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5 most underrated games of the last console generation

Here are the most underrated titles of the last console generation. (Far Cry 2, Lost Odyssey, Mafia 2, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, PS3, The Saboteur, Xbox 360)

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pat_11_5  +   371d ago
I really wish they'd make a sequel to the Saboteur.
BlackTar187  +   371d ago
Dude me too. I had so much fun platinum that game even when i was overwhelmed by all the demo objects it was still worth the time. I also loved the cars.
shivvy24  +   371d ago
resistance 3 and spec ops the line were underrated imo
indysurfn  +   371d ago
I usually don't like these lists. But the inclusion of OD makes me respect what they are saying about the games admittedly I didn't play. So I have to agree with this list and start shopping for 3 of them. Nice list.
PX54  +   371d ago
@shivvy24 - although i couldn't get into it myself, even Yahtzee of The Escapist & Zero Punctuation fame says Spec Ops is a surprisingly good game and he's pretty hard to please.
sobekflakmonkey  +   371d ago
The saboteur was good, but the black and white thing really bothered me, there was really no need for it and it took away from the beauty of the game when it was in full colour, that being said though, we do need another one, it was almost like a sequel (or prequel) to freedom fighters, that of which was a game I adored.

Also, I think Lost Odyssey was a good choice for this list as well, amazing game, we need more RPG's that play like that, I miss them.
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Kidmyst  +   371d ago
@shivvy24- Spec Ops the line was a solid play, got it free with PS Plus. The decisions made leading up to alternative ending and the AI needed some work but that Platinum was a tough earn.
zeee  +   370d ago
I am not sure about underrated but one title that should have sold a hell lot more copies was Valkyria Chronicles.
jackanderson1985  +   371d ago
i wish someone would release a patch that would allow Saboteur to work on newer computers
robtion  +   371d ago
Sequel would be tough given the setting. The saboteur 2 set in world war 3? ;)

I loved the Saboteur and spent so much time playing it. I have recommended it so many times and have currently lent it to my brother-in-law.
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pat_11_5  +   371d ago
It doesn't need to be set during a new war. Just set it in the eastern front, or in another country. The options are limitless.
robtion  +   371d ago
Yeah but there is only one Paris. A lot of the charm of the game was the French setting.
Callediceman  +   371d ago
@shivvy24 spec ops the line was a great game ... i would love a sequel
HammerKong  +   371d ago
lost oddysey and saboteur were great games realy great games ,i dont know why people dont played that games but they were fun to play and story was great ,far cry is ok but still deserves more than this this and mafia 2 i think many people played it but people forget it soon ,i played it whole and that game was far far better than gta4 and was a great comptitor to rad dead redemption story was also very great and gameplay was fun and city was also designed very well but it is listed on this list i realyu doubt it and i'an not a jrpg fan so i cant say anythink about ni no kuni.
FunkMacNasty  +   371d ago
I am so happy Far Cry 2 finally got some love! Still one of my absolute favorite games of previous generation. I know people were not happy with the respawning enemy checkpoints, but that was a small complaint given the vastness and detail of the open world, along with the many creative ways and open ended gameplay - there were limitless ways to complete missions in FC2

FC3 was great as well, but in my opinion FC2 was better.
GameSpawn  +   371d ago
A sequel would be nice, but sadly this was Pandemic's last hurrah. What a way to go, right?

Why is it some of the best games come from companies that get shut down?

This and Kingdoms of Amalur are a couple of my favorite games that were actually a lot better than people gave them credit for and both developers are now gone, coincidentally both games were published via EA (not that they're necessarily responsible).
Back-to-Back  +   370d ago
Other than Ni No Kuni these are some really bad games.
TheXgamerLive  +   370d ago
Me too. Sadly Saboteur was their last game the studio closed dwn so unless somone else buys the rights to it, its gone.
Climbing up the eifel tower to jump off for that achivement had me shaking hahaha
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duckieoro   371d ago | Spam
thecowsaysmoo   371d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(1)
iamnsuperman  +   371d ago
I don't know how Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch is underrated as it received critical aclaim by the critics. Sure it may have no done well in the sales department but that doesn't mean it was underated. More overlooked.

Also Far Cry 2 we a bad game. Sure it had excellent parts and ideas but it was extremely buggy. One bug killed the story and made me have a 6 month Hiatus (until I found out how to fix it). The malaria mechanic didn't work well and the driving between missions was annoying (though it is the only instant where I have been scared playing a video game. Walking in the jungle then you hear a car. I craped my self everytime)
Necro_559  +   371d ago
Actually Ni No Kuni sold well, real well.
iamnsuperman  +   371d ago
Really. I was just under the impression (because of the article) it didnt
calis  +   371d ago
I got the game breaking bug where the door wouldn't open to the next part of the map.

