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Gran Turismo 6 Vs Project CARS: Graphics Comparison Shows PC Is Untouchable

CinemaBlend - It should go without saying that the PS3 can't even hold a match up to the wick of a candle in comparison to the PC rendition of Project CARS. Heck, I would be willing to bet that the PS3 can't hold a candle to the Wii U version of Project CARS. However, it's made abundantly obvious that and undeniably clear that the graphics in Gran Turismo 6 show their age without a shadow of a doubt. (Gran Turismo 6, PC, Project CARS, PS3)

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T900  +   718d ago
Cant wait for Project cars looks so detailed. In the mean time i been playing Assetto Corsa on the PC its still in beta but looks very promising.
vishmarx  +   718d ago | Well said
who would've thought that $200 7yr old hardware is not on par with a $1500 modern machine...
a genius indeed
Hellsvacancy  +   718d ago
Yep, pointless article, you can do this with pretty much every PS3 vs PC game
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jimbobwahey  +   718d ago
Well if they compared Drive Club to Project CARS, then Project CARS would obviously look worse since Drive Club blows it out the water graphically, so they had to go with GT6 instead.
SlapHappyJesus  +   718d ago

Saying so doesn't make it so.
The fact that you say something as dramatic as "blows it out of the water" shows just how far you are reaching with that statement.
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Dasteru  +   718d ago

Reaching so far he got it completely backwards, Project Cars blows Driveclub out of the water graphically, anyone who thinks otherwise needs a serious reality check and possibly a new pair of glasses. Project Cars isn't even out of Beta yet either.
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zebramocha  +   718d ago
Here is some dc footage,there short and very in quality.



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mewhy32  +   718d ago
I agree with vish. This isn't a fair comparison. I mean it's like comparing 720p vs 1080p. There's really no comparison.
pete007  +   718d ago
how about comparing a multi million budget and almost infinite resourses against a private project, funded by people like me who invested a bit of money and believe developpers capabilities wich is on pre alfa builds with almost no licenses, not yet optimized( no sli support, no driver support) and pits against the allmighty GT franchise GALANTLY as if it would be a multi billionaire franchise.
dont forget it was also planned to release on ps3/360 and it would still beat GT
mic_cala  +   717d ago
I know what a joke comparin a game on 7 old hardware to something on top of the range hardware lol.

People need to find something better to do with there time !!
JasonKCK  +   717d ago
Agree. Not really fair comparing a 2013 PC to a 7 year old console. Would have been better off comparing Forza X1.
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Autodidactdystopia  +   717d ago
Lol at driveclub references... dream on.
UncleGermrod  +   717d ago
Well this wasn't obvious. I mean, c'mon. To be fair, next to next-gen racers, even forza 5 being a launch game, the difference is not so much. I mean the in-car cam looks amazing and the lighting is much better than say forza 5, but overall, I am sure we will begin to see racers that can rival this on console. Why compare it to ps3?? And also, PC ofcourse will always be capable of turning out better graphics with high-end rigs. I don't see the point in this article.

PS: Project:Cars does look really good
FlunkinMonkey  +   718d ago
Comparing 6+ year old hardware with high end PC? Yea, good one.. This isn't obvious at all. GT6 does amazing considering.. Project Cars looks stunning but this is a particularly stupid comparison.

GT7 will rival these graphics.
DEATHSTROKE-cro-  +   718d ago
decrypt  +   718d ago
How do we know? GT5 used assets from GT3, 800 cars out of the 1000 were using low res textures, History has a way of repeating itself.

Should GT7 be doing things the way GT5 did, no way its going to compare to project cars.
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Angeljuice  +   717d ago
To be completely honest, I started watching the video thinking how great project cars looks, but a third of the way through I started looking at the PS3 screen more and more, its amazing that they can make it look that good with such limited resources (512 Megabytes split into 2 pools (awkward), 7 year old GPU that was considered mid-range at best when released).

Project Cars does look great, but run it through a mid-range 7yo PC with 256MB of ram and a 256MB video card for a true, meaningful comparison.

