IGN Review: Wii Sports Club

IGN - Wii Sports Club proves that, almost eight years later, pantomiming sports gestures in your living room is still fun. Featuring online-enabled and MotionPlus-enhanced versions of the five original Wii Sports games, Wii Sports Club stands above its predecessor thanks to new and tweaked content.

In a lot of ways, Wii Sports Club feels like a remake of the original Wii Sports. I hesitate to call it an “HD remake” because it is filled with bad textures, boring backgrounds, and a noticeable lack of anti-aliasing. Bowling, Tennis, Boxing, Baseball, and Golf return with all-new training minigames, the ability to play online, and, in some cases, new GamePad functionality. Each sport also makes use of the now-standard Wii MotionPlus, allowing for greater control.

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