Tried all things to fix it but never worked.
Gave up after that.
iamnsuperman  +   371d ago
That was the bug. You had to uninitial a patch. Then get the motor. Set up the motor and then turn through the wall (the patch stopped this glitch happening). I don't think they ever fixed the game breaking bug but that is how I got into that building
calis  +   371d ago
This information would have been awesome 5 years ago. lol.

Thanks though :)
Knushwood Butt  +   371d ago
Far Cry 2 is one of the most immersive games to date. It does have issues, but I loved it.

Ubisoft's post-release support is terrible. They never patch these games. Far Cry 3 was no better. I played the online co-op to pieces but it crashed often. Ubisoft NEVER patched it. I sold it a while back, but I bet it is just the same.
indysurfn  +   371d ago
@thecowsaysmoo What are you doing? Your information isnt even correct you only list one game for PS4 and it is from the ps3? I have that game FREE from ps-Plus thank you. And most of the games you listed for xbox one are NOT out for it. I noticed you didn't list the best looking next generation game Killzone.

So how are they underrated games from previous generation?
Dark11  +   371d ago
Shadows of the Damned.
zeal0us  +   371d ago
Shadows of the Damned was pretty decent game. Though I do wish it would've lasted longer.
Knushwood Butt  +   371d ago
It was good for 2 play throughs, but even I (a fan of the game) found the third play through something of a chore.
PaperClichePixel  +   371d ago
Binary Domain
PaperClichePixel  +   371d ago
I actually like El Shaddai, and I would put Dragon's Dogma, even though I only played the demo. Shadow Complex
The_Devil_Hunter  +   371d ago
I got that from PS Plus, I absolutely love it! One of the best underrated games. But in my opinion the most underrated/overlooked game is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.
PaperClichePixel  +   371d ago
LoS, was too good man, and I agree with everyone who mentioned it.
Knushwood Butt  +   371d ago
Can't wait for the LoS sequel. Where is it?
modesign  +   371d ago
i agree with top 3. lost odysey was trash. replace lost trash with alan wake.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   371d ago
How? It was a huge engaging story, tailored by stellar artwork, phenomenal soundtrack and one of my favourite battle systems for an RPG to date.

It's fair to say you didn't like the game but EXTREMELY UNFAIR to mark the title down as trash....
pat_11_5  +   371d ago
Alan Wake is a good one! I still really like Lost Odyssey though.
nnotdead  +   371d ago
I feel Alan Wake is like the 360 version of The Last of Us. A lot of people like the game, and i did get into the story part of the game, but i couldn't stand the gameplay.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   371d ago
Spec Ops: The Line. People complained about military shooters with forgettable stories and Yager delivered an excellent game to address this.

Also I shake the hand of Dark and Paper Cliche Pixel for mentioning Shadows Of the Damned and Binary Domain because they got shafted even harder.

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ziggurcat  +   371d ago
i was really surprised at how good spec ops was. nolan north, *and* one of my favourite bands providing some of the soundtrack was great, too.
coolbeans  +   371d ago
I wouldn't score Spec Ops that much higher than its meta-average (I genuinely can't look past some gameplay frustrations), but hot dog..what a story that kept me surprised.

I haven't played SOTD or Binary Domain, but I agree with Folklore too. I guess I'll add Alan Wake to mine and maybe Contrast (but I'm not sure if that counts with it being 'cross-gen' and all).
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Vanfernal  +   371d ago
Folklore was criminally underrated!
Sarcasm  +   371d ago
Ah yes, that game was pretty terrific. But it was too unique for people.
Knushwood Butt  +   371d ago
Great sixaxis implementation too.