You wouldn't even get past the title screen, you couldn't even run Windows on it, unless Project Cars is DOS based you'd be screwed!
skazwaz  +   718d ago
Yeah...what everyone else is saying...
Muffins1223  +   718d ago
Ha this is a last gen game and we still need conparison to see if project cars looks better than a last gen game,just wait till gt7 on ps4.
Yourpapa  +   718d ago
If you want to be taken anywhere serious at least take a PS4 racing game and still the PC is better in every way. But that's not the point. This comparison makes no sense.
OrangePowerz  +   718d ago
Useless comparison given one of the games runs on old hardware with 512MB of RAM versus a high end PC.

In other news: BF4 looks much better on PC compared to PS3 and 360.
curtis92  +   718d ago
Comparing hardware that's 8 years old to a new pc game? Yeah.... that's fair.
OrangePowerz  +   718d ago
Not sure if DriveClub looks better, but the environment looks more lively since they don't have to use boring race tracks.
pete007  +   718d ago
try to race the Mother against 15 top racers online and you wont last a single lap. youll quit before finnish, call that boring
we see you know nothing about race car simulators
OrangePowerz  +   717d ago
I was talking about the environment not about the driving.
yezz  +   718d ago
Driveclub looks absolutely stunnig! The lighting is just insane..
Xsilver  +   718d ago
Those enviroments in DC makes the game look amazing.
TheFallenAngel  +   718d ago
Why not compare it with Forza 5 instead?
Rivitur  +   717d ago
Someone already did the article is somewhere here on n4g I think it was top five a couple of days ago.
InMyOpinion  +   718d ago
Wouldn't expect GT6 to look better, that would not make sense.

BUT, I would expect it to sound better. The audio in GT6 is dreadful. Sounds like PS2 samples.
Dasteru  +   718d ago
Everyone complaining about GT5/6 having bad sound needs to try actually using the uncompressed high dynamic range audio setting with proper speakers that do not EQ the hell out of it. GT5s only problem is that it sets the sound quality to low dynamic range by default and most people are too stupid to realise what the setting is, and just ignore it.

There are comparison videos online that compare both GT5 and Forza 4 to real life sounds for the same cars, GT5 sounds almost dead on when in high dynamic range, Forza 4 sounds about 2-3 octaves lower than it should be.
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torchic  +   718d ago
you shouldn't have to go through loopholes to make the game sound better.

GT5/6 sounds are crap and it's unacceptable that Polyphony still haven't got it right...
Dasteru  +   718d ago
Loopholes? are you really that daft? it is called a settings menu.
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InMyOpinion  +   718d ago
Imo Forza sounds like cars while GT sounds like synthesizers and vacuums.
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torchic  +   718d ago
I don't have to go through a "settings menu" and get "proper speakers" to hear that Driveclub sounds a million light years better than GT6.

GT6 sounds like crap even PD themselves know this as they have stated that they will patch the game with the better sounds sometime down the line.
KingPin  +   718d ago
for a fair comparison, lets take a $400 pc built 8 years ago, install Project cars on that machine vs GT6 on PS3 and lets see what looks better.
Dasteru  +   718d ago
You mean a $600 PC built 7 years ago? Nice try though.
Felonycarclub8  +   718d ago
Yeah i know it probably won't even run it but GT6 is a hell of a game especially with all the stuff they put in, it's amazing how powerful the PS3 is when other games can't even do half of the stuff GT6 does and can't wait to see what kaz and polyphony do with the power of the PS4.
webeblazing  +   718d ago
Lol he tried to use the goto move n failed ps3 cost 600 after tax damn 650
TomahawkX  +   718d ago
didn't realize how bad the engine sounds were in gran turismo. It sounded like a vacuum cleaner lol.
johny5  +   718d ago
I'm a PC fan and even I know Drive Club will look better because....
it's environment is more dynamic plus the lighting and shadows look more lively and realistic then artificial and that's simply because Project CARS is still based off the Need For Speed: Shift 2 engine!

Project CARS on the other hand will have better looking higher resolution textures and being able to output in higher resolution then 1080p "4k/8k"

you can tell Project CARS uses the Shift 2 engine by just the animations alone!
OverPaperSkies  +   718d ago
Driveclub is an arcade title running at a sub par 30 FPS with a hollow background premise that has been done 100000000 times before (Test drive unlimited anyone?)

Project Cars is a full on simulator built by professionals that have worked along side nascar and GT series racing to train drivers off the track. Not only that but the community itself is being built on player feedback alone.

