scared playing a video game. Walking in the jungle then you hear a car. I craped my self everytime)

Necro_559947d ago

Actually Ni No Kuni sold well, real well.

iamnsuperman947d ago

Really. I was just under the impression (because of the article) it didnt

calis947d ago

I got the game breaking bug where the door wouldn't open to the next part of the map.

Tried all things to fix it but never worked.
Gave up after that.

iamnsuperman947d ago

That was the bug. You had to uninitial a patch. Then get the motor. Set up the motor and then turn through the wall (the patch stopped this glitch happening). I don't think they ever fixed the game breaking bug but that is how I got into that building

calis947d ago

This information would have been awesome 5 years ago. lol.

Thanks though :)

Knushwood Butt947d ago

Far Cry 2 is one of the most immersive games to date. It does have issues, but I loved it.

Ubisoft's post-release support is terrible. They never patch these games. Far Cry 3 was no better. I played the online co-op to pieces but it crashed often. Ubisoft NEVER patched it. I sold it a while back, but I bet it is just the same.

indysurfn947d ago

@thecowsaysmoo What are you doing? Your information isnt even correct you only list one game for PS4 and it is from the ps3? I have that game FREE from ps-Plus thank you. And most of the games you listed for xbox one are NOT out for it. I noticed you didn't list the best looking next generation game Killzone.

So how are they underrated games from previous generation?

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zeal0us947d ago

Shadows of the Damned was pretty decent game. Though I do wish it would've lasted longer.

Knushwood Butt947d ago

It was good for 2 play throughs, but even I (a fan of the game) found the third play through something of a chore.