I don't understand why that functionality got forgotten; was really good when implemented well.
Vanfernal  +   371d ago
I know! The sixaxis use in that game felt unique and not gimmicky. When you killed a boss, slammed it's soul against the floor multiplettimes and yanked it out it was one of the most fulfilling gameplay experiences this gen.
ziggurcat  +   371d ago
saboteur was surprisingly fun.

but mafia II better than GTA IV? not a chance.
ivan510  +   371d ago
I agree mafia was great but not better. It felt like a linar open world. Cant wait for a sequel.
PX54  +   371d ago
The Mafia 2 was the only game in this list i'd played, and i disagree with it being underrated. Makes me think what people believe about the other games in the list.
But what's the point of making an open-world/sandbox game then not giving the player anything to do other than the story? I mean it's less than half a game to be quite frank. Not being one for Mafia story lines, I wasn't engrossed, leaving it feeling empty. The only thing if i remember correctly that it did alow you to do was change clothes and modify your car (not that you needed it with the map being so small).
Tontus  +   371d ago
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Alan Wake.
Spurg  +   371d ago
Castlevania: LOS for sure...
SilentNegotiator  +   371d ago

Over 1 million sold and an average score of 8.5?
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Spurg  +   371d ago
....Some of the main gaming sites gave it an ok review. (I don't care what hipster site people go to ...I mentioned are the most followed.)

Gametrailers; 7.9
IGN: 7.5
Gamespot: 7.5

People in podcast also said they felt so bored they didn't even want to finish the game.

'Underrated' isn't really the word that should have been used in this article...it more 'overlooked' games. And Caslevania: LOS has been overlooked this gen.
Tontus  +   371d ago
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow took over a year & a budget price to sell over 1 million copies on PS3 + 360 whereas a disappointing game like God of War: Ascension sold almost 2 million copies on PS3 alone in less than a year, there's no justice in that, C:LoS was tragically overlooked.

And even though the game averaged in the very decent low/mid 80s it's still quite a bit underrated, it is a 90%+ quality game up there with the greats of the genre.
ivan510  +   371d ago
I think spec ops the should be there, that game had an amazing story.
cerpintaxt44  +   371d ago
NukaCola  +   371d ago
I would love a sequel. Game had a lot of potential but was held back by a few annoyances like a poor map system and it lacked the creativity in puzzles that the time aspect could of really shown. Overall, the soviet-esk bioshock-like experience was really good. Never played the MP because no one was online.
mydyingparadiselost  +   371d ago
I agree but it was WAY too short. If I had bought it instead of renting I would have been upset.
Hellsvacancy  +   371d ago
I also liked Singularity
MysticStrummer  +   371d ago
MAG always leaps to my mind when I see lists of underrated games. Best online FPS experience of last generation in my opinion, though Zipper didn't handle it well after launch. I enjoyed the added modes but would have preferred more maps for the default modes instead.
guitarded77  +   371d ago
MAG was awesome... but I thought Zipper supported the crap out of the game. The core experience from day 1 to today was overhauled several times to make the game better for the community, and that's not including all the DLC. Zipper listened to the players and fixed/altered almost everything that was asked for... I think that's pretty decent support.

Another game I think is pretty under recognized (not really underrated) is Fat Princess. One of the most fun competitive games ever. Really wish they'd make a new one for PS4.
MysticStrummer  +   371d ago
Yeah I agree that Zipper didn't exactly abandon the game after launch. Far from it. I'm mainly talking about the DLC when I say I wish they'd done things differently.
Bob Dole  +   371d ago
Fat Princess was an awesome game for sure. IBD'sO Valkyria Chronicles should be on this list near the top.
Morpheuzpr  +   371d ago
That was what killed the game. They only supported their favorite faction which was SVER aka easy mode. People got tire of needing to work extra hard to be able to deal with them and eventually quit the game. So the number of player dropped drastically and most of them were jumping into the easy mode bandwagon and that was the end of it, at least till I followed the game.
Sarcasm  +   371d ago
It's unfortunate Zipper is closed, if they could have made MAG for the PS4 instead. Not only would the graphics have held up better, but the network and game play would have set the world on fire.
MysticStrummer  +   371d ago
No doubt. They could also have brought the SOCOM franchise back to what it once was… even though they're the ones that messed it up.
GundalfDeGrej  +   371d ago
There isn't really a need for MAG on ps4 when Planetside 2 is right around the corner. Not only is it free, it's also a better game in my opinion.
AnotherProGamer  +   371d ago
i probably gonna get hate for this but Bioshock Infinite
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guitarded77  +   371d ago
Not hating, just wondering how you think Bioshock Infinite is underrated... It sold big numbers, got great reviews, and is a contender on every 2013's GOTY list. If anything, it would have to be overrated... I just don't see how you get underrated. Please clarify.
AnotherProGamer  +   371d ago
oops I'm dumb I thought it said overrated not underrated sorry

also I would say Zeno Clash is underrated
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Vanfernal  +   371d ago
Valkyria Chronicles. That is all.
mydyingparadiselost  +   371d ago
Sarcasm  +   371d ago
Definitely! OMG I keep forgetting I still have it and been looking forward to replaying it.
Scrivlar  +   371d ago
Even Dark Souls was kind of overlooked considering how many people bought Skyrim, and Call Of Duty etc.
Bob Dole  +   371d ago
Demon Souls was overlooked, hardly anybody played that game. Dark Souls was pretty mainstream. It is agreeable that it doesn't compare to Skyrim or COD sales wise but damn near everyone has played the game or at least heard of it.
MestreRothN4G  +   371d ago
Deadly Premonition.
Condemned 2.
Shadows of the Damned.

