ZTGD | SoulCalibur II HD Online (XBLA) Review

Jae Lee writes: The first I played of the Soul series (not to be confused with the Dark/Demon’s Souls) is when I played the very first one on the Playstation when it was called “Soul Edge”.

It was the second 3D fighting game to prominently feature the use of weapons in combat and while it was rough around the edges (get? GET IT?! I’m sorry), it was still a solid fighter. However, when SoulCalibur released for the Dreamcast, it managed to turn heads with its superb graphical fidelity along with great mechanics that added layers of depth and strategy to the title.

When SoulCalibur II released, it was riding such a long coat tail of hype that it’s impressive that it even managed to meet such high expectations. Over ten years later, it’s released once more with sharper graphics and online play but without much else, it resolves itself to just being an old classic that’s aged well and not much more.

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