You're not a Pc fan, you're another stealth troll that seems to think people will fall for your BS. If you'd really played Project Cars beta (which you haven't) you'd realize it's years ahead of Driveclub when it comes to environments, physics, textures. It's being built of the most powerful platform. THE PC. No limits, nothing holding it back. Full PC optimization.
Hicken  +   717d ago
Another stealth troll, you say? Isn't that rather hypocritical? I mean, since you're in every PlayStation article doing or saying something to downplay Sony. Half a month of Sony bashing, BS, and overall FUD, and you've got the nerve to call somebody else a troll.

No limits on PC? You mean that ANY PC will run Project CARS, and it'll look better than GT6 does? So I can go back to those giant floppy disc using computers they had in school when I was a kid, and get the same performance?

Wait, I can't? Sounds like a hardware limitation to me.
ape007  +   718d ago
well there is a difference but nowhere near the 7 year gap between the two hardware, 7 year gap should make GT6 looks like complete garbage but GT6 manages to look very good which is unbelievable

i mean GT3 on ps2 (2001) make GT 1(ps1 1998) look like complete joke in just 3 years
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BelkingOfSony  +   718d ago
comparing gt6 to project cars is like comparing a smart car to a bugatti veyron.
Dasteru  +   718d ago
I'd take the smart car, the veyron is an overpriced whale on wheels. It goes fast in a straight line but when it comes to turning, it is hardly any faster than an ice cream truck.
Orbilator   718d ago | Bad language | show
BelkingOfSony  +   717d ago
Orbilator learn to read properly
jjonez18  +   718d ago
This article would have been relevant a couple years ago.
Jughead3416  +   718d ago
Pc trying to stay relevant
SlapHappyJesus  +   718d ago
I am sure Gabe Newell becoming a billionaire had nothing to do with Steam.
OverPaperSkies  +   718d ago
Pc still makes more money than console.

sashimi  +   718d ago
Yet the Gaming industry revolves around consoles

2pacalypsenow  +   717d ago
Developers make more money out of console games

SlapHappyJesus  +   717d ago
Honestly, I think it more or less evens out over time.
This is directed at everyone involved. Early on, sure . . . games make hell of a lot more money up-front on console the first few months of release. After that, however, console games fall prey to the used game market and that's where the majority of the sales of the game happen. Buy, sell, rebuy, sell, rebuy, sell, etc.
On PC, it's much more long-term profit. Sales are a lot more steady than they are on console. Games continue to sell years down the road via digital distribution.
dennett316  +   718d ago
Honestly....this kind of thing just makes the PC gaming scene seem SO damn insecure and needy. They've got to constantly lord it over consoles - "Yeah, what you've got is OK, but on PC everything is better". It's a common theme, people talk about a console game, or compare one console with another, but there's got to be a PC gamer sticking their oar in and talking about how thousands of dollars of upgrades have a $400 next-gen console beaten in terms of graphics and resolution etc.
It's like they can't go 5 seconds without justifying what they've spent...utterly sad. Of course, they won't ever compare like for like...that'd skew things far too much out of their favour to allow them to do that. Let's see a $400 PC outperform a PS4, or a $200 PC outperform a PS3 while keeping the same approximate spec level.
anticlimax  +   718d ago
Agree on the insecurity issue, disagree on the 400$ PC comparison.

Even if you'll never play a game, you'll have a more expensive pc. I don't know any console owner who doesn't have a pc that costs (or cost in the past tense) more than 400$. If you wanna compare, build a pc that costs the price of your console and your pc/laptop combined.

But that's if you wanna compare, which you don't, because it's stupid (too many variables, different altogether)
2pacalypsenow  +   717d ago
Its like buying a BMW and then talking shing shit about people with Hondas how BMW are so much better . People with Hondas just dont care the Honda will get them from point A to B the same way the BMW would
shmeedy24685  +   718d ago
Project Cars is supposed to be coming out on PS4 and Xbox One as well, can't wait!
Orbilator  +   718d ago
who really cares, projecct cars will bomb mark my words. Then it will dissapear into obscurity. its a real waste of resources to even port it to ps4 or xb1. Both systems by then will have much better racers, that's if project cars has a full release and gets out of development hell.
OverPaperSkies  +   718d ago
I love how everyone is jumping on the band wagon of GT7...

Do people really think we are going to see it in the next two years?