He puts in his list acclaimed titles. Basically it is all done by mid or high profile titles.

If it's about sales, you HAVE to put Mark of the Ninja.
ecco0201  +   371d ago
Sniper Elite V2 all day long, game is so amazing
huntingking17  +   371d ago
I think dark sector is kinda underrated. I love that still play it every now and again. I think of it as resident evil 4.5.
Thepharaoh  +   371d ago
Kameo elements
Treian  +   371d ago
Alice: Madness Returns. That game was amazing. One of the true action platformers this gen.
Picnic  +   371d ago
Alice nearly went on my Christmas list but I found the original to be disappointing. Probably partly due to the Quake engine and the PC-like style of gameplay.
If anyone wants to play a great Alice-like game, I'd say play Conker's Bad Fur Day if you've never played it. It's got all the ingredients- changes in form, crazy characters, talking inanimate objects, unexpected scenarios. Or, this generation, Papo and Yo. Still, I will play Madness Returns when it comes down to below 10 UK pounds because it looks like parts have a beautiful art style. But I feel that inbetween there'll be a lot of slightly predictable action for the genre and predictably, too consciously 'surreal' flourishes in a dated kind of way.
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Quisp  +   371d ago
No offense as everyone is entitled to their own preferences, but, I couldnt disagree more with your comment.

The original Alice game is on my top 5 list of all time great games. Just to clarify, it used the Quake III engine, not Quake I if thats what you meant.
Playing it on the PC with higher rez and better controls was the way to go. Level design was amazing. Storyline was so well written. Character development along with weapons and the variety of enemies and bosses was top notch.
The re-released console version was ok, but, I cant understand why anyone would choose console over PC. Again to each his own.
Btw, most of the Alice community(yes there is one)were disappointed in Madness Returns.
We couldnt help but compare it to the original and it didnt stack up on all levels I mentioned, as the original.
Yeah it had a more polished prettier engine, but, gameplay was redundant and even American Mcgee stated the game was rushed by EA towards the end of development.
SoulSercher620  +   371d ago
schlanz  +   371d ago
Honestly to even consider a game underrated it ought to have a meta average under 80%. Under-appreciated, under-sold, whatever: different conversation.

Dead Space 3 is definitely one which jumps to mind, 75 meta, and the game, though not as satisfying as the first 2, was excellent nevertheless.
Rock_On_PS4  +   371d ago
Lair and Haze are two great exclusive games that were for me better games than Halo 3 and Gears of War. The PS3 had more AAA rated games than XBox 360 and the Wii.
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mydyingparadiselost  +   371d ago
Wonderful 101, House of the Dead Overkill, Dead Space Extraction, Valkyria Chronicles (YEAH!), Vanquish, Bayonetta, Sin & Punishment, Alan Wake, Zack and Wiki, Deadly Premonition, To the Moon, Catherine, No More Heroes, ZombiU, Trauma Team, MadWorld, El Shaddai and a host of others. This last gen has been rife under rated and undersold games. It honestly makes me fear for the new generation of games...
Bob Dole  +   371d ago
To the Moon was definitely an amazing experience.
SilentNegotiator  +   371d ago
Mafia 2; average scores for an average game.

The open world was pointless, the gameplay was generic, the overall plot was one big mobster flick cliche, and they used the word "f**k" like it was written by 14 year old boys.
tristanwerbe  +   371d ago
You sir did not play it
SilentNegotiator  +   370d ago
You sir, are allowed to disagree with me, but not to brush me off because you don't like what I've said.
wnek9  +   371d ago
for me nier was the most underrated
TRGMatt  +   371d ago
Ni No Kuni was NOT underrated, in my opinion. Perhaps slightly OVER rated. Really good game, no doubt, but just not this "epic JRPG that we've all been waiting for" that it has been touted as.

Although the last couple hours of gameplay were pretty fuckin fantastic :p
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SilentSolid  +   371d ago
Warhawk & Starhawk on ps3
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