Wii Sports Club — Tennis Review [Nintendo Enthusiast]

"Remember that revolutionary game that came out in 2006 that literally one-third of Americans owned? You know, the one that you were playing against your grandma with (and lost)? Yes, that is right: I’m referring to the Wii launch title Wii Sports. With Wii Sports Club, Nintendo hopes to recapture that same glory, just with a few additional features this time. Unfortunately, Nintendo forgot that, although Wii Tennis was a hit at parties all over the country during the holiday season of 2006, come 2007, nobody really cared anymore. As a result of that ignorance, Nintendo decided to release Wii Sports Club, a game that proves how out of touch the company really is with its diminishing fanbase" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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N4g_null1732d ago

So it got low marks because he thinks no one cares...
just to wieght in the net code doesnt lag at all. Played tennis and it really does matter when you swing and how you swing. Gone are the lazy waggle battles. There are also training mini games that are pretty challenging and actually fun.

im thinking that even a game like nintendoland could get online modes now to test this net code.

SpiralTear1731d ago

I'd rather pay money for the minigames I actually like to play like Bowling and Tennis than a full-price five-minigame purchase featuring those I don't. The ability to pick your favorites and pass on others is a big pro for me.

Also, giving pros and cons their own individual scores and averaging them is a really confusing way to assign a verdict.