1 in Every 3 PS4 Games Sold in First Week Published by EA

According to a Tweet from Peter Moore, one in every three PS4 games sold in week one are published by EA Games.

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LOL_WUT1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Good job, both EA and Sony this is how you secure 3rd party support ;)

DonMingos1799d ago

EA, I think we all know what you need to do with Titanfall... ;)

Chuk51799d ago

Honestly EA cornered the market ubisoft style for the PS4 launch haha. I mean hell, I got BF4. Not opening it till they sort out the issues tho. I WANT TO PLAY 64-p CONQUEST.

DanDan71799d ago

AND yet EA gimps PS4 titles to please M$. F*ck Them.

DeadlyFire1798d ago

I disagree. 900p vs. 720p. Bugs are everywhere and will be present on XB1 version as well. I don't think its a favoritism issue here.

bobsmith1799d ago

All dem sports games and bf4

Omegasyde1799d ago

Sorta disappointed about bf4.Battlfield 4 needs a patch bad.

Single player Save files corrupt for almost everyone.
No voice chat enabled.
No group play enabled.

Small modes work(like tdm and squad deathmatch), but obliteration and rush tend to drop everyone from the server after about 2 or 3 rounds.

I got into a game of Conquest, but once it got to about 20+ I got kicked out.

V0LT1799d ago

BF4 needs help all around both on consoles and PC. Its quite sad.

dcj05241799d ago

It was rushed. Should've delayed it till feburary but nooooo. Gotta ride the nextgem hype train.

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The story is too old to be commented.