Microsoft: We're Working Unbelievably Hard To Match Demand

Last time there was a console launch Phil Harrison was batting for the other team as president of SCE Worldwide Studios. Now he's corporate vice President at Microsoft, and leading the way with cloud computing and opening up opportunities for independent development on the platform.

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windblowsagain1457d ago


He's an inside agent.

Because of him, MS did not know Sony were working with amd to create the biggest custom chip for the PS4.

Double agent. I think he'll be at ninty soon.

CaEsAr-1457d ago

He's a double agent man

Eddie201011457d ago

It took them more than month to sell out of the Xbox one launch edition. PS4 launch edition sold out in days with the PS4 having more available for purchase.

OlgerO1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

Ofcourse they are this is super logical

GrizzliS19871457d ago

last i heard gamestops and other stores have extras on hand for people who havent preordered.

Where is this demand coming from?

True_Samurai1457d ago

This might sound too logical but maybe MS was able to manufacture more and send them there?

Sayai jin1457d ago

GrizzliS1987 - Gamestop and BB will have extra XB1's on hand on launch day just as they had extra PS4's.

nukeitall1457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

MS already announced they will have extra consoles for walk-ins. Allocation for pre-orders are conservative to ensure everyone that orders gets the console.

Imagine the sh1tstorm otherwise!

Demand is already there with all pre-orders available, sold out prior to launch!

1nsomniac1457d ago

Blah, blah, blah, blah, The entire article is just your standardised scripted crap.

At least try to add something new & quit with all the patronising PR BS!!

Nujabes_1457d ago

No different than your usual Jack Tretton PR babbling but I don't see you complaining about these. Wonder why?

1nsomniac1457d ago

If he responded with the exact same pretentious, unrealastic crap that he has spoken here then of course i would say the same. Who are you to tell me i wouldnt!?

Nocando1457d ago

Maybe you and your dumb avatar should sit out a few.

1nsomniac1457d ago

haha maybe you should let the grown ups talk..

Fizzgig1457d ago

Don't be silly. 5 people demand it, the rest are just curious...

GusBricker1457d ago

It'll sell out for Christmas, etc.

After that, that's when the real story begins.

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The story is too old to be commented.