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Microsoft's Phil Harrison On Xbox One, Kinect and PS4's Success: "Hats Off To Sony"

60d ago - In an interview with Edge magazine Microsoft corporate vice president Phil Harrison has talked ab... | Xbox One

One Year Later, Microsoft Messaging On Xbox One As Confused As Ever

76d ago - Last week at E3, I sat down with Microsoft corporate vice president Phil Harrison to talk about X... | Xbox One

Phil Harrison: Indie Titles Will Sell Consoles, Amazing Portfolio of Games For The Future

143d ago - In an interview with Xbox Achievements, Phil Harrison talked about ID@Xbox program and what’s the... | Xbox One

Phil Harrison Interview - Xbox One, Exclusives and the Power of Indie

143d ago - XBA spoke to Phil Harrison, corporate vice president of Microsoft, in San Francisco recently, gri... | Xbox One

Need Cash? (US Only)

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Interview: Phil Harrison on Xbox One's indie games charge

161d ago - It's hardly been plain sailing for ID@Xbox since its announcement more than six months ago. Micro... | Xbox One

Microsoft’s Game Exec Phil Harrison Explains How Xbox One Will Catch The Playstation 4

164d ago - Sony has grabbed an early lead in the gaming console war, selling 6 million PlayStation 4 console... | PS4

Microsoft: eSRAM Being Too Small For 1080p Output Is "Clearly Not The Case"

201d ago - Microsoft: eSRAM Being Too Small For 1080p Output Is "Clearly Not The Case" | Xbox One

Potential Of The Xbox One Is “Uncapped”, According To Microsoft

247d ago - The Xbox brand had a rocky 2013, to say the least. The console’s mixed reception still has a lot... | Xbox One

Harrison: Eight-year console cycle was 'just right'

276d ago - Microsoft has dismissed complaints that eight years was too long between Xbox 360 and Xbox One. | Xbox One

From the Edge archives, October 1995: Phil Harrison on launching Sony’s PlayStation

280d ago - Edge: Phil Harrison has witnessed the PlayStation’s evolution since the very beginning. Having... | Culture

Microsoft: We're Working Unbelievably Hard To Match Demand

284d ago - Last time there was a console launch Phil Harrison was batting for the other team as president of... | Xbox One

Microsoft's Phil Harrison: Exciting things to come after Xbox One launch

313d ago - Microsoft's Xbox One is the next-generation console from Microsoft and it will compete with Sony'... | Xbox One

Xbox One: ready to launch? An audience with Phil Harrison

313d ago - Edge:It is still, eighteen months into his latest role, a little odd to find Phil Harrison at Xbo... | Xbox One

Xbox One's indie policy is the "best approach", says MS - ID@Xbox affords developers "total control"

313d ago - "The ID@Xbox program is true self-publishing, all the power of the machine," says Harrison. [OXM] | Xbox One

Harrison: Digital future is unstoppable but retail will live on

321d ago - Last week was a big week for Xbox One in the UK. Microsoft, desperate to escape the shadow of... | Xbox One

Steam Machines aren't a "threat" to Xbox One, says Harrison - but it's "unclear" what Valve is doing

325d ago - You might have heard of a little Valve project known as Steam Machines, announced last month - a... | PC

Harrison: Cloud to offer Xbox One 'performance increases' over time

325d ago - The power of the cloud will let Microsoft increase the performance of Xbox One throughout the cou... | Xbox One

Interview: Phil Harrison on unleashing Xbox One

338d ago - CVG:After months of tumbling over hurdles and (sometimes) running backwards, the Xbox division is... | Xbox One

Phil Harrison on Xbox One: "digital is an unstoppable force"

340d ago - Kinect 2.0, Steam Box, Oculus Rift and more with Microsoft's big Phil. | Xbox One

Check Out the 15 Screenshots of the Xbox One’s DVR Feature and its Sleek UI

340d ago - During his panel at Eurogamer Expo Microsoft Corporate Vice President Phil Harrison showcased the... | Xbox One

PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check | Promoted post

Microsoft’s Phil Harrison Explains that Xbox One’s Cloud Can Actually Improve Graphics

340d ago - The cloud feature of Xbox One has been discussed quite actively by developers and fans, and one... | Xbox One

What an indie developer is, defined by Xbox One's Phil Harrison

342d ago - The Xbox One has recently revealed their indie program and how indie developers will be able to p... | Xbox One

Xbox One: "Our long term vision hasn't changed at all"

343d ago - GIB:Microsoft's Phil Harrison discusses why there will be no indie games at the Xbox One launch,... | Xbox One

Microsoft Phil Harrison interview – ‘absolutely no plans at all’ for Xbox One without Kinect

369d ago - GameCentral speaks to the corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Xbox business, about the Xbox O... | Xbox One

Microsoft to Still Ship Xbox One with Kinect, This is a Good Thing

374d ago - IGN recently reported that Microsoft's Phil Harrison stated that the Xbox One and Kinect are not... | Xbox One
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