Knowing PD's past record it's going to be 3 years until we see another Gran Turismo, by that time Forza 6 would have released alongside Project Cars amongst other high end racing titles. Gran Turismo has become irrelevant and before you jump to the sales argument. GT6 is confirmed to be the worst selling GT yet.

Go figure.

Edit - It's been out a week, it's the worst rated GT ever and the worst selling GT ever at this point of when GT5 had been released.

Again, Go figure.
#20 (Edited 718d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
dennett316  +   718d ago
It's been out a week...it's a little early to be calling a series irrelevant or claiming it's the worst anything ever. It's clear you have a dislike of the series...I'm just not sure why you seem to have the hostility towards it that you do.
vitullo31  +   718d ago
Why is this even a comparison? gt6 (IMO) is fun and it actually surprised me this weekend, I played it more than i thought i would and i like it i don't give a flying f how much it sells or who here likes it or who doesn't or if project cars looks better on a high end pc.. I am enjoying it.. not everything has to be a comparison or a competition especially a completely unfair one like this.
allgamespc2012  +   718d ago
gotta love them sony fanboys. as if its hard to make a racer look good, if anyting, we should all be disappointed in how little they have evolved every gen. its the easiest genre to show your graphics.

also, no, driveclub does not look better than project cars in any way shape or form. IQ wise not at all, art style? maybe, but thats cause PC is a simulator while the other is more arcady with mountains on the background.
windblowsagain  +   718d ago
You know what's more disgusting about this comparison.

Is the fact the PS3 visuals have been recorded in SD.

That is low. Trying to make it look worse so PC looks so much better.

Put this in HD and view again.

megalonagyix  +   718d ago
still looks shit
Orbilator  +   718d ago
Yeah I couldn't believe how poor project cars looks considering the base specs that demo runs from. And it ain't no $500 dollar pc more like $1700
kB0  +   718d ago
Flame bait article.


This is coming to PS4, Wii.U, Xbox One as well.
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LOLzy  +   718d ago
Yes, your 2000$ PC does indeed runn better then my 7 year old console.
ATiElite  +   718d ago
Drive Club, Forza 5, GT 6, Assetto Corso it doesn't matter as Project Cars is the NEW Benchmark in Racing Simulators.

(Only iRacing is better as iracing is backed by ALL the global racing leagues)

SO stop with all the $2000 PC CRAP because Project Cars will see a port to the PS4 PLUS any $550 PC can run Pcars on Ultra.

(But we all know Fanboys love to say $2000 PC because it makes them feel better I guess)

I can't wait to watch Project CARS PS4 DESTROY Drive club and GT7.

PCars is just a better game NO MATTER THE PLATFORM.

My only concern is that the PS4/XB1 versions can retain the Physics found in the PC version.

The fish tailing, roll-over crashes, the damage effecting aerodynamics are all great features on the PC version which help make Pcars such a joy to play.

Project Cars - Greatness is truly coming to a platform of your Choosing.
2pacalypsenow  +   717d ago
How is it a benchmark if its not even out yet...
cyguration  +   717d ago
It is out. You can play the alpha versions right now and they're better looking than just about any game on the market.
2pacalypsenow  +   717d ago
Cant even try it out cuz im not a member and membership is closed :-/
#26.1.2 (Edited 717d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
ATiElite  +   714d ago
Sorry but the membership period has closed but Pcars will be out for the XB1/PS4 and PC soon. oh and Wiiu.

It's in closed Beta now so greatness awaits those who didn't get in.

I don't know how far along they are in the Wiiu/XB1/ps4 dev process as they have a small team.
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GodGinrai  +   718d ago
I would not say project cars looks light years ahead. But maybe we are at a point where the only thing left for driving/racing games (from a graphics point of view)is photo realism. you see le mans in one game..and it hardly looks a lot better in another game that features it anymore. Maybe its because race tracks are not the most scenic way to show off graphics but..I watched this video and fealt like I seen it all before.
Orbilator  +   718d ago
When they actually release project cars then they can say its better ffs . What a stupid article
2pacalypsenow  +   717d ago
IN other breaking news : The earth is ROUND
ambientFLIER  +   717d ago
Wow, why does GT6 look so poor in the cockpit view? The gauges are washed out and shadows are missing. Is that a premium or standard car?
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