Wonderbook: Walking with Dinosaurs Review (ITF Gaming)

Michael Garview from ITF Gaming writes: Dinosaurs are many a young child’s obsession. Giant lizards with abundant amounts of strength and stamina in a lost world – what’s not to love? Supermassive Games, in co-operation with the BBC, have released Wonderbook: Walking with Dinosaurs to educate children about these ancient behemoths and their ethology. As a game, however, it lacks somewhat and doesn’t always offer an enjoyable experience for players – whatever the age.

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JohnnyTower1794d ago

Hey guy, you don't have to be a child to enjoy dinosaurs. Not too many kids are advancing palaeontology.

guitarded771794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

That made me chuckle.

New topic: How many accounts do you have JohnnyTower? I've seen that avatar on another account... so I assume.

JohnnyTower1794d ago

Straight up, this is the only account I have going. I used to have a Punisher avatar for a bit.

CataclysmicDawn1792d ago

Fair enough, but any adults who are likely have more knowledge in the field than the game can provide.

It's aimed at kids - and to be fair, many kids find dinosaurs very intriguing. Thanks for reading though.

Alex_Boro1794d ago

Still wondering why these games are even being made. I doubt they're profitable.

Pozzle1794d ago

I'm guessing these sort of games must be really cheap to make, so that even if they sell badly they still somehow make a profit.

abzdine1793d ago

do you hear about taking risks and pleasing as many tastes as possible?
imagine everyone makes FPS...
i bought all wonberbook games and i think they are very fun. They are also very affordable.

Phoenix761790d ago

If you don't have young kids then pass this one up. But if like me, you have a seven yr old daughter, then def worth the price off the store. She loves it.